Intersect Contribs
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This tool intersects the contributions of two or more users on a given WMF project, showing the pages edited by all of them.
It can help in discovering sockpuppets.

Update: On 2016-04-05 I updated the tool to support the intersection of the contributions of multiple users. Unfortunately, to handle this in a reasonable way, I had to change the format of the URL parameters. The old URL format ("user1" and "user2") is still supported, but eventually this will be removed.
This means that existing links to the tool referring to a specific couple of users will be broken.
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19 results found.
  1. 中道院 (大田区)
  2. 大林寺 (大田区)
  3. 大森寺 (大田区)
  4. 妙勝寺 (江戸川区上篠崎町)
  5. 妙君寺
  6. 妙大寺
  7. 妙泉寺 (岡山市南区)
  8. 妙福寺 (山梨県早川町)
  9. 妙福寺 (岡山市)
  10. 巨福寺
  11. 日応寺
  12. 日蓮宗
  13. 本圀寺
  14. 法心寺 (大分市)
  15. 浄昇寺
  16. 浄永寺
  17. 清運寺
  18. 長正寺
  19. 養源寺 (大田区)