Here, you can import a new catalog into Mix'n'match.
Just paste your tab-delimited text (copy from Excel should be fine) into the textbox, and fill out the form!

This import function is experimental! Please be careful, and contact Magnus if something goes wrong!

Catalog nameA short name for your catalog (like "VIAF")
Catalog descriptionA brief description of your catalog
Catalog URLThe URL (main page) of your catalog
Catalog type The group under which your catalog will appear on the Mix'n'match main page
Wikidata propertyThe Wikidata property for this catalog; optional
Main languageWhich Wikipedia to search for this catalog (language code)
URL patternA URL pattern to get to entries from their $id (e.g "$id"); optional
Default type The default type of the entries (e.g "Q5"); optional
If you use a Q-ID (e.g. Q11424) here, automatches will be limited to items linking to this item and its subclasses, resulting in fewer matches of higher quality

The following (tab-delimited,un-quoted) columns are required, in this order:
  1. Entry ID (your alphanumeric identifier; must be unique within the catalog)
  2. Entry name (will also be used for the search in mix'n'match later)
  3. Entry description
Optionally, the following columns can be added in this order:
  1. Entry type (item identifier, e.g. "Q5"; recommended)
  2. Entry URL; if omitted, it will be constructed from the URL pattern and the entry ID. Either a URL pattern or a URL column are required!

Text needs to be UTF-8. You can either paste the tab-delmited text into the box (for shorter catalogs), or upload it as as tab-delimited file (max. 20MB).

or upload file: