Intersect Contribs
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This tool intersects the contributions of two or more users on a given WMF project, showing the pages edited by all of them.
It can help in discovering sockpuppets.

Update: On 2016-04-05 I updated the tool to support the intersection of the contributions of multiple users. Unfortunately, to handle this in a reasonable way, I had to change the format of the URL parameters. The old URL format ("user1" and "user2") is still supported, but eventually this will be removed.
This means that existing links to the tool referring to a specific couple of users will be broken.
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21 results found.
  1. 10.19
  2. うたばん
  3. ごきげんライフスタイル よ〜いドン!
  4. たまむすび
  5. のんびりゆったり 路線バスの旅
  6. エース (野球)
  7. ガリゲル
  8. ザ・トップ5
  9. マツコ&有吉の怒り新党
  10. 中居正広の身になる図書館
  11. 山里亮太の不毛な議論
  12. 朝木明代市議転落死事件
  13. 横山裕
  14. 秘密のケンミンSHOW
  15. 空耳アワー
  16. 笑点
  17. 視聴率
  18. 豊田清
  19. 鶴瓶の家族に乾杯
  20. ノート:朝木明代市議転落死事件
  21. Wikipedia:コメント依頼/リスト