#wikimedia-office: RFC: Adopt a modern JavaScript framework for use with MediaWiki

Meeting started by KateChapman at 22:03:00 UTC (full logs).

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    1. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T241180 (KateChapman, 22:03:19)
    2. EricGardner made a demonstration extension that shows off these features: https://github.com/egardner/mediawiki-extensions-VueTest (KateChapman, 22:16:39)
    3. 2:16 PM <EricGardner> That extension repo also contains a lot of documentation that may be useful for folks getting started with Vue, and some additional config for linters, test runners, etc that I found useful (KateChapman, 22:16:51)
    4. 2:16 PM <EricGardner> Also, one important limitation of the approach Roan is describing is that JS still needs to be written in ES5 (KateChapman, 22:17:04)
    5. 2:20 PM <Nikerabbit> Are there other things besides ES6 that aren't supported yet, but maybe in the future? (KateChapman, 22:21:47)
    6. https://vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com/ (milimetric, 22:24:47)
    7. It is required for our scale and range (core/extensions, multiple orgs/teams, community gadgets) that the framework strictly follow a no-breaking-change rule other than removal of deprecated functionality after replacements are added in a previous release. (Krinkle, 22:43:28)

Meeting ended at 23:01:26 UTC (full logs).

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