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18:00:18 <Auregann_WMDE> Hello there :)
18:00:28 <Lydia_WMDE> Hey everyone :)
18:00:42 <Scott_WUaS> Hi Lydia and All! :)
18:00:58 <Lydia_WMDE> Who is here for the office hour?
18:01:05 <multichill> +1
18:01:09 <Amir1> +1
18:01:11 <Lydia_WMDE> \o/
18:01:13 <Jens_WMDE> +1
18:01:13 <BrillLyle> +1
18:01:16 <YairRand> +1
18:01:17 <dennyvrandecic> +1
18:01:17 <matej_suchanek> +1
18:01:19 <Auregann_WMDE> Welcome  :)
18:01:24 <Scott_WUaS> +1
18:01:25 <hweyl> +1
18:01:32 <Lydia_WMDE> very nice :)
18:01:39 <Lydia_WMDE> alright then let's get started
18:02:06 <Lydia_WMDE> I want to start with an overview of what's been happening around Wikidata over the past 3 months and what is coming in the next 3
18:02:15 <Lydia_WMDE> and then we can do Q&A
18:02:27 <Lydia_WMDE> and then Scott wanted to talk a bit more about WUS
18:02:38 <Scott_WUaS> +1
18:02:43 <multichill> Windows Update Service?
18:02:49 <Lydia_WMDE> :D
18:03:03 <Lydia_WMDE> let's start with the first point
18:03:24 <Lydia_WMDE> around Wikidata itself we've been working quite a bit on usability issues
18:03:47 <Lydia_WMDE> we've published a user script to integrate citoid in Wikidata
18:03:53 <Lydia_WMDE> it'd be great if you could test it
18:03:57 <Lydia_WMDE> and give feedback
18:04:32 <Lydia_WMDE> we've also worked on ordering all statements in an item based on a global list of properties as we had tried out with the gadget. that should come in the next weeks. then it'll hopefully be easier to scan an item and see the most important info first
18:04:47 <Lydia_WMDE> we've removed some jumping anomations in the user interface
18:04:49 <Scott_WUaS> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Citoid
18:05:11 <Lydia_WMDE> and it is now possible to paste full urls into the sitelink field and commons media properties
18:05:28 <Lydia_WMDE> that should make it easier for powerusers to add this kind of data when quickly copying
18:05:42 <multichill> Usability? Could you do https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T76859 ? Marked as easy, would make references easier....
18:06:16 <Auregann_WMDE> multichill: we're currently looking at it
18:06:26 <Lydia_WMDE> and we've fixed a longstanding issue with the precision of quantities. people have been complaining a lot about +-0 being added all the time to quantity values
18:06:46 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: ah that one. yes. noted
18:06:59 <Lydia_WMDE> what we'll work on next for usability is this:
18:07:24 <Lydia_WMDE> improved keyboard navigation. (please give feedback to Auregann_WMDE about this if you use wikidata with your keyboard a lot
18:08:00 <Auregann_WMDE> ^ https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Project_chat#Using_the_interface_with_keyboard
18:08:09 <Lydia_WMDE> we're also researching moving some of our widgets to OOUI in order to be more in line with the rest of wikimedia. while doing that we're looking at redesigning the input widgets to be less confusing.
18:08:32 <Lydia_WMDE> and we're creating a new datatype to link to the new data namespace on commons for maps and data pages
18:08:54 <Lydia_WMDE> next one - the query service
18:09:01 <BrillLyle_> is that in coordination with @yurik's work?
18:09:08 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle_: yes
18:09:19 <BrillLyle_> Fabulous. Thx!
18:09:24 <Lydia_WMDE> there is now a shiny new query service portal that links together all the help pages, examples and more
18:09:52 <multichill> New datadatatype. Awesome! Are you also putting effort into the thing that suggests properties/items to add?
18:10:08 <YairRand> Q re the new data namespace datatype: Will the contents of those pages be accessible from the query service?
18:10:24 <yurik> Lydia_WMDE, you might want to participate in https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Village_pump#Data_namespace%3A_Referring_to_Wikidata_URIs_.28via_IDs.29
18:10:40 <yurik> community question about integrating back to wikidata from datasets
18:11:04 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: yes - Marius has been working ona new algorithm for property suggestions that hopefully can be tried in the next weeks. the suggestions for items will need to wait for our move to elastic search for this. Stas said he'd want to help with that
18:11:14 <Lydia_WMDE> i'll talk to him more at the developer summit next week about it
18:11:23 <Lydia_WMDE> yurik: thx
18:11:39 <Lydia_WMDE> YairRand: unlike - definitely not soon
18:12:17 <Lydia_WMDE> ok back to units: more domensions for unit conversion will be added soon
18:12:43 <BrillLyle_> Wait where is the shiny new query service portal that links the help pages?
18:12:46 <Lydia_WMDE> Auregann_WMDE will also help with organizing an event/activity around improving our enduser documentation in the next weeks
18:13:02 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle_: Auregann_WMDE is getting a link
18:13:10 <BrillLyle_> Thnx
18:13:38 <Auregann_WMDE> BrillLyle_: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:SPARQL_query_service/Wikidata_Query_Help
18:13:39 <multichill> yurik: Why did you use names in the new Data namespace and not identifiers like Wikidata? The "File:123" names are a huge PITA
18:14:09 <BrillLyle_> Excellent. WM NYC has a large event where we will be demoing SPARQL. This is great.
18:14:16 <Lydia_WMDE> \o/
18:14:23 <Jens_WMDE> \o/
18:14:29 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle_: give the data to Auregann_WMDE so she can add it to the weekly summary and so on
18:14:38 <Auregann_WMDE> \o/
18:14:46 <yurik> multichill, because then I would have to come up with a data creation interface - and for that I would need to alter the way commons functions more substantially
18:14:57 <Lydia_WMDE> ok next big topic is support for structured data on commons
18:15:08 <Lydia_WMDE> we've done a lot of groundwork in two ares
18:15:40 <Lydia_WMDE> the first one is multi-content-revisions. this is necessary to teach mediawiki to handle different types on content in the same page. We'll need this to add structured data to file pages
18:15:40 <Scott_WUaS> great
18:16:05 <Lydia_WMDE> the other one is federation. we'll need this to be able to use wikidata's items and properties on commons
18:16:21 <Lydia_WMDE> i hope we have a prototype for that in 2 weeks
18:16:21 <YairRand> sorry, does "structured data" refer to the data namespace, or file metadata stuff?
18:16:28 <Lydia_WMDE> YairRand: the latter
18:16:32 <YairRand> thanks
18:16:36 <BrillLyle_> I hesitate to bring this up but does Commons data have categories? Is there a way to auto-collocate these special data sets?
18:16:39 <multichill> In the future identifiers and titles should be decoupled as much as possible IMHO. Is that also the plan for the file metadata stuff?
18:17:51 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle_: that is a question for yurik i think
18:18:25 <yurik> BrillLyle_, not yet, working on it, or we could wait for the STructured Data ;)
18:18:34 <yurik> Lydia_WMDE, what's the ETA on that you think?
18:18:39 <BrillLyle_> ok. understand... Thnx
18:18:54 <Lydia_WMDE> yurik: no eta because it will be a staged rollout
18:19:17 <yurik> Lydia_WMDE, how do you mean?
18:19:22 <Lydia_WMDE> so there will be some parts earlier and some parts later but i can't make firm committments with so much in the air around multicontent revisions
18:19:42 <Lydia_WMDE> it is a huge change that needs a lot of work from different parties
18:19:47 <Lydia_WMDE> so no eta from me on that
18:20:28 <Lydia_WMDE> ok next big work area: wikipedia + co support
18:21:00 <Lydia_WMDE> we've done an iteration on the concepts for editing Wikidata directly from Wikipedia
18:21:18 <Lydia_WMDE> it'll be published for the next round of feedback before the end of the month
18:21:37 <BrillLyle_> #yay!
18:21:50 <Lydia_WMDE> we've also worked on making articleplaceholder pages show up in search engines. that still needs some work with the operations team before it can go live though
18:22:09 <Lydia_WMDE> you can now also translate articles from the articleplaceholder with contenttranslation
18:23:12 <Lydia_WMDE> we've also put live a new parser function and Lua functions that give you back better formatted values
18:23:13 <Ainali> Lydia_WMDE: What does that mean? Editing labels in wikidata?
18:23:19 <Lydia_WMDE> that should make it easier to build nice infoboxes
18:23:22 <multichill> Lydia_WMDE: Another usuability issue. You mentioned search. Are you also going to index the string data types? Right now it's not in the search engine making it impossible to find them (for example https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Q28128120&action=cirrusdump )
18:23:27 <Lydia_WMDE> Ainali: any data ideally
18:23:49 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: jep - also going to be handled with the move to elastic search
18:24:09 <Lydia_WMDE> right now elastic search really doesn't understand our data
18:24:18 <Lydia_WMDE> we need to fix that and then things will be magic :D
18:24:28 <Ainali> Lydia_WMDE: I mean content translation. If it is article palce holder, is there something else to translate than labels from Wikidata?
18:24:35 <multichill> Great, having to use Google to find something on Wikidata is a bit frustrating ;-)
18:24:52 <Lydia_WMDE> Ainali: ahh no. you create the article by translating from another language where one exists
18:24:54 <Lydia_WMDE> sorry
18:25:28 <Ainali> Ah, so not translating _from_ article place holder, but _to_?
18:25:35 <Lydia_WMDE> yes
18:25:45 <Ainali> I see, then great!
18:26:02 <Auregann_WMDE> Ainali: for example: https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbennig:AboutTopic/Q815102
18:26:31 <Auregann_WMDE> it's generated from Wikidata, and on the bottom right, there is a button to create the article by translating from another language
18:26:43 <Lydia_WMDE> another thing we added on wikipedia is in the page information (action=info) and the editor (action=edit). there you can now find a list of items that contribute data to a given article
18:27:01 <Scott_WUaS> Great
18:27:20 <Lydia_WMDE> and on wikidata itself the page information shows you which projects use data from the given item
18:27:38 <Lydia_WMDE> Auregann_WMDE is getting a link
18:27:46 <Auregann_WMDE> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama?action=info
18:28:39 <Auregann_WMDE> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q76?action=info
18:29:02 <Lydia_WMDE> the last thing we've done in the Wikipedia + co area is research. we talked to people how they're currently working with list articles
18:29:11 <Lydia_WMDE> this is in preparation for the work on automated list generation
18:29:31 <Lydia_WMDE> in the coming quarter we'll publish the click-dummy for editing wikidata directly from wikipedia
18:29:44 <Lydia_WMDE> we'll do a trial of search engine indexing of the articleplaceholder
18:30:32 <Lydia_WMDE> we'll be adding an empty system message to the end of content pages. some wikipedias have requested this so they can overwrite it with a template call to the authority control template and then have it show up in all articles
18:30:51 <Lydia_WMDE> and if time permits we'll do some more experimenting with making query writing and editing easier
18:31:13 <Lydia_WMDE> and now Auregann_WMDE takes over :D
18:31:22 <Scott_WUaS> :)
18:31:34 <abian> Will the click-dummy have some kind of warnings when introducing constraint violations?
18:31:43 <BrillLyle> do you have a link to an example of the empty system message?
18:32:07 <Lydia_WMDE> abian: the dummy not - too early for it because we're still making sure the general concept is actually viable
18:32:14 <BrillLyle> ah okay. thx
18:32:22 <abian> Okay :)
18:32:25 <multichill> A Wikidata item and the contents in a Wikipedia infobox have a major difference: Wikidata wants all the data that was correct at some point in time, Wikipedia infobox only wants the data that is current. What do you do to make direct editing work in this situation?
18:32:28 <BrillLyle> it is a way to force a refresh of the authority control?
18:32:34 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle: no since it doesn't exist yet but i can look up the ticket for you.
18:32:45 <Auregann_WMDE> Let's talk about Wikidata for Wiktionary now :)
18:32:57 <Scott_WUaS> :)
18:32:57 <multichill> ( having wasted quite a bit of time on a Wikipedia editor who removed a lot of statements )
18:32:57 <BrillLyle> ok
18:33:02 <Auregann_WMDE> we've been doing a lot of groundwork for new entity type for lexemes
18:33:18 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T138652
18:33:40 <Auregann_WMDE> we will soon be able to publish a prototype, so people can understand better how it will be structured
18:33:43 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: that is exactly one of the tricky parts we need to solve with the clickdummy
18:33:56 <BrillLyle> thx
18:33:58 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: Charlie published her thesis where she lined out the ideas
18:34:02 <Lydia_WMDE> it is on commons
18:34:05 <Lydia_WMDE> i can look it up if you want
18:34:19 <Auregann_WMDE> we developed a new extension to automate sitelinks (Cognate), that should be deployed in the next weeks
18:34:21 <multichill> I'm sure someone is going to paste the link soon (hope so)
18:34:49 <Auregann_WMDE> we will announce it properly and provide a support to improve this tool if necessary
18:35:06 <Lydia_WMDE> https://blog.wikimedia.de/2016/04/20/writing-a-bachelors-thesis-at-wikimedia-deutschland-e-v/
18:35:08 <Lydia_WMDE> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Facilitating_the_use_of_Wikidata_in_Wikimedia_projects_with_a_user-centered_design_approach.pdf
18:35:30 <multichill> :-)
18:36:31 <Auregann_WMDE> As you may know, in October we celebrate the 4th birthday of Wikidata :) https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Fourth_Birthday A lot of cool stuff have been created and shared during this time
18:36:46 <Auregann_WMDE> presents, new tools, both from Wikidata team and volunteers
18:37:05 <Auregann_WMDE> Nice stories written by editors https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Fourth_Birthday/Stories
18:37:37 <Auregann_WMDE> also a note from Lydia https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Fourth_Birthday/Lydia
18:38:15 <Auregann_WMDE> You can have a look at all the cool presents here https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Fourth_Birthday/Presents
18:38:45 <Auregann_WMDE> And 12 parties have been organized around the world to celebrate the birthday \o/ Thanks to all the people involved in this!
18:38:58 <Lydia_WMDE> \o/
18:39:05 <Scott_WUaS> :)
18:39:12 <Auregann_WMDE> So, how can we do even better next year for the 5th birthday?
18:39:24 <Auregann_WMDE> We will organize the first WikidataCon ever :D https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikidataCon_2017
18:39:39 <lucaswerkmeister> \o/
18:39:50 <Lydia_WMDE> \o/
18:39:53 <BrillLyle> Will this event be held with nodes from around the world?
18:40:01 <Lydia_WMDE> here is the facebook event for those who want it: https://www.facebook.com/events/1358386070859989/
18:40:09 <Auregann_WMDE> This event will be run for the editors, by the editors :) feel free to add all of your ideas on the talk page, and I'll come back to you soon so you can be involved in this
18:40:32 <multichill> BrillLyle: The conference is in Berlin, but I'm sure many other events will happen around that time too
18:40:45 <BrillLyle> I understand. thnx
18:41:18 <Auregann_WMDE> Exactly, the main event will be in Berlin, but people can also organize other things around
18:41:43 <BrillLyle> I was thinking the Wikipedia 15 model
18:41:51 <BrillLyle> But I understand...
18:42:22 <Auregann_WMDE> Now, other interesting informations
18:42:28 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle: suggest it on the talk page :)
18:42:44 <Auregann_WMDE> WMF is now directly funding basic development expenses for Wikidata https://blog.wikimedia.org/2016/10/04/supporting-the-future-of-wikidata/
18:42:45 <BrillLyle> Thx Lydia. I will :-)
18:43:01 <Auregann_WMDE> Various grants have been approved that support Wikidata activities (Librarybase, Lua modules, WikiFactMine, GLAMpipe)
18:43:18 <Auregann_WMDE> Loads of new catalogs have been added to Mix’n’match
18:43:33 <multichill> Time to create https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Fifth_Birthday ?
18:43:48 <multichill> Auregann_WMDE: And the database imploded, see https://tools.wmflabs.org/mix-n-match/ :-(
18:43:49 <Auregann_WMDE> Have a look at the documentation for data import  https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Data_Import_Hub
18:44:02 <Auregann_WMDE> multichill: you're right :)
18:44:09 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: with a link to the wikidatacon page? sounds cool
18:44:27 <Auregann_WMDE> we started aconsultation on gadget API improvements https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Avoiding_breaking_gadgets_when_developing_UI
18:44:32 <multichill> IMHO Wikdiatacon is just one of several events
18:44:41 <Lydia_WMDE> right
18:44:58 <Lydia_WMDE> should still be there though as one fo them
18:45:17 <Auregann_WMDE> as you may now, WDQ will be shut down soon
18:45:28 <BrillLyle> It is the main event but there could be nodes / satellites and/or complementary celebrations
18:45:40 <Lydia_WMDE> https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T153439
18:46:03 <Lydia_WMDE> add stuff to this ticket if you have something that depends on wdqs
18:46:15 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle: yeah
18:46:20 <BrillLyle> :-)
18:46:24 <multichill> We're trying to do a graceful sunset of WDQ.
18:46:35 <lucaswerkmeister> depends on WDQ, not WDQS, right?
18:46:43 <Lydia_WMDE> bah yeah :D
18:46:45 <Auregann_WMDE> this quarter, Wikidata was represented in a lot of events! For example Pidapalooza, 33C3...
18:46:46 <Lydia_WMDE> too many appreviations
18:46:47 <Lydia_WMDE> ;-)
18:46:47 <Micru> hi there
18:46:51 <multichill> http://wdq.wmflabs.org/ will go away
18:46:54 <lucaswerkmeister> haha, I hope WDQS stays for a while :)
18:46:59 <Lydia_WMDE> it will! :D
18:47:02 <multichill> https://query.wikidata.org/ to rule them all?
18:47:03 <Lydia_WMDE> hey Micru
18:47:09 <Auregann_WMDE> special thanks to the Wikidata group of Wikimedia France who organize a Wikidata workshop every month in Paris o/
18:47:27 <Micru> Do I still have the chance to ask a question? :)
18:47:30 <BrillLyle> Wow. #jealous!
18:47:34 <Auregann_WMDE> aaand of course, a lot of new cool and crazy queries :)
18:47:44 <Lydia_WMDE> multichill: yes - in some minutes when Auregann_WMDE is done :)
18:48:01 <Lydia_WMDE> eh
18:48:02 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru:
18:48:21 <multichill> If you have anything that depends on the old WDQ and problem switching to SPARQL, please go to https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T153439
18:49:17 <Auregann_WMDE> as usual, a lot of interesting this have been published regarding Wikidata, here are a few of them (for the rest, read the Weekly Summary :D)
18:49:27 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://blog.wikimedia.de/2016/10/30/10-cool-queries-for-wikidata-that-will-blow-your-mind-number-7-will-shock-you/
18:49:27 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://blog.wikimedia.org/2016/10/30/histropedia/
18:49:27 <Auregann_WMDE> * http://grouplens.org/blog/presenting-the-wikidata-human-gender-indicators/
18:49:28 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://blog.wikimedia.org/2016/11/05/wikidata-visiting-scholar-art-dataset/
18:49:28 <Auregann_WMDE> * http://openpreservation.org/blog/2016/09/30/wikidata-as-a-digital-preservation-knowledgebase/
18:49:28 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://medium.com/@HectorPerez/5000-people-on-brexit-us-elections-41e3b6376aae#.ccdluoajj
18:49:28 <Auregann_WMDE> * http://sulab.org/2016/12/2016-a-busy-year-for-gene-wiki-and-wikidata/
18:49:28 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://www.mapbox.com/blog/scaling-openstreetmap-wikidata-knowledge/
18:49:29 <Auregann_WMDE> * https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiehasty/song-ends-melody-lingers-in-2016?utm_term=.tr4Mq7ZvW#.xnadMWkJo
18:50:00 <Lydia_WMDE> alright
18:50:06 <Lydia_WMDE> then more questions :)
18:50:18 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: you had one?
18:50:47 <Micru> Yes, I am curious about the lexical entity, has it been decided how the language selection will work? Will it be a list or an item selection?
18:51:05 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: not finally decided yet
18:51:31 <Lydia_WMDE> if you have input please let us know
18:51:43 <Micru> ok, thanks :)
18:52:15 <Lydia_WMDE> more questions?
18:52:35 <Scott_WUaS> Building on beginning WUaS in MediaWiki on January 6, 2016, in both English and German (but not in Wikidata at the time), how best to begin this again now in both Wikidata, MediaWiki and with adding CC MIT OCW in its 7 languages to Wikidata?
18:52:56 <YairRand> so... what does WUS/WUaS actually stand for?
18:53:15 <dennyvrandecic> what's the timeline for the lexical and commons data?
18:53:15 <Scott_WUaS> World University and School
18:53:38 <Scott_WUaS> http://worlduniversityandschool.org - which we donated to Wikidata in October 2015
18:54:14 <YairRand> I see
18:54:18 <multichill> Scott_WUaS: Please don't use abbreviations ever at all in an international context or use the full name (<abbreviation>) the first time you use it
18:54:21 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic: commons: too unsure to tell because multi content revisions is a huge core change which needs work and committment from several teams at the wmf. so moving but no eta.
18:54:55 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic: lexical data: automated sitelinks should be ready for deplyoment in the next two weeks and then needs announcement and rollout - so maybe 1 month
18:55:12 <Scott_WUaS> CC WUaS seeks to accredit on MIT OCW in its 7 languages https://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm & https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/translated-courses/ to create major universities in all countries' main languages
18:55:17 <Lydia_WMDE> for the lexeme entity type i want a demo out in the middle of february
18:55:30 <Scott_WUaS> Thanks, Multichill - will do
18:55:34 <dennyvrandecic> just lexeme, or including forms and senses?
18:55:35 <lucaswerkmeister> Lydia_WMDE: demo will be on test.wikidata.org?
18:55:44 <lucaswerkmeister> or on wikidata proper?
18:55:47 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic: the former ;-)
18:55:59 <Lydia_WMDE> lucaswerkmeister: beta-wikidata
18:56:07 <Lydia_WMDE> or another test system at first
18:56:18 <dennyvrandecic> i wonder how helpful that is as a demo
18:56:23 <lucaswerkmeister> ah, didn’t even know there were several :)
18:56:23 <dennyvrandecic> and for the latter?
18:56:59 <Scott_WUaS> World University also seeks to create wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,097 known living languages building on Wikipedia's 358 languages - and with translation between - in the form of a universal translator.
18:57:21 <YairRand> Q: how well-developed are the ideas for how wikidata data will be used on wiktionary? is it mostly "we'll figure it out later"?
18:57:44 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic: i can't give more, sorry
18:58:05 <lucaswerkmeister> what’s the timeline for normalized unit support in more dimensions? is there a phabricator ticket I can follow?
18:58:05 <multichill> Scott_WUaS: What do you actually want to add to Wikidata ?
18:58:11 <dennyvrandecic> no timeline beyond mid-february? :)
18:58:47 <Scott_WUaS> WUaS would like to add CC MIT OCW in its 7 languages to Wikidata and CC Yale OYC to wikify them for one.
18:58:50 <Lydia_WMDE> YairRand: do you have specifics you're interested in? the focus right now is getting  the very basics to work
18:59:04 <Auregann_WMDE> YairRand: we are discussing a lot with Wiktionary editors to understand their processes, their needs
18:59:18 <Lydia_WMDE> lucaswerkmeister: Auregann_WMDE will announce the next dimensions in the next days
18:59:25 <lucaswerkmeister> alright, thanks
18:59:32 <Lydia_WMDE> lucaswerkmeister: and then we'll see which ones are missing and most wanted next
18:59:50 <Lydia_WMDE> lucaswerkmeister: there is a ticket i can look up later for you
18:59:55 <Scott_WUaS> (http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/WUaS_Universal_Translator and WUaS seeks to build its 720 wiki pages from http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/SUBJECT_TEMPLATE )
19:00:10 <abian> Concerning lexical data, it would be useful for Wikidata to contact some institutions responsible for overseeing the languages?
19:00:48 <multichill> Scott_WUaS: And how does this benifit Wikidata?
19:00:56 <abian> For example, WMES knows the Real Academia Española for the Spanish language
19:01:05 <YairRand> abian: I fail to see how that would be useful?
19:01:06 <abian> Or will be Wiktionary completely enough?
19:01:10 <Lydia_WMDE> abian: for feedback on the specific data modeling i think it is too early. i'd rather not have people discuss it very abstractly and try to come up with the perfect data model in advance
19:01:21 <Scott_WUaS> multichill: WUaS seeks to become a growth story for Wikidata
19:01:24 <Lydia_WMDE> it's beter when we're at the stage where people can actually try it
19:01:31 <abian> Great
19:01:56 <YairRand> abian: Wiktionary tends to be rather vehemently descriptivist...
19:02:04 <Scott_WUaS> in all 7,097 living languages, and by creating major universities in all ~200 countries' main and official languages out of Wikidata - the "Harvards/MITs/Stanfords of the web"
19:03:06 <BrillLyle> Is there a list of "growth story" entities using Wikidata somewhere?
19:03:32 <Scott_WUaS> World University and School's main areas for growth for Wikidata are the 10 main areas here - worlduniversityandschool.org
19:03:47 <YairRand> is progress being made on data quality, constraints violations showing up on items, etc?
19:03:52 <Lydia_WMDE> BrillLyle: growth stories?
19:04:11 <multichill> Scott_WUaS: So you want to use Wikidata as your platform. I see the benifit for you, but how does Wikidata benifit from this?
19:04:14 <BrillLyle> That's how Scott_WUaS described his organization
19:04:26 <abian> +1 YairRand's question :)
19:04:27 <BrillLyle> and its use of Wikidata
19:04:42 <Lydia_WMDE> YairRand: we have a student working on it yes. not going super fast but when she's finished violations should show up next to the statement that causes the violation directly
19:04:43 <Scott_WUaS> Languages / Nation States / All Libraries in all 8k languages / All Museums in all 8k languages ...
19:05:08 <YairRand> Lydia_WMDE: excellent news, thank you.
19:05:12 <Lydia_WMDE> :)
19:05:23 <abian> Please take into account that Constraint:Contemporary wasn't included, neither as "pending"
19:05:41 <Lydia_WMDE> abian: can you give more context?
19:05:49 <Scott_WUaS> multichill: Wikidata, which seeks to be a platform of all knowledge, will further this with World University - WUaS dovetails with Wikidata's mission, for one ...
19:06:00 <abian> Lydia_WMDE: ... in Spacial:ConstraintReport
19:06:44 <Scott_WUaS> WUaS also has another wing planned wing, which should benefit Wikidata pragmatically, around WUaS's 14 planned revenue streams
19:06:57 <abian> *Special
19:06:59 <Scott_WUaS> http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2016/01/14-planned-wuas-revenue-streams.html
19:07:03 <Lydia_WMDE> abian: ah yes - i think because it is one of the more computationally expensive ones. so they have to be done with sparql. when the special page was created it wasn't available yet. the student is working on making it use sparql. then i guess the contemporary one can be added too
19:07:21 <multichill> Scott_WUaS: Wikidata is not the platform for *all* knowledge
19:07:31 <Lydia_WMDE> the special page right now only contains the ones that are not computationally expensive
19:07:55 <abian> Please tell me if I can help somehow :)
19:08:08 <Lydia_WMDE> will do :)
19:08:13 <abian> I proposed the Contemporary, and yes, was included when the rest were also considered for the special page
19:08:13 <Lydia_WMDE> testing most likely
19:08:21 <abian> *were already
19:08:25 <Scott_WUaS> multichill: World University donated itself to Wikidata in autumn 2015 per Lydia
19:08:34 <Lydia_WMDE> not sure when she'll get it to the stage where it can be tested
19:08:39 <Lydia_WMDE> but i'll tell her that people are waiting :)
19:08:51 <abian> Great, thanks :D
19:09:15 <abian> Concerning T138652, any idea of when this feature could be available, approximately? https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T138652
19:09:16 <stashbot> T138652: [Story] Add a new MediaWiki system message at the footer of content pages - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T138652
19:09:50 <abian> argh, *when this feature could...
19:10:05 <abian> *when could this feature... ¬¬
19:10:27 <abian> Sorry, I'm on the phonhe
19:10:29 <Lydia_WMDE> abian: we'll get it done this quarter but i don't yet know when exactly
19:10:33 <Lydia_WMDE> no problem
19:10:54 <abian> Nice
19:11:08 <Scott_WUaS> Lydia_WMDE: Would it be possible please to begin creating Phabricator tickets for World University?
19:11:30 <Lydia_WMDE> Scott_WUaS: you best ask andre__ for a project/tag for it
19:12:14 <multichill> I'm still not getting what you're trying to do. Lydia is in charge of the software, not of the content, that's a community thing. Sounds to me you want to add content, so you're talking with the wrong person?
19:14:02 <Lydia_WMDE> Scott_WUaS: maybe a good next step is to make a list of the content you want to add
19:14:18 <Scott_WUaS> multichill: In World University's knowledge generating mission, and having donated it to Wikidata, and in our CC MIT OCW in 7 languages centricity, WUaS seeks to create knowledge generating universities and schools in all 8k languages
19:14:19 <Lydia_WMDE> and then the editors can see what to do with it
19:14:30 <Scott_WUaS> Sounds good, Lydia
19:14:31 <Micru> Lydia_WMDE: where can I find the phab ticket for the new datatype for Commons datasets?
19:14:42 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: sec - looking for link
19:15:23 <Scott_WUaS> Lydai_WUaS: how best to do this?
19:16:01 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T57549 has the patches - i should clean that up...
19:16:26 <Lydia_WMDE> Scott_WUaS: the best place to reach the edtiors is the Project chat on Wikidata
19:16:38 <Micru> Lydia_WMDE: I thought that one was only for geoshapes?
19:16:59 <Lydia_WMDE> yes - the patches also include the one for the data pages
19:17:02 <Lydia_WMDE> messy...
19:17:04 <Lydia_WMDE> :/
19:17:21 <Lydia_WMDE> that's what happens if development is faster than me creating tickets ;-)
19:17:22 <Micru> ah, yes, now I see... It is confusing because it talks about KML files...
19:17:23 <Scott_WUaS> Thanks, Lydia
19:17:33 <Micru> Thanks anyway
19:18:14 <Lydia_WMDE> alright :) I think we're done then?
19:18:37 <Scott_WUaS> :)
19:18:56 <Lydia_WMDE> thanks everyone for joining!
19:19:08 <hweyl> thank you Lydia and Lea!
19:19:10 <BrillLyle> thanks so much!
19:19:16 <lucaswerkmeister> thanks a lot!
19:19:20 <abian> Thank you, Auregann_WMDE and Lydia_WMDE :)
19:19:29 <Jens_WMDE> thank you!
19:19:40 <Micru> thanks, have a good evening!
19:19:43 <YairRand> :)
19:20:02 <Scott_WUaS> Thank you, Auregann_WMDE and Lydia_WMDE as well :)
19:20:05 <Auregann_WMDE> Thank you very much for attending the meeting and for your questions :)
19:20:21 <Auregann_WMDE> Don't hesitate to reach me if you have others!
19:20:25 <multichill> Keep up the good work!
19:20:43 <Auregann_WMDE> Have a nice evening/night/day, see you soon
19:20:58 <Lydia_WMDE> you all keep up the good work!
19:20:59 <Lydia_WMDE> :)
19:21:02 <Auregann_WMDE> #endmeeting