ISA is a multilingual, mobile-first tool, that makes it easy for people to add 'micro-contributions' in the form of structured data (descriptions, captions, tags, etc.) to images that have been contributed to Wikimedia Commons by Wiki Loves competitions. Click on Explore Campaigns to begin!


About This Tool

In the long run, the intent behind the tool is to increase the use of the knowledge that is reflected by each image hosted on Wikimedia Commons.

The tool is aimed to assist in the usefulness and information of images donated during the Wiki Loves competitions. It is initially being built to assist in the descriptions of Wiki Loves Africa images, but is being specifically modelled to be useful to all of the Wiki Loves competitions and beyond.

The tool is also designed to be a host of micro contribution competitions proposed by project leaders.

ISA is a collaboration between Wiki In Africa, Histropedia and the Structured Data on Commons project. ISA is not only an acronym for Information Structured Acceleration, but is also a chiShona language word for 'put' or 'place'.