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18:00:32 <Auregann_WMDE> Hello :)
18:00:39 <Lydia_WMDE> hey everyone! :)
18:01:15 <Auregann_WMDE> Welcome to the Wikidata IRC office hour :) We didn't do this for a while, so we have a lot to catch up ^^
18:01:39 <Auregann_WMDE> Let's start with some numbers: we reached Q30000000 https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q30000000 and even Q31000000! We also reached 500 000 000 edits!
18:02:12 <Auregann_WMDE> Lucas_WMDE joined the team! Doing amazing work on integrating constraint reports into the item UI, and of course lots of cool queries <3
18:02:19 <Lucas_WMDE> \o/
18:02:26 <Lydia_WMDE> \o/
18:02:36 <Auregann_WMDE> Upcoming: Wikimania (hackathon and conference) and a lot of Wikidata-related events will happen! https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programme
18:03:19 <Micru> great!
18:03:35 <Lydia_WMDE> so let's take a look at the development side of things
18:03:56 <Lydia_WMDE> We've done a lot of stuff. first the things that happened on Wikidata itself:
18:04:00 <Scott_WUaS> Yay!
18:04:22 <paucabot> \o/
18:04:29 <Lydia_WMDE> As Auregann_WMDE said we worked on improving the constraints reports. Go and test out the gadget if you have not done it yet. We'd love your feedback
18:04:50 <Lydia_WMDE> They should also be more understandable now
18:05:05 <Tpt[m]> the gadget is great
18:05:08 <Lydia_WMDE> We've improved the input for links to files on Commons. there is now a preview
18:05:20 <Lydia_WMDE> the query service got some love as well
18:05:25 <Lydia_WMDE> it has more autocompletion now
18:05:30 <Micru> nice!
18:05:32 <Lydia_WMDE> a new tree view visualization
18:06:07 <reiga> yes !
18:06:07 <Lydia_WMDE> federation is possible meaning you can combine data from wikidata's query service and other sparql endpoints in one query
18:06:29 <Lydia_WMDE> and you can now fo queries that include calls to the mediawiki api
18:06:52 <Lydia_WMDE> There are also two new datatypes available to link to geoshape files and tabular data files
18:07:18 <Lydia_WMDE> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Special:AvailableBadges is a new special page to show all the badges you can add to sitelinks
18:07:43 <Lydia_WMDE> We've had requests for a nt truthy dump and made that available
18:08:05 <Lydia_WMDE> And the following new language codes are now available for monolingual text values: brx, chn, cop, gez, quc, kjh, nr, fkv, lag
18:08:17 <Tpt[m]> researchers in my lab love the truthy dump
18:08:20 <Lydia_WMDE> :D
18:08:21 <Lydia_WMDE> good!
18:08:54 <Lydia_WMDE> We're also working on improving the usage tracking in order to better understand how wikidata's data is used on the other projects and make the change notifications in the watchlist better
18:09:35 <Lydia_WMDE> On Wikipedia you will soon have support for showing badges in the sidebar also for linking to other projects. So far badges are only shown for links to the same project in another language
18:09:46 <Scott_WUaS> (Lydia_WMDE: How many language codes are there now in Wikidata then? Are there 358?)
18:10:14 <Lydia_WMDE> and we are almost ready to roll out support for showing wikidata changes also in the enhanced recent changes mode. so far you could only see wikidata changes on wikipedia in the other mode
18:10:32 <Lydia_WMDE> Scott_WUaS: i am not sure to be honest. i'll need to investigate
18:11:08 <Scott_WUaS> Thanks!
18:11:12 <Lydia_WMDE> and the last thing: Special:EntityData now shows all the data formats we support for it
18:11:32 <Lydia_WMDE> that brings us to the second big project: Wiktionary and support for lexicographical data
18:11:50 <Lydia_WMDE> we've put quite a bit of work into that over the past quarter
18:12:03 <dennyvrandecic_> yay!
18:12:12 <Micru> \o/
18:12:16 <Lydia_WMDE> Wiktionary now has automated sitelinks for the main namespace as well as sitelinks via Wikidata for the other namespaces
18:12:33 <Lydia_WMDE> that will hopefully take off quite some work from the shoulders of the editors
18:13:00 <Lydia_WMDE> We've also written down some documentation of the data model we are working towards: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikibaseLexeme/Data_Model
18:13:14 <Lydia_WMDE> and published some examples to better understand it: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Wiktionary/Data_model_examples
18:14:10 <Tpt[m]> great! Thank you!
18:14:13 <Lydia_WMDE> our current goal is to have a prototype by Wikimania that we can get feedback on. it won't be pretty and it won't do persitant storing of data at that point but it should give everyone the opportunity to give feedback and help us plan the next steps
18:14:35 <Lydia_WMDE> a prototype of the new entity type for Lexeme (next to item and property)
18:15:32 <dennyvrandecic_> including forms and senses already?
18:15:44 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic_: in a non-persistent form, yes
18:15:59 <Lydia_WMDE> so you can make edits but they won't survuve a reload
18:16:12 <Lydia_WMDE> *survive
18:16:54 <dennyvrandecic_> sweet
18:17:02 <Lydia_WMDE> Which brings me to the last big block, more support for Wikipedia and co
18:17:25 <Lydia_WMDE> there we worked on a prototype for editing Wikidata's data directly from Wikipedia. Feedback is very welcome. More information here: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Client_editing_prototype
18:18:09 <Micru> Lydia_WMDE, it looks very nice
18:18:18 <paucabot> this tool seems to be a big improvement. I ca'nt wait ...
18:18:22 <paucabot> can't
18:18:24 <Lydia_WMDE> and we made more articleplaceholder pages indexable by search engines to get more traffic and hopefully editors to the smaller wikipedias. we're still in a trial with welsh wikipedia but if your wikipedia would like to have articleplaceholder enabled let me know
18:18:41 <Lydia_WMDE> paucabot: Micru: :)
18:18:47 <sjoerddebruin> (if your project isn't as large as ruwiki)
18:19:05 <Lydia_WMDE> very true, sjoerddebruin!
18:19:24 <Lydia_WMDE> unfortunately we still have some performance issues which mean we can't roll it out on large wikis at this point
18:19:31 <sjoerddebruin> ruwiki and wikidata is alreay a recipe for melting servers
18:19:36 <Lydia_WMDE> hehe indeed
18:20:03 <Lydia_WMDE> any questions about that so far or should we look at what is coming over the next quarter?
18:20:23 <Micru> no questions so far, go ahead
18:20:41 <Lydia_WMDE> alright
18:21:15 <Lydia_WMDE> so we'll spend some time getting to better understand how people are editing wikidata and how wikidata's data is used in the other wikimedia projects.
18:21:37 <Lydia_WMDE> we'll do user testing sessions to figure out the next steps for improving our input widgets
18:21:56 <Micru> Lydia, there are still some datatypes missing, like the astronomical coordinates. Is there any plan for that?
18:22:36 <Lydia_WMDE> not for the next quarter at least. beyond that i also don't have a concrete plan at this point but if someone wants to look into developing those we'd be happy to help.
18:22:53 <Lydia_WMDE> there is just too much other stuff on our plate atm and it doesn't have high priority
18:23:08 <Micru> ok, thanks
18:23:39 <Lydia_WMDE> Another thing we want to work on is graduating the constraints support from being a gadget to the core software
18:23:52 <Lydia_WMDE> making it available for everyone and being properly integrated
18:24:15 <Lydia_WMDE> We'll put work into multi content revisions as groundwork for structured data support for wikimedia commons
18:24:38 <Lydia_WMDE> and of course we'll work more on the demo for supporting Wiktionary/lexicographical data for Wikimania
18:25:15 <Lydia_WMDE> and the last thing is doing some more experiments with writing a query builder that people can later use to create automated list articles on wikipedia
18:25:31 <Lydia_WMDE> and that's it for the upcoming part. any questions about that?
18:25:47 <sjoerddebruin> Anything coming up for a power user like me? :P
18:26:20 <Micru> Will the query builder support similar features as listeria?
18:26:40 <Lydia_WMDE> sjoerddebruin: constraints improvements, hopefully better input widgets in the  long run based on the user research we are doing this quarter, more usage of our work in the other projects :)
18:27:12 <dennyvrandecic_> any estimates on when the lexo stuff may launch?
18:27:18 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: that is the end-goal but the query builder is just the first step towards it. it could be used to create the queries necessary to have listeria-like functionality
18:27:46 <Micru> ok, thanks for the answer
18:27:50 <Lydia_WMDE> dennyvrandecic_: depends on the feedback we get and how much work it is to adress it
18:28:14 <dennyvrandecic_> assume little work to adress it :) how does the timeplan look like in this case?
18:28:38 <Lydia_WMDE> My best guess is end of the year but that is not a very confident guess
18:29:16 <dennyvrandecic_> that is six months! :O that's longer than it took wikidata to launch :(
18:29:48 <sjoerddebruin> Developers, developers, developers.
18:30:01 <Micru> dennyvrandecic_ it is not the same to build from scratch, than to integrate into old code
18:30:11 <Lydia_WMDE> ^ What Micru says ;-)
18:30:17 <dennyvrandecic_> I know, Wikidata was integrated into MediaWiki :)
18:30:34 <Micru> or rather, built on top of it :)
18:31:10 <dennyvrandecic_> yeah, considering contenthandler, i'd say integrated :)
18:31:47 <Lydia_WMDE> hehe right. That was fun...
18:32:04 <reiga> Lydia_WMDE: from my experience, it would be nice to increase the visibility of the "deprecate a statement" action versus the "delete statement" action. Because quite a few new users are deleting statements when they should deprecate them
18:32:26 <reiga> Lydia_WMDE: maybe in the new interface for wikipedia ?
18:32:29 <Lydia_WMDE> reiga: thanks! i'll note that down
18:33:06 <Lydia_WMDE> yeah the difference between deleting and deprecating/lowering the rank is one of the biggest issues there
18:33:07 <sjoerddebruin> Same applies for sport clubs transfers for example. A lot of people just change values instead of adding new ones and updating the old ones.
18:33:17 <Lydia_WMDE> *nod*
18:33:35 <sjoerddebruin> (i've requested abuse filter for that, but abuse filter still isn't the best thing for Wikidata)
18:33:52 <reiga> great :)
18:34:16 <sjoerddebruin> Maybe something we can teach ORES? :P
18:34:31 <Lydia_WMDE> ah yeah. will talk to amir about it
18:34:53 <Lydia_WMDE> alright. more questions or should we let Auregann_WMDE go on with her part?
18:35:55 <Auregann_WMDE> Ok then, let's talk about content now :)
18:36:08 <Auregann_WMDE> We had a few nice data donations: Songkick have donated 155k of their artist identifiers https://blog.songkick.com/combining-forces-with-the-wikipedia-universe-38b562ced1e8
18:36:19 <Auregann_WMDE> The famous gif website Giphy also donated information, some help is needed to match the catalogue https://tools.wmflabs.org/mix-n-match/#/catalog/487
18:36:39 <Auregann_WMDE> Have you heard about #100wikidatadays, a challenge to improve 1 item per day during 100 days? https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:100wikidatadays
18:37:07 <Auregann_WMDE> Oh and by the way, Eurowing apps use “the magic power” of Wikidata https://twitter.com/pigsonthewing/status/867270004017909760
18:37:40 <sjoerddebruin> Statements are still growing strong.
18:37:59 <Auregann_WMDE> Let’s talk about some cool tools now! You can check Monumental, displaying heritage data https://tools.wmflabs.org/monumental/#/
18:38:07 <Auregann_WMDE> But also Comprende!, a quiz interface on top of MediaWiki/WikiBase by Magnus Manske http://magnusmanske.de/wordpress/?p=446
18:38:15 <Auregann_WMDE> Have a look at Causegraph, a tool to visualize and analyze cause/influence relationships using Wikidata http://causegraph.org/
18:38:25 <Auregann_WMDE> Wikidata Diff is a very useful tool to compare the basic properties (no qualifiers/ ranks, yet) of two Wikidata items http://tools.dicare.org/wikidata-diff/
18:38:33 <Auregann_WMDE> My personal favorite is Wikidata Guessr, a game where you have to find the location of a picture. And you can even personalize it with your own categories! http://guessr.morr.cc/
18:38:41 <Auregann_WMDE> Last but not least, VizQuery is an experiment to query Wikidata with a visual interface, that should inspire us for the query service https://tools.wmflabs.org/hay/vizquery/
18:39:50 <Auregann_WMDE> and now... some update about WikidataCon :D
18:39:57 <Auregann_WMDE> WikidataCon (October 28th-29th, Berlin) is the conference dedicated to the Wikidata community, organized for and with the community. It’s going to be amazing :)
18:40:22 <Auregann_WMDE> The scholarship application process runs until July 16th https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikidataCon_2017/Scholarships
18:40:29 <Auregann_WMDE> The call for submissions for the program runs until July 31st https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikidataCon_2017/Program/Submit
18:40:40 <Auregann_WMDE> Registration: don’t wait! Already 94 persons on 100 registered (50 extra tickets will be released in September) Also, if you registered but you finally can’t come, please release your ticket on Eventbrite ^^ https://www.eventbrite.de/e/wikidatacon-2017-registration-35426998105
18:40:55 <Auregann_WMDE> You can also help us in one of the volunteer teams: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikidataCon_2017/Volunteer
18:41:39 <Auregann_WMDE> So many registrations, positive feedback about WikidataCon, people ready to help... thanks all for that <3
18:41:56 <Auregann_WMDE> A lot of events happened during the last quarter, organized all around the world by the community :) Wikidata meetups in Berlin, conferences, workshops, the Datensummit in Berlin where open data community discovered Wikidata and SPARQL, Wikicite, Wahlsalon and Wahldaten hackathon about elections data, a Wikidata+GLAM workshop, a keynote at foss.north...
18:42:03 <Auregann_WMDE> Most of the Wikidata team attended to the Wikimedia hackathon, worked on lots of stuff and discussed about diverse issues with people. Whe also run the documentation sprint, helping attendees to improve documentation about Wikidata and Wikibase. The documentation sprint will happen again at Wikimania!
18:42:26 <Auregann_WMDE> Wikidata has 4 new admins: welcome and thanks to Zolo, MisterSynergy, Queryzo and ChristianKl, and one new bureaucrat: Lymantria
18:42:34 <Auregann_WMDE> John Commings has been applying for a grant to continue his work at UNESCO https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/John_Cummings/Wikimedian_in_Residence_at_UNESCO_2017-2018
18:42:41 <Micru> Auregann_WMDE, I want to make you aware that I have complained about the stinginess of the WMF by not giving the Wikidata conference more funds >>>  https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2017-June/087903.html
18:42:42 <Auregann_WMDE> Andy Mabbett is Wikimedian in Residence in the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group http://www.histmodbiomed.org/blog/introducing-wikimedian-residence-mr-andy-mabbett
18:43:02 <Auregann_WMDE> MySociety is requesting a grant to fun their project EveryPoliticians dedicated to open data in politics https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/mySociety/EveryPolitician
18:43:21 <Auregann_WMDE> Micru: I saw this
18:43:29 <Micru> I think it is important to raise this topic in the wide community so the people are aware that the WMF is not contributing enough money to fulfill our mission
18:44:23 <Auregann_WMDE> To finish this office hour, before going through your questions, here are a few interesting links to browse
18:44:31 <Auregann_WMDE> Repurpos.us: A fully open and expandable drug repurposing portal by Sebastian Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, PhD https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QWMBZNESPgQ_wio1kcnzv8rF74WezFl8L5v0tjwOQfc
18:44:38 <Auregann_WMDE> The Wikidata data model and your SPARQL queries by Bob DuCharme http://www.snee.com/bobdc.blog/2017/04/the-wikidata-data-model-and-yo.html
18:44:44 <Auregann_WMDE> Documentation on using OpenRefine to match from a data set you have to items in Wikidata https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/wiki/Reconciliation
18:44:49 <Auregann_WMDE> Schema.org proposes to encourage the use of Wikidata as a common entity base for the target of the sameAs relation https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Schema.org
18:44:55 <Auregann_WMDE> Six degrees on Wikidata, by Andrew Gray http://6dfb.tumblr.com/post/161020960651/introducing-six-degrees-on-wikidata
18:45:00 <Auregann_WMDE> Some statistics on scholarly data in Wikidata, by Finn Årup Nielsen https://finnaarupnielsen.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/some-statistics-on-scholarly-data-in-wikidata/
18:45:08 <Auregann_WMDE> Paper: Becoming Wikidatians: evolution of participation in a collaborative structured knowledge base: http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/41688
18:45:15 <Auregann_WMDE> MySociety published a five part series examining how to use Wikidata to answer the question: 'What is the gender breakdown of heads of government across the world?':
18:45:22 <Auregann_WMDE> Help us find the offices of heads of governments across the world! https://medium.com/mysociety-for-coders/help-us-find-the-offices-of-heads-of-governments-across-the-world-4558124bcd24
18:45:28 <Auregann_WMDE> Help us to show who fills the role of head of government on Wikidata https://medium.com/mysociety-for-coders/now-help-us-to-show-who-fills-the-role-of-head-of-government-db6ebc3c6872
18:45:33 <Auregann_WMDE> Linking back in the other direction https://medium.com/mysociety-for-coders/task-3-linking-back-in-the-other-direction-105fd98facac
18:45:38 <Auregann_WMDE> Check that the data is consistent https://medium.com/mysociety-for-coders/task-4-check-that-the-data-is-consistent-238b3d00dc19
18:45:45 <Auregann_WMDE> Conclusion: So, what is the gender breakdown of heads of government? https://medium.com/mysociety-for-coders/conclusion-so-what-is-the-gender-breakdown-of-heads-of-government-654a0dde1fb
18:46:05 <Auregann_WMDE> And finally: Building communities of knowledge with Wikidata https://i9606.blogspot.de/2017/06/building-communities-of-knowledge-with.html
18:47:05 <Auregann_WMDE> Lydia_WMDE: people are so silent... I think they're all playing Wikidata Guessr :D
18:47:16 <Lydia_WMDE> lol
18:47:20 <Lydia_WMDE> it's awesome!
18:47:23 <Lydia_WMDE> and pretty hard
18:47:37 <Lydia_WMDE> We should do a tournament at WikidataCon
18:47:47 <Auregann_WMDE> oh yeah
18:48:27 <Lucas_WMDE> my problem is, bugtracker-to-IRC bridge bots have conditioned me to ignore blocks of chat messages with links at the end :D
18:48:29 <Auregann_WMDE> I stop talking now, and we still have time for all of your questions :)
18:49:56 <Micru> Auregann_WMDE: I have a question, should we talk about issues like the one about the grant money in public or do you prefer to have a 1 to 1 conversation?
18:50:09 <reiga> no question from me, just a cheer and keep doing such a good job \o/
18:50:14 <Lydia_WMDE> Micru: i'd prefer to discuss this one-on-one
18:50:19 <Lydia_WMDE> reiga: <3
18:50:30 <Micru> Ok, let´s arrange a meeting for next week ;)
18:51:23 <Micru> and yes, I also agree that the work done so far is amazing, and that you guys should keep delivering awesome stuff like the announcements today, really cool!
18:51:36 <Lydia_WMDE> :)
18:51:39 <Lydia_WMDE> We try! :D
18:51:39 <Auregann_WMDE> Micru: we already have a meeting with the scholarship committee on Sunday
18:51:54 <Auregann_WMDE> In the meantime, I really think that exposing this in public doesn't serve our cause
18:51:55 <sjoerddebruin> The WMF can't underestimate Wikidata anymore.
18:52:06 <Lydia_WMDE> Oh for those planning long-term: WikidataCon is also Wikidata's 5th birthday. You might want to think about presents ;-)
18:52:24 <sjoerddebruin> 500k edits isn't a present? :P
18:52:29 <Lydia_WMDE> haha
18:52:30 <Lydia_WMDE> maybe
18:52:32 <Micru> Auregann_WMDE: true
18:52:54 <Micru> sjoerddebruin: I hope they stop doing that
18:53:06 <Lucas_WMDE> sjoerddebruin: that was too early, now we have to reach 1M in time ;)
18:53:09 <Auregann_WMDE> Micru: I suggest we wait for the answer of the grant committee now, see what happens
18:53:27 <Micru> Auregann_WMDE: Ok
18:53:29 <Lydia_WMDE> Well I think that stoped when WMF agreed to long-term fund Wikidata development at WMDE :)
18:53:30 <sjoerddebruin> I actually have a goal for the birthday. ;)
18:53:32 <Lydia_WMDE> <3 for that
18:53:44 <sjoerddebruin> Development yeah. This is more community.
18:53:53 <Lydia_WMDE> sjoerddebruin: always included for me!
18:54:00 <Auregann_WMDE> Remember that we're not aiming for organizing a event of the size of Wikimania or something. We decided to have only 150 attendees for the first edition
18:54:13 <Auregann_WMDE> Maybe, in the future, the event will happen again and will grow
18:54:31 <sjoerddebruin> Still, events are expensive.
18:55:25 <Lydia_WMDE> Yeah and we have quite some money for it now. Let's see how the scholarship grant goes and then decide on next actions. We have options to make it all work out.
18:56:30 <Lydia_WMDE> Any other topic for the last minutes?
18:56:45 <Lydia_WMDE> Wishes? Grumbles? Cool stuff? :D
18:57:10 <Micru> I wish for you guys to have an awesome week! :D
18:57:53 <Lydia_WMDE> Same to you!
18:58:26 <Tpt[m]> Wikidata is aswome
18:58:27 <Auregann_WMDE> Thanks to all of you for your support :)
18:58:27 <Tpt[m]> sorry, awsome
18:58:41 <sjoerddebruin> awwsome? :P
18:58:47 <Lydia_WMDE> Yes! :P
18:58:47 <dennyvrandecic_> thx!
18:58:49 <Auregann_WMDE> wawsome
18:58:54 <Tpt[m]> yeah!
18:58:57 <Auregann_WMDE> miawsome?
18:59:16 <Auregann_WMDE> #Cats
18:59:54 <sjoerddebruin> Now help me with the search for who added 2 million qualifiers last week...
19:00:07 <Lydia_WMDE> *lol* interesting...
19:00:17 <Tpt[m]> Platypus now speaks a bit of Spanish: https://askplatyp.us/?lang=es
19:00:19 <Auregann_WMDE> Have a nice day/night/evening and see you soon :)
19:00:19 <reiga> sjoerddebruin: what ? :D
19:00:30 <Lydia_WMDE> Tpt[m]: yay!
19:00:41 <sjoerddebruin> https://grafana.wikimedia.org/dashboard/db/wikidata-datamodel-statements?refresh=30m&panelId=11&fullscreen&orgId=1&from=now-6M&to=now (posted that in #wikidata as well)
19:00:56 <sjoerddebruin> Wait, 1 million*
19:01:07 <sjoerddebruin> Time for coffee. :P
19:01:16 <Lydia_WMDE> hehe
19:01:25 <Lydia_WMDE> thanks for coming everyone! <3
19:01:32 <Lydia_WMDE> #stopmeeting
19:02:19 <reiga> have a nice evening everyone
19:02:26 * Lydia_WMDE looks @ wm-labs-meetbot`
19:03:16 <sjoerddebruin> #endmeeting