Intersect Contribs
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This tool intersects the contributions of two or more users on a given WMF project, showing the pages edited by all of them.
It can help in discovering sockpuppets.

Update: On 2016-04-05 I updated the tool to support the intersection of the contributions of multiple users. Unfortunately, to handle this in a reasonable way, I had to change the format of the URL parameters. The old URL format ("user1" and "user2") is still supported, but eventually this will be removed.
This means that existing links to the tool referring to a specific couple of users will be broken.
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30 results found.
  1. Nのために
  2. ダンカン (お笑い芸人)
  3. ベンガル (俳優)
  4. 中野英雄
  5. 佐藤真弓
  6. 佐野泰臣
  7. 光石研
  8. 六角慎司
  9. 加藤茶
  10. 千葉哲也
  11. 國村隼
  12. 大沢逸美
  13. 小池里奈
  14. 山上賢治
  15. 朝加真由美
  16. 木下隆行
  17. 根岸季衣
  18. 水野真紀
  19. 浅野和之
  20. 渡辺大
  21. 田中幸太朗
  22. 矢柴俊博
  23. 石丸謙二郎
  24. 篠塚勝
  25. 長谷川初範
  26. 長谷部香苗
  27. 門脇麦
  28. 阿南健治
  29. 高梨臨
  30. 麻生祐未