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c.j. smits [MnM], normalised from: C.J. Smits (35×)

Paintings: Q28086489 Q28087913 Q28087915 Q28095866 Q28097919 Q61964819 Q61964813 Q61964807 Q61964803 Q61787562 Q61787560 Q61787558 Q61787554 Q61784012 Q28094304 Q61784010 Q61783945 Q61783941 Q61783936 Q61783932 Q61783928 Q61783924 Q61783920 Q62415064 Q28107696 Q61783774 Q62414567 Q62392842 Q62414897 Q62414527 Q62414536 Q62414887 Q62415033 Q62415124 Q62414936

p.l. dieleman [MnM], normalised from: P.L. Dieleman (29×)

Paintings: Q28088084 Q28097929 Q62415932 Q62416249 Q62435592 Q62446631 Q62452608 Q61964940 Q61964936 Q62428045 Q62415511 Q62416177 Q62443492 Q62415773 Q62455408 Q62454793 Q62439086 Q62444830 Q62429930 Q62439633 Q61963588 Q61787639 Q61787634 Q28105280 Q28110501 Q61784130 Q61784126 Q28105713 Q28106570

shorakusai [MnM], normalised from: Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.r) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.s) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.q) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.p) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.o) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.t) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.u) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.y) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.z) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.x) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.w) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.v) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.n) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.m) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.e) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.f) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.d) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.c) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.b) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.g) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.h) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.l) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.k) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.j) (1×); Shorakusai (CMA 1988.105.i) (1×); Shorakusai (2×)

Paintings: Q60476069 Q60476074 Q60476082 Q60476085 Q60476089 Q60476093 Q60476100 Q60476105 Q60476109 Q60476113 Q60476128 Q60476132 Q60476137 Q60476145 Q60476150 Q60476152 Q60476154 Q60476160 Q60476165 Q60476170 Q60476175 Q60476180 Q60476185 Q60476192 Q60476201 Q60476206 Q60476209

richard brown baker [MnM], normalised from: Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1225) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1224) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1227) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1230) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1232) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1231) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1222) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1221) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1215) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1214) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1216) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1217) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1220) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (Yale 2008.19.1219) (1×); Richard Brown Baker (1×)

Paintings: Q49395374 Q49395641 Q49395700 Q49395756 Q49395817 Q49395873 Q49395928 Q49395986 Q49395583 Q49395422 Q49395477 Q49395528 Q49396041 Q49396095 Q49396152

h.a. martens [MnM], normalised from: H.A. Martens (15×)

Paintings: Q61964558 Q61964560 Q61964562 Q61964566 Q61964570 Q61964572 Q61964576 Q61964578 Q61964580 Q61964582 Q61964586 Q61964587 Q61964592 Q61964595 Q61964590

li shizhuo [MnM], normalised from: Li Shizhuo (15×)

Paintings: Q58024286 Q60516198 Q64541581 Q64541664 Q64547390 Q64552054 Q64558921 Q64559128 Q64563667 Q64576183 Q64576465 Q64576479 Q64577858 Q64578100 Q64582235

manuwa [MnM], normalised from: Manuwa (NGV O.7-1987) (1×); Manuwa (NGV O.4-1987) (1×); Manuwa (NGV O.2-1987) (1×); Manuwa (NGV 2010.317) (1×); Manuwa (10×)

Paintings: Q50383603 Q50383964 Q50384290 Q50384604 Q50384694 Q50702066 Q50702088 Q50702115 Q50702142 Q50702173 Q50394919 Q50384845 Q50384850 Q50384266

previously attributed to jean-baptiste monnoyer [MnM], normalised from: Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 404509) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 404513) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 404508) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 402931) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 401244) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (Royal Collection RCIN 401245) (1×); Previously attributed to Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (8×)

Paintings: Q28031536 Q28031645 Q28032215 Q28032634 Q28034054 Q28034241 Q28043871 Q28044152 Q62599339 Q28034259 Q62599305 Q62599315 Q28044150 Q28043925

zhai dakun [MnM], normalised from: Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.8) (1×); Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.9) (1×); Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.7) (1×); Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.3) (1×); Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.10) (1×); Zhai Dakun (CMA 1986.49.2) (1×); Zhai Dakun (7×)

Paintings: Q60475833 Q60475840 Q60475851 Q60475855 Q60475868 Q60475871 Q60475874 Q60475847 Q60475861 Q60475865 Q60475876 Q60475881 Q60475886

h. abma [MnM], normalised from: H. Abma (13×)

Paintings: Q61788192 Q61788189 Q61788181 Q61788178 Q61787865 Q61787862 Q61787858 Q61787855 Q61787852 Q61787666 Q61787661 Q61787656 Q61787650

the master j.h. [MnM], normalised from: The Master J.H. (probably Jerome Hesketh) (13×)

Paintings: Q52230777 Q52230828 Q52230840 Q52230856 Q52230863 Q52230888 Q52230904 Q52230975 Q52231138 Q52237107 Q52270968 Q52270992 Q52271188

oertel, ferdinand [MnM], normalised from: Oertel, Ferdinand (um 1840/50 tätig) (13×)

Paintings: Q50329069 Q50329076 Q50329078 Q50329079 Q50329085 Q50329088 Q50329103 Q50329117 Q50329127 Q50329129 Q50329141 Q50329146 Q50329149

monogramista [MnM], normalised from: Monogramista G.St.G. (13×)

Paintings: Q51207205 Q51212085 Q51212168 Q51212235 Q51212392 Q51212466 Q51212541 Q51212836 Q51212910 Q51223704 Q51223778 Q51223838 Q51278402

yegor botman [MnM], normalised from: Yegor (Georg) (?) Botman (1×); Yegor (Georg) Botman (Hermitage ЭРЖ-643) (1×); Yegor (Georg) Botman (11×)

Paintings: Q61743272 Q61742520 Q61742809 Q61742882 Q61742909 Q61743217 Q61743477 Q61743508 Q61743866 Q61744214 Q61744846 Q61745820 Q61747110

j. van der zee [MnM], normalised from: J. van der Zee (13×)

Paintings: Q28088081 Q28091278 Q28091330 Q28094151 Q28097447 Q28101815 Q28104813 Q28110453 Q61784953 Q61964256 Q61964260 Q61964530 Q61964533

zeng yangdong [MnM], normalised from: Zeng Yangdong (13×)

Paintings: Q60472677 Q60472685 Q60472694 Q60472701 Q60472708 Q60472714 Q60472720 Q60472731 Q60472736 Q60472740 Q60472747 Q60472755 Q60472761

kano tan’yū [MnM], normalised from: Kano Tan’yū (CMA 1992.394.2) (1×); Kano Tan’yū (CMA 1992.394.1) (1×); Kano Tan’yū (10×)

Paintings: Q60474297 Q60474300 Q60474301 Q60475587 Q60476920 Q60476951 Q60476959 Q60476966 Q60477979 Q60478214 Q60476924 Q60476931

jarinyanu downs [MnM], normalised from: Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1751) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1752) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1753) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1750) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1749) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1746) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1747) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (NGA NGA 90.1748) (1×); Jarinyanu Downs (4×)

Paintings: Q50650820 Q50650965 Q50650983 Q50651015 Q50650842 Q50650858 Q50650875 Q50650895 Q50650951 Q50650914 Q50650930 Q50651002

yun yuanrui [MnM], normalised from: Yun Yuanrui (12×)

Paintings: Q64541537 Q64546016 Q64553190 Q64557369 Q64557424 Q64557741 Q64560534 Q64560616 Q64576449 Q64576939 Q64582964 Q64583436

shitao 石濤 [MnM], normalised from: Shitao 石濤 (12×)

Paintings: Q64526270 Q64541669 Q64547359 Q64547502 Q64566383 Q64577529 Q64577861 Q64578435 Q64580750 Q64581402 Q64581908 Q64584061

lily karadada [MnM], normalised from: Lily Karadada (NGV O.26-1991) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.27-1991) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.84-1994) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.232-1991) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.159-1990) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV 1998.321) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.109-1991) (1×); Lily Karadada (NGV O.157-1990) (1×); Lily Karadada (4×)

Paintings: Q50383756 Q50383867 Q50383948 Q50685786 Q50402010 Q50384531 Q50384113 Q50384068 Q50384241 Q50384387 Q50384599 Q50405850

gao qipei 高其佩 [MnM], normalised from: Gao Qipei 高其佩 (12×)

Paintings: Q64532484 Q64541785 Q64547157 Q64557921 Q64569503 Q64569643 Q64576402 Q64578096 Q64578209 Q64582714 Q64582851 Q64584041

devachandra [MnM], normalised from: Devachandra (CMA 1971.118.8.b) (1×); Devachandra (11×)

Paintings: Q60471429 Q60471441 Q60471455 Q60471468 Q60471480 Q60471496 Q60471509 Q60471521 Q60471533 Q60471545 Q60471560 Q60471577

r. koekkoek [MnM], normalised from: R. Koekkoek (12×)

Paintings: Q28086507 Q28086871 Q28088568 Q28097302 Q28106056 Q61787947 Q61788021 Q61788018 Q61788016 Q61787950 Q61786336 Q61786326

rosalie v. firth [MnM], normalised from: Rosalie V. Firth (NT 657667) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (NT 658015) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (NT 657666) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (NT 657665) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (NT 657663) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (NT 657664) (1×); Rosalie V. Firth (5×)

Paintings: Q52240516 Q52240523 Q52240533 Q52240545 Q52240622 Q52240556 Q52240562 Q52240569 Q52240577 Q52240583 Q52240614

monogrammist wh u. af [MnM], normalised from: Monogrammist WH u. AF (11×)

Paintings: Q29937245 Q29937256 Q62395615 Q62414343 Q62457249 Q62983641 Q62985026 Q62985298 Q62992881 Q62997136 Q62999780

arthur koo'ekka pambegan jnr [MnM], normalised from: Arthur Koo'ekka Pambegan jnr (11×)

Paintings: Q50727455 Q50727472 Q50727486 Q50727500 Q50727511 Q50727526 Q50727546 Q50727555 Q50727569 Q50727587 Q50727608

dutch painter [MnM], normalised from: Dutch Painter (Szépművészeti 69.22) (1×); Dutch painter (4×); Dutch Painter (6×)

Paintings: Q50888245 Q50890593 Q50896672 Q50904491 Q50914925 Q50983909 Q50975827 Q61747118 Q61747305 Q61747319 Q61747328

marrnyula # 2 mununggurr [MnM], normalised from: Marrnyula # 2 Mununggurr (11×)

Paintings: Q50715012 Q50715042 Q50715071 Q50715095 Q50715118 Q50715141 Q50715172 Q50715200 Q50715223 Q50715248 Q50715273

german painter [MnM], normalised from: German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-6934) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-7535) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-8593) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-9958) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-6862) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-6018) (1×); German painter (? ) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-10006) (1×); German painter (Hermitage ГЭ-10494) (1×); German painter (2×)

Paintings: Q61747211 Q61747224 Q61745871 Q61744469 Q61746696 Q61742758 Q61744801 Q61747131 Q61743787 Q61744735 Q61743242

william hamilton [MnM], normalised from: William Hamilton RA (NT 108802) (1×); William Hamilton RA (NT 108801) (1×); William Hamilton RA (NT 108800) (1×); William Hamilton RA (8×)

Paintings: Q52215516 Q52215627 Q52215641 Q52215824 Q52215833 Q52215845 Q52287390 Q62410986 Q52215859 Q52215877 Q52215890

p. klapwijk [MnM], normalised from: P. Klapwijk (11×)

Paintings: Q28088166 Q61786207 Q61786197 Q61786187 Q61786177 Q61786165 Q61786154 Q61786142 Q61786131 Q61786120 Q61786108

robert dowling [MnM], normalised from: Robert Dowling (NGA NGA 70.127) (1×); Robert Dowling (10×)

Paintings: Q50650634 Q50650652 Q50650663 Q50650682 Q50650696 Q50650717 Q50650737 Q50650753 Q50650768 Q50650802 Q50650786

england bangala [MnM], normalised from: England Bangala (11×)

Paintings: Q50629194 Q50629213 Q50629229 Q50629244 Q50629259 Q50629274 Q50629289 Q50629304 Q50629322 Q50629338 Q50629357

frank owen salisbury [MnM], normalised from: Sir Frank Owen Salisbury RA (10×)

Paintings: Q52146020 Q52152288 Q52302588 Q52302598 Q55427558 Q55427563 Q55427577 Q55427582 Q62396252 Q62396298

tanabe, minoru [MnM], normalised from: Tanabe, Minoru (RMG BHC3793) (1×); Tanabe, Minoru (RMG BHC3514) (1×); Tanabe, Minoru (8×)

Paintings: Q50888814 Q50915460 Q50916095 Q50916162 Q50928609 Q50929376 Q50929482 Q50929661 Q50915869 Q50916127

d. ribbeling [MnM], normalised from: D. Ribbeling (10×)

Paintings: Q28087976 Q28089852 Q28093131 Q28095374 Q28095463 Q28102917 Q61781844 Q61787931 Q61787937 Q61787934

york der knöfel [MnM], normalised from: York der Knöfel (2×); York der (1962-2011) Knöfel (8×)

Paintings: Q47520391 Q47520405 Q47520464 Q47520630 Q47522625 Q47523236 Q47523451 Q47523635 Q47518814 Q47519066

paul davis [MnM], normalised from: Paul Davis (10×)

Paintings: Q47509285 Q47509706 Q47509917 Q47510186 Q47511033 Q47511492 Q47512204 Q47512720 Q47512764 Q47512962

a.f.e. van rossum [MnM], normalised from: A.F.E. van Rossum (10×)

Paintings: Q28089288 Q28093584 Q28095658 Q28104904 Q28107075 Q61788238 Q61788255 Q61788352 Q61788355 Q61788244

j.t.m. commandeur [MnM], normalised from: J.T.M. Commandeur (10×)

Paintings: Q28096462 Q28097191 Q61963609 Q28111203 Q61963604 Q61963599 Q61783901 Q61783899 Q61783896 Q61782869

weaver jack [MnM], normalised from: Weaver Jack (NGV 2015.200) (1×); Weaver Jack (NGV 2011.257) (1×); Weaver Jack (NGV 2004.9) (1×); Weaver Jack (NGV 2004.578) (1×); Weaver Jack (6×)

Paintings: Q50389937 Q50393714 Q50398294 Q50399321 Q50676857 Q50676896 Q50399327 Q50398284 Q50393725 Q50389944

dawidi [MnM], normalised from: Dawidi (NGA NGA 00.78) (1×); Dawidi (9×)

Paintings: Q50647366 Q50647373 Q50647384 Q50647396 Q50647432 Q50647451 Q50647463 Q50647478 Q50647487 Q50647415

jimmy njiminjuma [MnM], normalised from: Jimmy Njiminjuma (NGV 2003.439) (1×); Jimmy Njiminjuma (NGV 1997.403) (1×); Jimmy Njiminjuma (8×)

Paintings: Q50383631 Q50383694 Q50398234 Q50402304 Q50723488 Q50723514 Q50723537 Q50723564 Q50402310 Q50399797

adolf dahle [MnM], normalised from: Adolf Dahle (2×); Adolf (1890-1954) Dahle (8×)

Paintings: Q47520448 Q47522555 Q47523238 Q47523258 Q47523435 Q47523755 Q47523794 Q47523810 Q47518877 Q47519065

eugene von guérard [MnM], normalised from: Eugene Von guérard (10×)

Paintings: Q50750019 Q50750051 Q50750073 Q50750093 Q50750115 Q50750135 Q50750158 Q50750178 Q50750205 Q50750229

Štefan schaller [MnM], normalised from: Štefan Schaller (10×)

Paintings: Q51213393 Q51225006 Q51277705 Q51289834 Q51291425 Q51291639 Q51293099 Q51295138 Q51295403 Q51295507

shorty lungkata tjungurrayi [MnM], normalised from: Shorty Lungkata tjungurrayi (NGA NGA 2009.556) (1×); Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi (NGV O.10-1988) (1×); Shorty Lungkata tjungurrayi (3×); Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi (5×)

Paintings: Q20445741 Q50383845 Q50383848 Q50383853 Q50395234 Q50385038 Q50697227 Q50697257 Q50697320 Q50697287

d. van der kroef [MnM], normalised from: D. van der Kroef (10×)

Paintings: Q28089260 Q28090991 Q28092224 Q28093986 Q28096821 Q28097168 Q28100246 Q28110653 Q61788203 Q62434113

m. van vreden [MnM], normalised from: M. van Vreden (10×)

Paintings: Q28088490 Q28091268 Q28097248 Q28101118 Q28106116 Q61783830 Q61786078 Q61788143 Q28103021 Q28104732

j. kropff [MnM], normalised from: J. Kropff (10×)

Paintings: Q28094735 Q28096339 Q28097492 Q28097610 Q28097792 Q28102720 Q28106391 Q61781287 Q61782884 Q61785266

captain arthur douglas wales-smith [MnM], normalised from: Captain Arthur Douglas Wales-Smith (10×)

Paintings: Q50866806 Q50879061 Q50885226 Q50888376 Q50896463 Q50903670 Q50908161 Q50917859 Q50918258 Q50918294

willy billabong [MnM], normalised from: Willy Billabong (NGA NGA 2008.5) (1×); Willy Billabong (NGA NGA 2008.4) (1×); Willy Billabong (8×)

Paintings: Q50393400 Q50396570 Q50632659 Q50632727 Q50632762 Q50632786 Q50632813 Q50632837 Q50632703 Q50632684

t.h.p. geraedts [MnM], normalised from: T.H.P. Geraedts (9×)

Paintings: Q28086624 Q28086652 Q28090006 Q61786289 Q61787706 Q61788303 Q61787710 Q28106800 Q28093470

john mackinnon [MnM], normalised from: John Mackinnon (9×)

Paintings: Q50406344 Q50406348 Q50406353 Q50406357 Q50406361 Q50406365 Q50406369 Q50406374 Q50406379

frances mabel hollams, mrs charles lionel fox [MnM], normalised from: Frances Mabel Hollams, Mrs Charles Lionel Fox (9×)

Paintings: Q52151038 Q52151047 Q52151067 Q52151340 Q52239561 Q52239936 Q52249809 Q52249820 Q52249834

e. majoor [MnM], normalised from: E. Majoor (9×)

Paintings: Q28093880 Q28096490 Q28103972 Q28104961 Q62414610 Q28110099 Q28107618 Q28096796 Q28096872

willy tjungurrayi [MnM], normalised from: Willy Tjungurrayi (NGA NGA 2013.101) (1×); Willy Tjungurrayi (AGNSW, 50.2005) (1×); Willy Tjungurrayi (AGNSW, 49.2005) (1×); Willy Tjungurrayi (AGNSW, 48.2005) (1×); Willy Tjungurrayi (5×)

Paintings: Q20488355 Q20488357 Q50396330 Q50397742 Q50402291 Q20488362 Q20488365 Q20488368 Q50745710

meister von schloss lichtenstein [MnM], normalised from: Meister von Schloss Lichtenstein (9×)

Paintings: Q29951733 Q29953930 Q29954206 Q29955234 Q57392267 Q57393081 Q57393149 Q57393293 Q57393310

louis-andré delabrière [MnM], normalised from: Louis-André Delabrière (9×)

Paintings: Q52145711 Q52145717 Q52145719 Q52145720 Q52145723 Q52145726 Q52145728 Q52145730 Q52145733

leonard brown [MnM], normalised from: Leonard Brown (NGA NGA 90.524) (1×); Leonard Brown (8×)

Paintings: Q20439275 Q50406772 Q50638802 Q50638818 Q50638840 Q50638857 Q50638891 Q50638911 Q50638876

george chambers, senior [MnM], normalised from: George Chambers, senior (RMG BHC0615) (1×); George Chambers, senior (8×)

Paintings: Q50858197 Q50866992 Q50869196 Q50870034 Q50871267 Q50883537 Q50884181 Q50899639 Q50905099

mathaman marika [MnM], normalised from: Mathaman Marika (9×)

Paintings: Q50385447 Q50385555 Q50399589 Q50402851 Q50403373 Q50403532 Q50703831 Q50703849 Q50703875

caroline hall [MnM], normalised from: Caroline Hall (NT 1439042) (1×); Caroline Hall (8×)

Paintings: Q52155316 Q52155323 Q52155330 Q52155343 Q52155349 Q52155407 Q52155413 Q52155428 Q52155337

willie gudabi [MnM], normalised from: Willie Gudabi (NGV O.142-1991) (1×); Willie Gudabi (NGA NGA 90.1759) (1×); Willie Gudabi (NGA NGA 90.1758) (1×); Willie Gudabi (6×)

Paintings: Q20442534 Q20442536 Q50383582 Q50402667 Q50668973 Q50669000 Q50669029 Q50668945 Q50383865

clayton d. braun [MnM], normalised from: Clayton D. Braun (9×)

Paintings: Q47509281 Q47509310 Q47509398 Q47510085 Q47512701 Q47512702 Q47512756 Q47513078 Q47513203

endart [MnM], normalised from: Endart (9×)

Paintings: Q47518844 Q47519104 Q47520181 Q47520717 Q47522546 Q47523133 Q47523875 Q47523895 Q47523910

d. zwier [MnM], normalised from: D. Zwier (9×)

Paintings: Q28087173 Q28087943 Q28088939 Q28089709 Q28089737 Q28094105 Q28099936 Q28103509 Q61785021

blanche puruntatameri [MnM], normalised from: Blanche Puruntatameri (9×)

Paintings: Q50730254 Q50730270 Q50730289 Q50730304 Q50730323 Q50730342 Q50730360 Q50730377 Q50730393

judith wright [MnM], normalised from: Judith Wright (9×)

Paintings: Q50757633 Q50757663 Q50757697 Q50757728 Q50757760 Q50757790 Q50757818 Q50757852 Q50757875

französisch [MnM], normalised from: Französisch (?) (3×); Französisch (6×)

Paintings: Q62395760 Q62415690 Q62931907 Q62933657 Q62415704 Q62988372 Q62992270 Q62984165 Q62999302

g.j.m. dibbets [MnM], normalised from: G.J.M. Dibbets (9×)

Paintings: Q28090172 Q28101538 Q28103237 Q28104863 Q28105871 Q61782249 Q61782280 Q61782278 Q28107169

nancy mitchnick [MnM], normalised from: Nancy Mitchnick (9×)

Paintings: Q64584705 Q64584724 Q64584753 Q64584820 Q64584976 Q64585047 Q64585163 Q64585582 Q64587135

namiyal bopirri [MnM], normalised from: Namiyal Bopirri (9×)

Paintings: Q50384041 Q50384250 Q50384607 Q50384791 Q50405754 Q50634281 Q50634298 Q50634320 Q50634339

i.f.m. vandeghinste [MnM], normalised from: I.F.M. Vandeghinste (9×)

Paintings: Q28100812 Q28100820 Q28107342 Q61787906 Q61787902 Q61787896 Q61787894 Q61787889 Q61787887

harry beil [MnM], normalised from: Harry Beil (2×); Harry (1924-2000) Beil (7×)

Paintings: Q47520494 Q47520677 Q47520750 Q47523210 Q47523229 Q47523547 Q47523850 Q47518959 Q47518977

míťa kolesárová [MnM], normalised from: Míťa Kolesárová (9×)

Paintings: Q51195390 Q51209598 Q51259894 Q51277528 Q51280247 Q51301303 Q51302293 Q51303077 Q51312775

g.h. andrea [MnM], normalised from: G.H. Andrea (9×)

Paintings: Q28088520 Q28089732 Q28091141 Q28096034 Q28105376 Q28106602 Q28110235 Q61782908 Q61784352

herbert kaufmann [MnM], normalised from: Herbert Kaufmann (1×); Herbert (1924-2011) Kaufmann (8×)

Paintings: Q47520660 Q47520720 Q47520761 Q47520898 Q47522886 Q47523468 Q47523710 Q47523752 Q47519166

a.j. de bie [MnM], normalised from: A.J. de Bie (9×)

Paintings: Q28094177 Q28096563 Q28104695 Q61788086 Q61788088 Q61788107 Q61788103 Q61788098 Q61788092

paddy nyunkuny bedford [MnM], normalised from: Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford (NGA NGA 2014.1753) (1×); Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford (8×)

Paintings: Q50630622 Q50630638 Q50630654 Q50630674 Q50630692 Q50630711 Q50630732 Q50630753 Q50630772

buranday [MnM], normalised from: Buranday (8×)

Paintings: Q50383938 Q50403675 Q50640868 Q50640891 Q50640905 Q50640923 Q50640940 Q50640958

diego m. rivera [MnM], normalised from: Diego M. Rivera (8×)

Paintings: Q64576028 Q64577471 Q64577559 Q64577572 Q64577632 Q64585400 Q64587124 Q64587129

magadel [MnM], normalised from: Magadel (8×)

Paintings: Q61964054 Q61964056 Q61964059 Q61964061 Q61964062 Q61964065 Q61964067 Q61964068

matteo perez da leccia [MnM], normalised from: Matteo Perez da Leccia (8×)

Paintings: Q50853032 Q50853045 Q50855316 Q50855356 Q50855382 Q50864338 Q50864353 Q50868576

edward sorel [MnM], normalised from: Edward Sorel (8×)

Paintings: Q47509046 Q47509313 Q47509755 Q47509991 Q47510810 Q47510812 Q47512271 Q47512816

r.a. dool [MnM], normalised from: R.A. Dool (8×)

Paintings: Q28088132 Q28088438 Q28090007 Q28095282 Q28102845 Q28107207 Q28111270 Q62447344

ute richter [MnM], normalised from: Ute Richter (SKD 100/4/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/5/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/6/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/3/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/2/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/1-7/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (SKD 100/1/2010) (1×); Ute Richter (1×)

Paintings: Q50344756 Q50344968 Q50345005 Q50344933 Q50345035 Q50344943 Q50344905 Q50344955

p. holstein [MnM], normalised from: P. Holstein (8×)

Paintings: Q28094622 Q28095847 Q28097543 Q28104083 Q28106803 Q28106907 Q61783840 Q61783834

Štefan oravec [MnM], normalised from: Štefan Oravec (8×)

Paintings: Q51181133 Q62473080 Q62518689 Q62520651 Q62521404 Q62522251 Q62522941 Q62528014

angelina pwerle [MnM], normalised from: Angelina Pwerle (NGA NGA 2008.197) (1×); Angelina Pwerle (7×)

Paintings: Q50730547 Q50730563 Q50730581 Q50730601 Q50730635 Q50730654 Q50730674 Q50730620

willem w [MnM], normalised from: Willem W (8×)

Paintings: Q28092266 Q28093419 Q28095424 Q28095543 Q28096371 Q28097221 Q28106896 Q61781987

j. zekveld [MnM], normalised from: J. Zekveld (8×)

Paintings: Q28086481 Q28090940 Q28096277 Q28099918 Q28103964 Q28108464 Q61788264 Q62415477

d. van kleef [MnM], normalised from: D. van Kleef (8×)

Paintings: Q28092380 Q28094655 Q28096352 Q28098239 Q28098572 Q28100072 Q28106239 Q28111730

j. min [MnM], normalised from: J. Min (8×)

Paintings: Q28095117 Q28096129 Q28096816 Q28097524 Q28101994 Q28103788 Q28103911 Q62414857

onbekend [MnM], normalised from: Onbekend (Stedelijk DA 123) (1×); Onbekend (Stedelijk DA 121) (1×); Onbekend (6×)

Paintings: Q61856809 Q61856820 Q61856823 Q61856827 Q61856829 Q62872938 Q61856812 Q61856817

j. van oord [MnM], normalised from: J. van Oord (8×)

Paintings: Q28089781 Q28093265 Q28102033 Q28106104 Q61784065 Q62449164 Q62869686 Q61784067

john mandjuwi [MnM], normalised from: John Mandjuwi (NGA NGA 80.3581) (1×); John Mandjuwi (7×)

Paintings: Q50384749 Q50399607 Q50401937 Q50701828 Q50701858 Q50701931 Q50701967 Q50701895

gloria tamerre petyarr [MnM], normalised from: Gloria Tamerre Petyarr (NGV 1998.155) (1×); Gloria Tamerre Petyarr (NGV 1998.154) (1×); Gloria Tamerre Petyarr (6×)

Paintings: Q50383821 Q50384181 Q50384182 Q50385015 Q50399828 Q50402114 Q50402132 Q50402123

erhard langkau [MnM], normalised from: Erhard (1877-1967) Langkau (8×)

Paintings: Q47520170 Q47520791 Q47520801 Q47523068 Q47523269 Q47523767 Q47523903 Q47523914

robert g. giusti [MnM], normalised from: Robert G. Giusti (8×)

Paintings: Q47508778 Q47509160 Q47509498 Q47510667 Q47510741 Q47512696 Q47512724 Q47513098

penny cent [MnM], normalised from: (Pseudonym) Penny Cent (8×)

Paintings: Q64577676 Q64577720 Q64577783 Q64577784 Q64577788 Q64577792 Q64577798 Q64577802

r.a. reemer [MnM], normalised from: R.A. Reemer (8×)

Paintings: Q28090323 Q28092769 Q28096956 Q28101614 Q28102254 Q28111013 Q61782477 Q62422657

j. wiegers [MnM], normalised from: J. Wiegers (8×)

Paintings: Q28088996 Q28089692 Q28090191 Q28094123 Q28097641 Q28098297 Q28100952 Q61964253

daniel bennett schwartz [MnM], normalised from: Daniel Bennett Schwartz (8×)

Paintings: Q47510279 Q47512037 Q47512407 Q47512685 Q47512688 Q47512746 Q47513058 Q47513073

stauch, sigrid [MnM], normalised from: Stauch, Sigrid (1935 - ) (SKD D 1061) (1×); Stauch, Sigrid (1935 - ) (7×)

Paintings: Q50345654 Q50345750 Q50345829 Q50346403 Q50346427 Q50346462 Q50346516 Q50346475

billy thomas [MnM], normalised from: Billy Thomas (AGNSW, 63.2003) (1×); Billy Thomas (AGNSW, 62.2003) (1×); Billy Thomas (6×)

Paintings: Q50394549 Q50400062 Q50401274 Q50402339 Q50402375 Q50738705 Q20487985 Q20487989

l.j. bosch [MnM], normalised from: L.J. Bosch (8×)

Paintings: Q28103242 Q61963680 Q61963681 Q61963683 Q61963684 Q61963686 Q61963688 Q61963690

i.l. nagy [MnM], normalised from: I.L. Nagy (8×)

Paintings: Q28090988 Q28091355 Q28091954 Q28095130 Q28101461 Q28106031 Q61782603 Q62448024

daniel maffia [MnM], normalised from: Daniel Maffia (8×)

Paintings: Q47508861 Q47509667 Q47510528 Q47510895 Q47512261 Q47512449 Q47512714 Q47512927

james marsh [MnM], normalised from: James Marsh (8×)

Paintings: Q47508840 Q47509090 Q47509389 Q47510126 Q47510673 Q47511170 Q47512496 Q47512949

mithinari gurruwiwi [MnM], normalised from: Mithinari Gurruwiwi (NGV O.137-1990) (1×); Mithinari Gurruwiwi (NGV 2001.362) (1×); Mithinari Gurruwiwi (6×)

Paintings: Q50384214 Q50384499 Q50384506 Q50384737 Q50385012 Q50403474 Q50401097 Q50384517

in the manner of george stubbs [MnM], normalised from: In the manner of George Stubbs (8×)

Paintings: Q46658775 Q46658816 Q46658972 Q46659035 Q46659068 Q46659112 Q46659404 Q46659647

clinton nain [MnM], normalised from: Clinton Nain (8×)

Paintings: Q50385039 Q50385692 Q50395356 Q50395638 Q50397427 Q50716355 Q50716373 Q50716399

sienese painter [MnM], normalised from: Sienese Painter (8×)

Paintings: Q50896566 Q50941955 Q50943337 Q50945838 Q50973637 Q50981643 Q50988433 Q50992008

peter cooley [MnM], normalised from: Peter Cooley (NGA NGA 88.26) (1×); Peter Cooley (7×)

Paintings: Q50405919 Q50645408 Q50645444 Q50645457 Q50645474 Q50645500 Q50645526 Q50645426

f.g. erfmann [MnM], normalised from: F.G. Erfmann (8×)

Paintings: Q28111235 Q28092462 Q61782551 Q28102382 Q28103297 Q28106154 Q28091441 Q28100959

nathaniel dance-holland [MnM], normalised from: Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland RA (8×)

Paintings: Q52157251 Q52157420 Q52257888 Q52258650 Q52298844 Q52298862 Q52298951 Q52299525

xiang shengmo 項聖謨 [MnM], normalised from: Xiang Shengmo 項聖謨 (8×)

Paintings: Q64547496 Q64547504 Q64548791 Q64563633 Q64566129 Q64566612 Q64578260 Q64581260

stanislaw zagorski [MnM], normalised from: Stanislaw Zagorski (8×)

Paintings: Q47508792 Q47508814 Q47509190 Q47509580 Q47509592 Q47510565 Q47510725 Q47513005

t. bitter [MnM], normalised from: T. Bitter (7×)

Paintings: Q28093513 Q28099573 Q28100643 Q28102415 Q28105262 Q28106573 Q28106765

larrtjanga ganambarr [MnM], normalised from: LARRTJANGA Ganambarr (7×)

Paintings: Q50664181 Q50664199 Q50664230 Q50664261 Q50664287 Q50664314 Q50664349

gordon newton [MnM], normalised from: Gordon Newton (DIA 1992.298) (1×); Gordon Newton (DIA 1992.297) (1×); Gordon Newton (DIA 1992.296) (1×); Gordon Newton (4×)

Paintings: Q64585037 Q64585126 Q64585178 Q64585232 Q64587226 Q64585577 Q64585581

james jackson [MnM], normalised from: James Jackson (7×)

Paintings: Q50677587 Q50677667 Q50677736 Q50677808 Q50677869 Q50677956 Q50678036

t.g. l' herminez [MnM], normalised from: T.G. l' Herminez (7×)

Paintings: Q61964500 Q61964496 Q61964491 Q61964487 Q61964479 Q61964461 Q61964455

josé raphael aragon [MnM], normalised from: José Raphael Aragon (Barnes BF1031) (1×); José Raphael Aragon (6×)

Paintings: Q28126384 Q28126386 Q28126387 Q28126388 Q28126389 Q28126391 Q28126393

john worsley [MnM], normalised from: John Worsley (7×)

Paintings: Q28043737 Q50854913 Q50855076 Q50855190 Q50862235 Q50871092 Q50915999

k. boonstra [MnM], normalised from: K. Boonstra (7×)

Paintings: Q28088005 Q28095410 Q28095735 Q28101261 Q28108385 Q61782636 Q61782703

s. meijer [MnM], normalised from: S. (1877-12-06) Meijer (7×)

Paintings: Q28086522 Q28090735 Q28091282 Q28093966 Q28098862 Q28106574 Q28107189

ernest kocsis [MnM], normalised from: Ernest Kocsis (7×)

Paintings: Q51233351 Q51234549 Q51237320 Q51238081 Q51239337 Q51240240 Q51240610

s. de vries [MnM], normalised from: S. de (1946=1947) Vries (1×); S. de (1907-01-27) Vries (6×)

Paintings: Q28088141 Q28095986 Q28104626 Q61781897 Q61782718 Q61782742 Q28106096

j.h. van gestel [MnM], normalised from: J.H. van Gestel (7×)

Paintings: Q28092761 Q28096941 Q61786038 Q61786041 Q61786042 Q61786045 Q61786047

kinuko yamabe craft [MnM], normalised from: Kinuko Yamabe Craft (NPG NPG.86.TC16) (1×); Kinuko Yamabe Craft (6×)

Paintings: Q47509329 Q47509330 Q47509512 Q47512179 Q47512267 Q47512834 Q47513063

m.h. sjardijn [MnM], normalised from: M.H. Sjardijn (7×)

Paintings: Q28091336 Q28093528 Q28097553 Q28104619 Q28107021 Q28110734 Q61785849

ursula rzodeczko [MnM], normalised from: Ursula Rzodeczko (7×)

Paintings: Q50334996 Q50335008 Q50335187 Q50335241 Q50335983 Q50339064 Q50343196

w.h.m. wouters [MnM], normalised from: W.H.M. Wouters (7×)

Paintings: Q28088205 Q28089861 Q28090670 Q28096402 Q28096962 Q28103367 Q28106542

les mirrikkurriya [MnM], normalised from: Les Mirrikkurriya (7×)

Paintings: Q50399383 Q50399844 Q50403095 Q50712714 Q50712738 Q50712761 Q50712787

g.j. gerrits [MnM], normalised from: G.J. (1929-08-03) Gerrits (1×); G.J. (1893-12-24) Gerrits (6×)

Paintings: Q28091549 Q28092967 Q61782431 Q61782483 Q61963621 Q61963622 Q28096387

kitagawa sōsetsu [MnM], normalised from: Kitagawa Sōsetsu (Nelson-Atkins 68-49/1) (1×); Kitagawa Sōsetsu (CMA 1968.193.2) (1×); Kitagawa Sōsetsu (CMA 1968.193.1) (1×); Kitagawa Sōsetsu (4×)

Paintings: Q60469152 Q60469893 Q60476895 Q60476901 Q60469895 Q60469898 Q64541526

j.g.m. postma [MnM], normalised from: J.G.M. Postma (7×)

Paintings: Q28096471 Q28097169 Q28104778 Q28105415 Q28108155 Q28110474 Q61784561

george harcourt [MnM], normalised from: George Harcourt RA (7×)

Paintings: Q52151592 Q52152002 Q52152276 Q52153914 Q52153918 Q52153919 Q52153921

w.c. kalshoven [MnM], normalised from: W.C. Kalshoven (7×)

Paintings: Q28089259 Q28090008 Q28092143 Q28093492 Q28093862 Q28095889 Q28097327

erich frankenberg [MnM], normalised from: Erich Frankenberg (1×); Erich (1890-1981) Frankenberg (6×)

Paintings: Q47520606 Q47520732 Q47523490 Q47523751 Q47523817 Q47523965 Q47518868

veronika Šramatyová [MnM], normalised from: Veronika Šramatyová (7×)

Paintings: Q51178583 Q51179181 Q51179416 Q51179649 Q51179835 Q51180022 Q51180106

dawidi djulwarak [MnM], normalised from: Dawidi Djulwarak (NGV 1996.115) (1×); Dawidi Djulwarak (6×)

Paintings: Q50384466 Q50384471 Q50399378 Q50401106 Q50401955 Q50402881 Q50403168

charlie djurritjini [MnM], normalised from: Charlie Djurritjini (7×)

Paintings: Q50383916 Q50384606 Q50403566 Q50649903 Q50649918 Q50649933 Q50649953

friesland [MnM], normalised from: Friesland (7×)

Paintings: Q43139641 Q43139660 Q43139713 Q43139752 Q43139803 Q43139892 Q43140188

j.h. van campen [MnM], normalised from: J.H. van Campen (7×)

Paintings: Q28088942 Q28095617 Q28096616 Q28097017 Q28100003 Q28102005 Q28110866

daniel walbidi [MnM], normalised from: Daniel Walbidi (NGA NGA 2014.1711) (1×); Daniel Walbidi (NGA NGA 2013.3955) (1×); Daniel Walbidi (NGA NGA 2012.1173) (1×); Daniel Walbidi (NGA NGA 2010.285) (1×); Daniel Walbidi (3×)

Paintings: Q50393674 Q50393683 Q50393692 Q50750925 Q50750950 Q50750902 Q50750971

martin dittberner [MnM], normalised from: Martin Dittberner (2×); Martin (1912-2003) Dittberner (5×)

Paintings: Q47520818 Q47522427 Q47522566 Q47523565 Q47523784 Q47518894 Q47519194

john knox [MnM], normalised from: John ('Jack') Knox (7×)

Paintings: Q27955938 Q27955940 Q27957783 Q27968318 Q27969047 Q27969082 Q27969087

h.f. van keulen [MnM], normalised from: H.F. van Keulen (7×)

Paintings: Q28086502 Q28087375 Q28094756 Q28096737 Q28099793 Q28101977 Q61787572

hj wedge [MnM], normalised from: Hj Wedge (7×)

Paintings: Q50385048 Q50390020 Q50396989 Q50397000 Q50399737 Q50399741 Q50402240

n. nirnberg-sultanik [MnM], normalised from: N. Nirnberg-Sultanik (7×)

Paintings: Q28087937 Q28091324 Q28097813 Q28108265 Q61787814 Q61787811 Q28095387

h.j. melgers [MnM], normalised from: H.J. Melgers (7×)

Paintings: Q28090894 Q28092670 Q28094686 Q28095008 Q28100792 Q28103170 Q28107101

donald oenslager [MnM], normalised from: Donald Oenslager (DIA 57.13.4) (1×); Donald Oenslager (6×)

Paintings: Q64577838 Q64578588 Q64578618 Q64578635 Q64578638 Q64578641 Q64578628

issan [MnM], normalised from: Issan (DIA 90.1S4897) (1×); Issan (DIA 90.1S4898) (1×); Issan (DIA 90.1S4896) (1×); Issan (DIA 90.1S4895) (1×); Issan (DIA 90.1S4893) (1×); Issan (DIA 90.1S4894) (1×); Issan (1×)

Paintings: Q64512766 Q64513409 Q64512786 Q64512992 Q64513399 Q64513385 Q64512988

c. groeneveld [MnM], normalised from: C. (1882-02-04) Groeneveld (7×)

Paintings: Q28087857 Q28091457 Q28093857 Q28097441 Q28098141 Q28106363 Q61782858

berthold haag [MnM], normalised from: Berthold Haag (1×); Berthold (1912-1981) Haag (6×)

Paintings: Q47520295 Q47520319 Q47520386 Q47520691 Q47520745 Q47523682 Q47517476

mithinarri gurruwiwi [MnM], normalised from: Mithinarri gurruwiwi (7×)

Paintings: Q50712835 Q50712857 Q50712882 Q50712913 Q50712932 Q50712959 Q50712979

italienisch [MnM], normalised from: Italienisch (7×)

Paintings: Q62415555 Q62429234 Q62436475 Q62472117 Q62935306 Q62990720 Q62928483

h.p.g.t. bartels [MnM], normalised from: H.P.G.T. Bartels (7×)

Paintings: Q28089879 Q28092608 Q28096064 Q28096432 Q28097085 Q28102166 Q28107254

hubert Čepiššák [MnM], normalised from: Hubert Čepiššák (7×)

Paintings: Q62470431 Q62473131 Q62503501 Q62504006 Q62506233 Q62521983 Q62525436

peter rudolf [MnM], normalised from: Peter Rudolf (7×)

Paintings: Q30082953 Q30083566 Q30085117 Q30085686 Q30087835 Q30088278 Q62414883

hugh douglas hamilton rha [MnM], normalised from: Hugh Douglas Hamilton RHA (7×)

Paintings: Q52151483 Q52151486 Q52151524 Q52157181 Q52238430 Q52239553 Q52242978

b. buys [MnM], normalised from: B. Buys (7×)

Paintings: Q28090513 Q28092197 Q28095604 Q28096099 Q28096175 Q28101164 Q28111295

f.e.a. benjamins [MnM], normalised from: F.E.A. Benjamins (7×)

Paintings: Q28088215 Q28088864 Q28089187 Q28090358 Q28091998 Q28094840 Q28106465

mick magani [MnM], normalised from: Mick Magani (7×)

Paintings: Q50407528 Q50700037 Q50700072 Q50700108 Q50700147 Q50700180 Q50700207

mick kubarrkku [MnM], normalised from: Mick Kubarrkku (NGV O.85-1990) (1×); Mick Kubarrkku (6×)

Paintings: Q50383625 Q50383923 Q50384060 Q50384273 Q50384295 Q50384818 Q50384400

e. vijlbrief [MnM], normalised from: E. Vijlbrief (7×)

Paintings: Q28088095 Q28089274 Q28097306 Q28098057 Q28101505 Q28105355 Q61787694

don gundinga [MnM], normalised from: Don Gundinga (NGA NGA 84.825) (1×); Don Gundinga (NGA NGA 83.3190) (1×); Don Gundinga (NGA NGA 83.3188) (1×); Don Gundinga (4×)

Paintings: Q50403378 Q50669634 Q50669657 Q50669706 Q50669683 Q50669733 Q50669761

evelyn alice vernon-harcourt, mrs clutton-brock [MnM], normalised from: Evelyn Alice Vernon-Harcourt, Mrs Clutton-Brock (7×)

Paintings: Q52152493 Q52152542 Q52152703 Q52152708 Q52152715 Q52152759 Q52152772

roy andersen [MnM], normalised from: Roy Andersen (7×)

Paintings: Q47509828 Q47509836 Q47510843 Q47511763 Q47512400 Q47512878 Q47512997

veldhuis [MnM], normalised from: (dhr.) Veldhuis (7×)

Paintings: Q26947862 Q26947897 Q26947933 Q26947968 Q26948003 Q26948042 Q26948073

john bunguwuy [MnM], normalised from: John Bunguwuy (7×)

Paintings: Q50401223 Q50639586 Q50639599 Q50639619 Q50639629 Q50639642 Q50639653

deutsch 17. jahrhundert [MnM], normalised from: Deutsch 17. Jahrhundert (7×)

Paintings: Q62411737 Q62451996 Q62985505 Q62991774 Q62993550 Q62994788 Q62999399

hemachandra [MnM], normalised from: Hemachandra (7×)

Paintings: Q60471679 Q60471693 Q60471709 Q60471722 Q60471735 Q60471751 Q60471767

jimmy midjawmidjaw [MnM], normalised from: Jimmy Midjawmidjaw (NGV 2010.316) (1×); Jimmy Midjawmidjaw (6×)

Paintings: Q50384218 Q50384494 Q50390007 Q50390190 Q50396280 Q50403856 Q50394930

c. vlag [MnM], normalised from: C. Vlag (7×)

Paintings: Q28091489 Q28096472 Q28103468 Q28108498 Q61782607 Q62426191 Q62869920

herbert ortel [MnM], normalised from: Herbert (1902-1972) Ortel (7×)

Paintings: Q47520311 Q47520730 Q47521515 Q47522590 Q47523176 Q47523325 Q47523521

henry thomson [MnM], normalised from: Henry Thomson RA (7×)

Paintings: Q52249569 Q52249583 Q52250362 Q52280214 Q52280253 Q52282555 Q55427144

marietta beil [MnM], normalised from: Marietta (1927-1989) Beil (7×)

Paintings: Q47520275 Q47520641 Q47520681 Q47520895 Q47522434 Q47522492 Q47523663

richard cosway [MnM], normalised from: Richard Cosway (CAM 1990.1436) (1×); Richard Cosway (CAM 1991.337) (1×); Richard Cosway RA (5×)

Paintings: Q46972729 Q46979367 Q52145537 Q52146438 Q52151489 Q52153811 Q52211825

j. kuijper [MnM], normalised from: J. Kuijper (7×)

Paintings: Q28090421 Q28096793 Q28097177 Q28097914 Q28097925 Q28100718 Q28107316

p. westerveld [MnM], normalised from: P. Westerveld (7×)

Paintings: Q28089315 Q28089809 Q28110267 Q28106449 Q61786544 Q28093582 Q28091369

nancy gaymala yunupingu [MnM], normalised from: Nancy Gaymala Yunupingu (7×)

Paintings: Q50384004 Q50763124 Q50763152 Q50763176 Q50763193 Q50763216 Q50763244

h. huig [MnM], normalised from: H. Huig (7×)

Paintings: Q28088891 Q28090348 Q28091052 Q28102148 Q28106592 Q61782015 Q61782155

w. bosma [MnM], normalised from: W. Bosma (6×)

Paintings: Q28087543 Q28090324 Q28091202 Q28106107 Q28107033 Q61784754

p.j.h. wehrens [MnM], normalised from: P.J.H. Wehrens (6×)

Paintings: Q28088974 Q28091999 Q28093430 Q28096434 Q28100634 Q28103873

j.l. aberli [MnM], normalised from: J.L. Aberli (6×)

Paintings: Q28089124 Q28091643 Q28097056 Q28101137 Q28102653 Q28105299

morgenstjerne [MnM], normalised from: Morgenstjerne (6×)

Paintings: Q28088873 Q28091129 Q28092543 Q28096156 Q28104303 Q28106455

vojtěch takáč [MnM], normalised from: Vojtěch Takáč (6×)

Paintings: Q62464963 Q62472069 Q62514101 Q62520323 Q62530341 Q62535642

nicolas matthew condy, the younger [MnM], normalised from: Nicolas Matthew Condy, the Younger (6×)

Paintings: Q50861460 Q50868900 Q50869778 Q50884397 Q50902016 Q50906516

kaapa mbitjana tjampitjinpa [MnM], normalised from: Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa (NGA NGA 2017.219) (1×); Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa (5×)

Paintings: Q50744511 Q50744521 Q50744532 Q50744549 Q50744559 Q50744543

kathleen ngal [MnM], normalised from: Kathleen Ngal (6×)

Paintings: Q50394815 Q50395876 Q50407868 Q50407872 Q50722274 Q50722297

osmar osten [MnM], normalised from: Osmar Osten (6×)

Paintings: Q50345154 Q50345177 Q50345510 Q50345529 Q50345557 Q50345792

i. schmit [MnM], normalised from: I. Schmit (6×)

Paintings: Q28086683 Q28095049 Q28102846 Q28105651 Q28106094 Q28111192

g.s. meist [MnM], normalised from: G.S. Meist (6×)

Paintings: Q28090303 Q28094021 Q28096799 Q28106198 Q28106741 Q61788129

monogrammist ba [MnM], normalised from: Monogrammist BA (6×)

Paintings: Q29952338 Q30058249 Q30058700 Q62415029 Q62986874 Q30057373

alec mingelmanganu [MnM], normalised from: Alec Mingelmanganu (NGV 2010.359) (1×); Alec Mingelmanganu (NGV 2010.358) (1×); Alec Mingelmanganu (NGA NGA 90.1087) (1×); Alec Mingelmanganu (NGA NGA 90.1086) (1×); Alec Mingelmanganu (2×)

Paintings: Q50383824 Q50712427 Q50712454 Q50712475 Q50394908 Q50394898

l. schuneman [MnM], normalised from: L. Schuneman (6×)

Paintings: Q27962712 Q27963249 Q27963396 Q27966487 Q27966534 Q27966562

fred ward tjungurrayi [MnM], normalised from: Fred Ward tjungurrayi (2×); Fred Ward Tjungurrayi (4×)

Paintings: Q20488338 Q50397919 Q50399727 Q50400015 Q50752267 Q50752290

w. minderman [MnM], normalised from: W. Minderman (6×)

Paintings: Q28094193 Q28095188 Q28102144 Q28102859 Q28103108 Q28110230

munggurrawuy yunupingu [MnM], normalised from: Munggurrawuy Yunupingu (NGA NGA 85.1340) (1×); Munggurrawuy Yunupingu (5×)

Paintings: Q50762979 Q50762996 Q50763021 Q50763078 Q50763099 Q50763051

paddy williams [MnM], normalised from: Paddy Williams (6×)

Paintings: Q50383780 Q50383781 Q50384149 Q50384701 Q50384961 Q50384965

bayerisch (meister des atteler alta [MnM], normalised from: Bayerisch (Meister des Atteler Alta (6×)

Paintings: Q29903125 Q29903132 Q29952998 Q29953001 Q29953731 Q29955095

n.f. molenkamp [MnM], normalised from: N.F. Molenkamp (6×)

Paintings: Q28093947 Q28094387 Q28096729 Q28106092 Q61781958 Q61785194

via und pia lewandowsky [MnM], normalised from: Via und Pia Lewandowsky (6×)

Paintings: Q47519032 Q47520468 Q47522520 Q47523313 Q47523318 Q47523723

p. pasquier [MnM], normalised from: P. Pasquier (6×)

Paintings: Q62082287 Q62082306 Q62082348 Q62082366 Q62082459 Q62082559

j.w.h. witjens [MnM], normalised from: J.W.H. Witjens (6×)

Paintings: Q28086756 Q28087416 Q28091033 Q28092616 Q28093591 Q28098249

netherlands artist [MnM], normalised from: Netherlands artist (6×)

Paintings: Q61742569 Q61744022 Q61744592 Q61745795 Q61745845 Q61747154

charles mardigan [MnM], normalised from: Charles Mardigan (NGV O.19-1987) (1×); Charles Mardigan (NGA NGA 94.1406) (1×); Charles Mardigan (4×)

Paintings: Q50383595 Q50703051 Q50703086 Q50703111 Q50703018 Q50384566

paddy compass namadbara [MnM], normalised from: Paddy Compass Namadbara (NGV 2000.220) (1×); Paddy Compass Namadbara (5×)

Paintings: Q50401406 Q50403818 Q50403834 Q50407511 Q50407516 Q50401416

virginia cuppaidge [MnM], normalised from: Virginia Cuppaidge (6×)

Paintings: Q20536791 Q50646720 Q50646738 Q50646758 Q50646777 Q50646796

n. pieneman [MnM], normalised from: N. (1880-12-01) Pieneman (6×)

Paintings: Q28111677 Q61964607 Q61964612 Q61964617 Q61964621 Q61964627

münchner hofmaler [MnM], normalised from: Münchner Hofmaler (6×)

Paintings: Q29903926 Q29906820 Q29964509 Q30057341 Q30057350 Q63106949

ellinor michel [MnM], normalised from: Ellinor Michel (1×); Ellinor (1939-2007) Michel (5×)

Paintings: Q47520237 Q47520417 Q47522697 Q47522821 Q47523568 Q47519022

heinz-wilhelm hinkes [MnM], normalised from: Heinz-Wilhelm Hinkes (6×)

Paintings: Q30071508 Q30074194 Q30079541 Q30086932 Q30088439 Q62409952

karol vágovits [MnM], normalised from: Karol Vágovits (6×)

Paintings: Q51194738 Q51196233 Q51208901 Q51232017 Q51232736 Q51232999

kunmanara bates [MnM], normalised from: Kunmanara Bates (NGV 2011.229) (1×); Kunmanara Bates (NGV 2011.228) (1×); Kunmanara Bates (4×)

Paintings: Q50393989 Q50393998 Q50396094 Q50400066 Q50394022 Q50394010

g.a.c. smith [MnM], normalised from: G.A.C. Smith (6×)

Paintings: Q28088843 Q28092246 Q28092726 Q28107455 Q62414729 Q62455063

timmy payungka tjapangarti [MnM], normalised from: Timmy PAYUNGKA Tjapangarti (6×)

Paintings: Q50745167 Q50745193 Q50745205 Q50745224 Q50745243 Q50745262

ulmer meister um 1460/65 [MnM], normalised from: Ulmer Meister um 1460/65 (6×)

Paintings: Q29951345 Q29951350 Q29952798 Q29952801 Q29953274 Q29957988

michiel jansz. van miereveldt [MnM], normalised from: Michiel Jansz. van Miereveldt (6×)

Paintings: Q52145313 Q52145314 Q52145321 Q52145326 Q52145327 Q52145330

maja ott [MnM], normalised from: Maja Ott (6×)

Paintings: Q30085395 Q30085616 Q30087517 Q62449053 Q30088014 Q30088234

c. andréa [MnM], normalised from: C. Andréa (6×)

Paintings: Q28088946 Q28089266 Q28090543 Q28092750 Q28096425 Q28110366

c. boendermaker [MnM], normalised from: C. Boendermaker (6×)

Paintings: Q28086440 Q28095739 Q28098049 Q28105230 Q62415994 Q62447685

manfred gräf [MnM], normalised from: Manfred (1928-2013) Gräf (6×)

Paintings: Q47520654 Q47520920 Q47522936 Q47523376 Q47523389 Q47523744

j. hoffmann [MnM], normalised from: J. Hoffmann (6×)

Paintings: Q28094764 Q28095339 Q28095779 Q61782089 Q61782081 Q61782077

j. van der stock [MnM], normalised from: J. van der Stock (6×)

Paintings: Q28087963 Q28088323 Q28095405 Q28104865 Q28105456 Q28107329

sean paul [MnM], normalised from: Sean Paul (Whitney P.2011.303) (1×); Sean Paul (5×)

Paintings: Q64532731 Q64533718 Q64533755 Q64533793 Q64533833 Q64532740

c g forrer [MnM], normalised from: C G (Atelier) Forrer (6×)

Paintings: Q50653973 Q50653989 Q50654004 Q50654021 Q50654036 Q50654053

ray ken [MnM], normalised from: Ray Ken (NGA NGA 2016.66) (1×); Ray Ken (NGA NGA 2014.2399) (1×); Ray Ken (NGA NGA 2013.687) (1×); Ray Ken (3×)

Paintings: Q20443323 Q50394256 Q50687680 Q50687793 Q50687714 Q50687751

j. cremer [MnM], normalised from: J. (1940-04-20) Cremer (6×)

Paintings: Q28090092 Q28100471 Q28111213 Q61783686 Q61783683 Q61783680

sesson shūkei [MnM], normalised from: Sesson Shūkei (6×)

Paintings: Q60465172 Q60465174 Q60465177 Q60474295 Q60475494 Q60493407

m.m.l. cuijpers [MnM], normalised from: M.M.L. Cuijpers (6×)

Paintings: Q28096071 Q28111272 Q61964942 Q61787883 Q61787880 Q61787876

manfred jäger [MnM], normalised from: Manfred Jäger (6×)

Paintings: Q29909467 Q29938031 Q30084821 Q30086069 Q30086072 Q30087091

samantha hobson [MnM], normalised from: Samantha Hobson (6×)

Paintings: Q50385316 Q50389603 Q50395423 Q50395593 Q50395603 Q50395647

russell hoban [MnM], normalised from: Russell Hoban (6×)

Paintings: Q47509749 Q47510162 Q47510854 Q47511966 Q47512205 Q47513017

roman painter [MnM], normalised from: Roman Painter (6×)

Paintings: Q50895044 Q50896813 Q50911692 Q50944223 Q50984749 Q50990827

guy renee billout [MnM], normalised from: Guy Renee Billout (6×)

Paintings: Q47508733 Q47509098 Q47509639 Q47509688 Q47512391 Q47513046

maria lalic [MnM], normalised from: Maria Lalic (6×)

Paintings: Q28553786 Q28553808 Q28553837 Q28553843 Q28553846 Q28553851

gunter jacob [MnM], normalised from: Gunter Jacob (SKD N 172/96) (1×); Gunter Jacob (SKD N 170/96) (1×); Gunter Jacob (4×)

Paintings: Q50335247 Q50335261 Q50336620 Q50337063 Q50336760 Q50336794

c. spermon [MnM], normalised from: C. Spermon (6×)

Paintings: Q28091170 Q28105248 Q28106419 Q28107367 Q28107742 Q61782107

s.c. schröder [MnM], normalised from: S.C. Schröder (6×)

Paintings: Q28090801 Q28091358 Q28093836 Q28097150 Q28102267 Q28103506

j. van meel [MnM], normalised from: J. van Meel (6×)

Paintings: Q28092332 Q28096208 Q62868911 Q61787624 Q61787620 Q28097728

c.h. van der heiden [MnM], normalised from: C.H. van der Heiden (6×)

Paintings: Q28087964 Q28092604 Q28095780 Q28104382 Q61788227 Q28105432

robert clark templeton [MnM], normalised from: Robert Clark Templeton (6×)

Paintings: Q47508805 Q47509845 Q47510410 Q47510602 Q47511286 Q47512218

martin tjampitjinpa [MnM], normalised from: Martin Tjampitjinpa (NGV 2008.502) (1×); Martin Tjampitjinpa (NGV 2007.366) (1×); Martin Tjampitjinpa (NGA NGA 2006.1083) (1×); Martin Tjampitjinpa (3×)

Paintings: Q20488230 Q50393264 Q50396412 Q50744577 Q50396417 Q50395697

r.j.p. van koningsbruggen [MnM], normalised from: R.J.P. van Koningsbruggen (6×)

Paintings: Q61784105 Q61784103 Q61784100 Q61784096 Q61784093 Q61784089

r.c. mogendorff [MnM], normalised from: R.C. Mogendorff (6×)

Paintings: Q61963702 Q61963745 Q61963746 Q61963748 Q61963750 Q61963751

djardie ashley [MnM], normalised from: Djardie Ashley (6×)

Paintings: Q50383883 Q50384798 Q50627433 Q50627444 Q50627456 Q50627474

botalatala bolofe bwailenge [MnM], normalised from: Botalatala Bolofe Bwailenge (6×)

Paintings: Q61965305 Q61965307 Q61965310 Q61965312 Q61965315 Q61965316

david corby tjapaltjarri [MnM], normalised from: David Corby Tjapaltjarri (6×)

Paintings: Q50744881 Q50744893 Q50744905 Q50744922 Q50744944 Q50744966

h.v.g. le fauconnier [MnM], normalised from: H.V.G. Le Fauconnier (6×)

Paintings: Q28089292 Q28092292 Q28095716 Q28105935 Q28110844 Q61965422

piotr wojtowicz [MnM], normalised from: Piotr Wojtowicz (6×)

Paintings: Q62471338 Q62472701 Q62513682 Q62518973 Q62519617 Q62523705

lieutenant robert strickland thomas [MnM], normalised from: Lieutenant Robert Strickland Thomas (6×)

Paintings: Q50856528 Q50868887 Q50876454 Q50899600 Q50912742 Q50912776

peter johnstone [MnM], normalised from: Peter Johnstone (NGA NGA 89.1289) (1×); Peter Johnstone (NGA NGA 89.1288) (1×); Peter Johnstone (NGA NGA 89.1287) (1×); Peter Johnstone (NGA NGA 89.1286) (1×); Peter Johnstone (2×)

Paintings: Q50406804 Q50682873 Q50683065 Q50683143 Q50682967 Q50682914

j.j. voskuil [MnM], normalised from: J.J. Voskuil (6×)

Paintings: Q28093945 Q28101225 Q28102056 Q28102484 Q28110489 Q61785083

peter bandjuljul [MnM], normalised from: Peter Bandjuljul (6×)

Paintings: Q50629056 Q50629079 Q50629101 Q50629124 Q50629148 Q50629169

peter george greenham cbe [MnM], normalised from: Peter George Greenham CBE, RA (6×)

Paintings: Q52138596 Q52138634 Q52138692 Q52138718 Q52138772 Q52303374

mirko milan [MnM], normalised from: Mirko Milan (6×)

Paintings: Q51177465 Q62505492 Q62521439 Q62522140 Q62522194 Q62536538

primus ugle [MnM], normalised from: Primus Ugle (6×)

Paintings: Q50748539 Q50748568 Q50748598 Q50748620 Q50748651 Q50748682

j.h. kiewiet de jonge [MnM], normalised from: J.H. Kiewiet de Jonge (Groninger 1929.0394) (1×); J.H. Kiewiet de Jonge (5×)

Paintings: Q26939825 Q26939826 Q26939829 Q26952180 Q26952197 Q26939828

johnston forbes-robertson [MnM], normalised from: Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (NT 781640.2) (1×); Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (NT 1118230) (1×); Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (4×)

Paintings: Q27971491 Q52272885 Q55430087 Q62427347 Q52272910 Q55430096

david milaybuma [MnM], normalised from: David Milaybuma (attributed To) (1×); David Milaybuma (NGV 2004.101) (1×); David Milaybuma (4×)

Paintings: Q50384509 Q50384747 Q50403615 Q50710773 Q50399614 Q50400604

m. lohman [MnM], normalised from: M. Lohman (6×)

Paintings: Q28086504 Q28088870 Q28101038 Q28105409 Q28105691 Q28110359

h.f. ten holt [MnM], normalised from: H.F. ten Holt (1×); H.F. ten (1884-01-29) Holt (2×); H.F. ten (1921-04-06) Holt (3×)

Paintings: Q28103394 Q28111214 Q28088000 Q28097308 Q28110123 Q61785404

dieter breitschwerdt [MnM], normalised from: Dieter Breitschwerdt (6×)

Paintings: Q29932590 Q30083201 Q30083797 Q30086156 Q30085307 Q30088143

ludwig w. großmann [MnM], normalised from: Ludwig W. Großmann (6×)

Paintings: Q29901923 Q29906438 Q62395390 Q62471935 Q62471963 Q62512282

h.g. gordijn [MnM], normalised from: H.G. Gordijn (6×)

Paintings: Q28090511 Q28090624 Q28094112 Q28095729 Q28106970 Q28107233

prince of wales [MnM], normalised from: Prince of wales (NGA NGA 2002.392) (1×); Prince of wales (NGA NGA 2009.547) (1×); Prince of wales (NGA NGA 2002.309) (1×); Prince Of Wales (NGV 1997.291) (1×); Prince Of Wales (NGV 1997.290) (1×); Prince Of Wales (1×)

Paintings: Q50402426 Q50402457 Q50402440 Q50730057 Q50730014 Q50730033

meister des marienlebens (nachfolge [MnM], normalised from: Meister des Marienlebens (Nachfolge (6×)

Paintings: Q29903003 Q29937295 Q29952992 Q29953160 Q29953164 Q29955087

j.g. van es [MnM], normalised from: J.G. van Es (6×)

Paintings: Q28091893 Q28093850 Q28107222 Q28110288 Q61782019 Q28104837

meister des dinkelsbühler marienleb [MnM], normalised from: Meister des Dinkelsbühler Marienleb (6×)

Paintings: Q29951181 Q29951185 Q29952711 Q29953420 Q29955825 Q29955828

pegleg tjampitjinpa [MnM], normalised from: Pegleg Tjampitjinpa (NGV 2012.150) (1×); Pegleg Tjampitjinpa (NGV 2012.147) (1×); Pegleg Tjampitjinpa (4×)

Paintings: Q50390421 Q50390424 Q50395210 Q50396474 Q50390429 Q50407691

south german painter [MnM], normalised from: South German Painter (6×)

Paintings: Q50887180 Q50901108 Q50912908 Q50941385 Q50986276 Q50986632

willy Ørskov [MnM], normalised from: Willy Ørskov (SMK KMS8808) (1×); Willy Ørskov (SMK KMS8801) (1×); Willy Ørskov (SMK KMS8800) (1×); Willy Ørskov (SMK KMS8798) (1×); Willy Ørskov (2×)

Paintings: Q48449627 Q48452354 Q48453743 Q48452549 Q48453267 Q48453213

f.h. vos [MnM], normalised from: F.H. Vos (6×)

Paintings: Q28086407 Q28090041 Q28092746 Q28096594 Q28101072 Q28106591

john walters of denbigh [MnM], normalised from: John Walters of Denbigh (6×)

Paintings: Q52157886 Q52157889 Q52157890 Q52157893 Q52157894 Q52157895

jim stanley [MnM], normalised from: Jim Stanley (6×)

Paintings: Q50735861 Q50735881 Q50735896 Q50735913 Q50735927 Q50735945

james iyuna [MnM], normalised from: James Iyuna (6×)

Paintings: Q50384097 Q50384393 Q50384987 Q50676687 Q50676737 Q50676775

jeannie egan [MnM], normalised from: Jeannie Egan (NGA NGA 92.1572.4) (1×); Jeannie Egan (NGA NGA 92.1572.3) (1×); Jeannie Egan (NGA NGA 92.1572.2) (1×); Jeannie Egan (NGA NGA 92.1572.1) (1×); Jeannie Egan (2×)

Paintings: Q50652329 Q50652418 Q50652342 Q50652362 Q50652378 Q50652401

copy after jan van huchtenburgh [MnM], normalised from: Copy after Jan van Huchtenburgh (6×)

Paintings: Q28033912 Q28033913 Q28033914 Q28033916 Q28033917 Q28033919

jean-bapiste greuze [MnM], normalised from: Jean-Bapiste Greuze (6×)

Paintings: Q52250148 Q52301159 Q52301178 Q52301189 Q52301202 Q52301211

jan griffier d. Ä [MnM], normalised from: Jan Griffier d. Ä (6×)

Paintings: Q29937302 Q29937965 Q30093944 Q30094853 Q30098005 Q30098190

jan griffier the elder [MnM], normalised from: Jan Griffier the Elder (2×); Jan Griffier the elder (4×)

Paintings: Q28024939 Q64541479 Q52141935 Q52216941 Q52285421 Q52286209

a. pirsch [MnM], normalised from: A. Pirsch (6×)

Paintings: Q28091140 Q28099983 Q28102826 Q28104610 Q28111180 Q61787427

f. hakkaart [MnM], normalised from: F. Hakkaart (6×)

Paintings: Q28087901 Q28094752 Q28094974 Q28095313 Q28100709 Q28101445

joseph wright of derby, ara [MnM], normalised from: Joseph Wright of Derby, ARA (6×)

Paintings: Q52147221 Q52153011 Q52153014 Q52156708 Q52229424 Q52272800

yang yisun [MnM], normalised from: Yang Yisun (CMA 1999.174.5) (1×); Yang Yisun (CMA 1999.174.6) (1×); Yang Yisun (CMA 1999.174.4) (1×); Yang Yisun (CMA 1999.174.3) (1×); Yang Yisun (CMA 1999.174.1) (1×); Yang Yisun (1×)

Paintings: Q60477729 Q60477732 Q60477738 Q60477742 Q60477745 Q60477748

constance c. richardson [MnM], normalised from: Constance C. Richardson (6×)

Paintings: Q64576687 Q64578277 Q64578463 Q64578543 Q64578558 Q64578994

w.m.h. pantus [MnM], normalised from: W.M.H. Pantus (6×)

Paintings: Q28094588 Q28096287 Q28096428 Q28100027 Q28105541 Q61786023

f.f.a. klein [MnM], normalised from: F.F.A. Klein (6×)

Paintings: Q28091340 Q28096353 Q28098112 Q28101032 Q28107258 Q28110199

julie dowling [MnM], normalised from: Julie Dowling (6×)

Paintings: Q50650516 Q50650535 Q50650556 Q50650575 Q50650597 Q50650618

curly bardkadubbu [MnM], normalised from: Curly Bardkadubbu (NGV O.140-1990) (1×); Curly Bardkadubbu (NGV 2004.106) (1×); Curly Bardkadubbu (4×)

Paintings: Q50383706 Q50383869 Q50384903 Q50402196 Q50399594 Q50414335

a.b. wagemaker [MnM], normalised from: A.B. Wagemaker (6×)

Paintings: Q28090998 Q28092480 Q28095583 Q28096169 Q28106645 Q28106877

w. soewarno [MnM], normalised from: W. Soewarno (6×)

Paintings: Q28091656 Q28095090 Q28105890 Q28093389 Q28106776 Q28097604

a.j.p. levolger [MnM], normalised from: A.J.P. Levolger (6×)

Paintings: Q61782874 Q61782875 Q61782876 Q61782877 Q61782879 Q61782881

morten thrane brünnich [MnM], normalised from: Morten Thrane (?) Brünnich (1×); Morten Thrane Brünnich (4×)

Paintings: Q61747317 Q27966958 Q61745183 Q61745203 Q61745204

paul b. travis [MnM], normalised from: Paul B. Travis (5×)

Paintings: Q60465967 Q60482473 Q60482836 Q60514408 Q60514868

jampalwarnu paddy japaljarri gibson [MnM], normalised from: Jampalwarnu Paddy Japaljarri Gibson (NGV O.52-1989) (1×); Jampalwarnu Paddy Japaljarri Gibson (4×)

Paintings: Q50383610 Q50383613 Q50383750 Q50384282 Q50384421

majster tabule svätého juraja [MnM], normalised from: Majster tabule svätého Juraja (5×)

Paintings: Q51201698 Q51202210 Q51202508 Q51202790 Q51285070

m. brandenburg [MnM], normalised from: M. Brandenburg (5×)

Paintings: Q28089279 Q28097296 Q28101907 Q28104689 Q28106204

werner reifarth [MnM], normalised from: Werner (1919-1977) Reifarth (2×); Werner Reifarth (3×)

Paintings: Q47520797 Q47523579 Q50332671 Q50333834 Q50334601

luis gowland moreno [MnM], normalised from: Luis Gowland Moreno (5×)

Paintings: Q27951094 Q27951096 Q27951097 Q27951100 Q27951101

j.f. van den berg [MnM], normalised from: J.F. van den (1918-05-29) Berg (1×); J.F. van den (1939-07-14) Berg (4×)

Paintings: Q28105292 Q28088757 Q28092234 Q62082327 Q62082436

j.a. goedhart [MnM], normalised from: J.A. Goedhart (5×)

Paintings: Q28087520 Q28090296 Q28091060 Q28101843 Q28105514

allen hirsch [MnM], normalised from: Allen Hirsch (5×)

Paintings: Q47509740 Q47510583 Q47510766 Q47512670 Q47513109

madigan thomas [MnM], normalised from: Madigan Thomas (NGV O.110-1991) (1×); Madigan Thomas (4×)

Paintings: Q50383578 Q50384434 Q50384675 Q50384937 Q50384781

j.c. tiele [MnM], normalised from: J.C. Tiele (5×)

Paintings: Q28091158 Q28094138 Q28103783 Q61782863 Q62415119

ana weiss de rossi [MnM], normalised from: Ana Weiss de Rossi (5×)

Paintings: Q27955131 Q27955132 Q27955134 Q27955135 Q27955136

j.a. worst [MnM], normalised from: J.A. (1953-07-29) Worst (5×)

Paintings: Q28088963 Q28092050 Q28107026 Q28105512 Q28103139

zuzana katarzyna kud [MnM], normalised from: Zuzana Katarzyna Kud (5×)

Paintings: Q51174532 Q51174632 Q51174786 Q51174905 Q51174936

wendy stavrianos [MnM], normalised from: Wendy Stavrianos (5×)

Paintings: Q50385177 Q50736007 Q50736015 Q50736027 Q50736037

m.d. geijs [MnM], normalised from: M.D. Geijs (5×)

Paintings: Q28086588 Q28090746 Q28090877 Q28091374 Q28110139

m.b.h.a.k. de vries [MnM], normalised from: M.B.H.A.K. de Vries (5×)

Paintings: Q28095455 Q28096988 Q28100941 Q28103621 Q28106616

johann christian mattarnovi [MnM], normalised from: Johann Christian Mattarnovi (5×)

Paintings: Q27965546 Q27965891 Q27966327 Q27970673 Q27978634

shaun gladwell [MnM], normalised from: Shaun Gladwell (5×)

Paintings: Q50665515 Q50665537 Q50665567 Q50665590 Q50665617

c.p. damsté [MnM], normalised from: C.P. Damsté (5×)

Paintings: Q61788376 Q61788374 Q61781956 Q61781953 Q61781950

j.a. de jonge [MnM], normalised from: J.A. de Jonge (5×)

Paintings: Q28093453 Q28090847 Q28103498 Q28092987 Q61781143

františek belopotocký [MnM], normalised from: František Belopotocký (5×)

Paintings: Q50668154 Q51183932 Q51201182 Q51201361 Q51298840

balu soma mashe [MnM], normalised from: Balu soma mashe (5×)

Paintings: Q50628938 Q50628955 Q50628978 Q50628996 Q50629018

walipuru [MnM], normalised from: Walipuru (5×)

Paintings: Q50750995 Q50751017 Q50751034 Q50751054 Q50751075

alexander gallaway [MnM], normalised from: Alexander Gallaway (5×)

Paintings: Q46969806 Q46977148 Q46977234 Q46989871 Q46990189

taracarijimo freda warlapinni [MnM], normalised from: Taracarijimo Freda Warlapinni (NGV 1998.348) (1×); Taracarijimo Freda Warlapinni (NGV 1998.327) (1×); Taracarijimo Freda Warlapinni (3×)

Paintings: Q20489087 Q20489091 Q50395822 Q50402002 Q50401991

t.f. goedvrind [MnM], normalised from: T.F. Goedvrind (5×)

Paintings: Q28089695 Q28094045 Q28096396 Q28101472 Q28103927

paddy jupurrurla nelson [MnM], normalised from: Paddy Jupurrurla nelson (1×); Paddy Jupurrurla Nelson (4×)

Paintings: Q50385041 Q50390324 Q50398168 Q50399785 Q50683817

gela nga-mirraitja fordham wainburranga [MnM], normalised from: Gela Nga-Mirraitja Fordham wainburranga (5×)

Paintings: Q50653872 Q50653895 Q50653918 Q50653938 Q50653957

a.g.j. mantje [MnM], normalised from: A.G.J. Mantje (5×)

Paintings: Q28095367 Q28101812 Q61783764 Q61783760 Q61783757

walangkura reid napurrurla [MnM], normalised from: Walangkura Reid Napurrurla (5×)

Paintings: Q50395347 Q50396492 Q50396498 Q50397332 Q50400272

wakartu cory surprise [MnM], normalised from: Wakartu Cory Surprise (5×)

Paintings: Q20487905 Q50389857 Q50393776 Q50393786 Q50394854

james fardoulys [MnM], normalised from: James Fardoulys (5×)

Paintings: Q20442007 Q50652856 Q50652871 Q50652886 Q50652898

d. schulman [MnM], normalised from: D. Schulman (5×)

Paintings: Q28087886 Q28089214 Q28093052 Q61781291 Q61781303

g.l. gabriel-thieler [MnM], normalised from: G.L. Gabriel-Thieler (5×)

Paintings: Q47518974 Q47522561 Q47523220 Q47523351 Q47523946

j.k. kuster [MnM], normalised from: J.K. Kuster (5×)

Paintings: Q28088937 Q28093315 Q28095288 Q28097515 Q28100462

nancy henry ripijingimpi [MnM], normalised from: Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi (NGV O.95-1992) (1×); Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi (NGV O.46-1992) (1×); Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi (NGV O.45-1992) (1×); Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi (NGV O.43-1992) (1×); Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi (1×)

Paintings: Q50383788 Q50384151 Q50384153 Q50384463 Q50405791

the hon. elizabeth cust [MnM], normalised from: The Hon. Elizabeth Cust (5×)

Paintings: Q52146346 Q52146433 Q52146689 Q52146903 Q52194487

larrtjannga ganambarr [MnM], normalised from: Larrtjannga Ganambarr (5×)

Paintings: Q50383689 Q50383992 Q50384890 Q50403513 Q50405759

susan rankine [MnM], normalised from: Susan Rankine (5×)

Paintings: Q50385298 Q50385329 Q50731281 Q50731299 Q50731318

geoffrey graham [MnM], normalised from: Geoffrey Graham (5×)

Paintings: Q20442419 Q50667402 Q50667427 Q50667460 Q50667486

george garrawun [MnM], normalised from: George Garrawun (NGV 2002.240) (1×); George Garrawun (4×)

Paintings: Q50384800 Q50664588 Q50664611 Q50664639 Q50400624

probably lady margaret frances anne vane-tempest-stewart [MnM], normalised from: probably Lady Margaret Frances Anne Vane-Tempest-Stewart (5×)

Paintings: Q52239146 Q52239178 Q52239189 Q52239196 Q52239201

j.h. van amerongen [MnM], normalised from: J.H. van Amerongen (5×)

Paintings: Q28095360 Q28096001 Q28106638 Q28108391 Q61786034

sandy huffaker [MnM], normalised from: Sandy Huffaker (5×)

Paintings: Q47508880 Q47510355 Q47510764 Q47511147 Q47512070

neznámý malíř nizozemský [MnM], normalised from: neznámý malíř nizozemský (?) (1×); neznámý malíř nizozemský (4×)

Paintings: Q55410338 Q55412012 Q55414100 Q55416857 Q55411396

j.g. rubens [MnM], normalised from: J.G. Rubens (5×)

Paintings: Q28091007 Q28096055 Q28104780 Q28106241 Q61788056

j.g. van jole [MnM], normalised from: J.G. van Jole (5×)

Paintings: Q28090878 Q28091291 Q28098027 Q28105925 Q28107336

lorna napanangka [MnM], normalised from: Lorna Napanangka (5×)

Paintings: Q20468537 Q50389872 Q50396408 Q50720886 Q50720914

george barret the elder [MnM], normalised from: George Barret the elder RA (5×)

Paintings: Q52130258 Q52130277 Q52130715 Q52154634 Q52297414

style of sir anthony van dyck [MnM], normalised from: Style of Sir Anthony van Dyck (5×)

Paintings: Q28031674 Q28032084 Q28033927 Q50854503 Q50865253

su liupeng [MnM], normalised from: Su Liupeng (5×)

Paintings: Q49271433 Q49271477 Q58023786 Q64541659 Q64578532

a.f.m. van hemert [MnM], normalised from: A.F.M. van Hemert (5×)

Paintings: Q28091139 Q28101453 Q28106936 Q61964899 Q61964902

style of philips wouwerman [MnM], normalised from: Style of Philips Wouwerman (5×)

Paintings: Q28031637 Q28031649 Q28031657 Q28031679 Q28031703

lore wille [MnM], normalised from: Lore Wille (5×)

Paintings: Q30072771 Q30074267 Q30078579 Q62415359 Q62439524

j.h. van ieperen [MnM], normalised from: J.H. van Ieperen (5×)

Paintings: Q28090079 Q28096105 Q28096426 Q28096706 Q28097560

stefan scherer [MnM], normalised from: Stefan Scherer (5×)

Paintings: Q29920467 Q29946756 Q30088764 Q62916970 Q62942446

marc gröszer [MnM], normalised from: Marc Gröszer (5×)

Paintings: Q47519183 Q47522692 Q47522932 Q47523410 Q47523492

e.m. hooykaas [MnM], normalised from: E.M. Hooykaas (5×)

Paintings: Q28087869 Q28090308 Q28091159 Q28095070 Q28097479

ray bush [MnM], normalised from: Ray Bush (NGV O.82-1992) (1×); Ray Bush (NGV O.81-1992) (1×); Ray Bush (NGV O.80-1992) (1×); Ray Bush (2×)

Paintings: Q50384412 Q50403289 Q50384652 Q50384416 Q50384926

e.m.f. van roessel [MnM], normalised from: E.M.F. van Roessel (5×)

Paintings: Q28086595 Q28087048 Q28089865 Q28093443 Q28106151

hans christoph [MnM], normalised from: Hans Christoph (5×)

Paintings: Q50332775 Q50332797 Q50332841 Q50333241 Q50335108

maurice denis [MnM], normalised from: Maurice Denis (5×)

Paintings: Q60478465 Q61743598 Q64516656 Q64575071 Q66123168

max kopf [MnM], normalised from: Max Kopf (5×)

Paintings: Q55410552 Q55411975 Q55412538 Q55412840 Q55412970

e. strobos [MnM], normalised from: E. Strobos (5×)

Paintings: Q28105344 Q28106036 Q61782392 Q61782396 Q62414474

djirrirra wunungmurra [MnM], normalised from: Djirrirra Wunungmurra (NGA NGA 2013.4614) (1×); Djirrirra Wunungmurra (NGA NGA 2010.660) (1×); Djirrirra Wunungmurra (3×)

Paintings: Q50405774 Q50758171 Q50758196 Q50758229 Q50758272

djitjima ngalandarra wilfred [MnM], normalised from: Djitjima Ngalandarra Wilfred (NGV O.123-1991) (1×); Djitjima Ngalandarra Wilfred (NGV O.122-1991) (1×); Djitjima Ngalandarra Wilfred (3×)

Paintings: Q50383862 Q50384237 Q50384785 Q50384533 Q50384788

eberhard von der erde [MnM], normalised from: Eberhard von der Erde (5×)

Paintings: Q50338844 Q50338963 Q50339520 Q50341654 Q50343688

j. goeting [MnM], normalised from: J. Goeting (5×)

Paintings: Q61963729 Q61964540 Q61963740 Q61963736 Q61963732

master of the winkler epitaph [MnM], normalised from: Master of the Winkler Epitaph (5×)

Paintings: Q50900978 Q50950523 Q50978522 Q50978674 Q50987811

john held, jr. [MnM], normalised from: John Held, Jr. (5×)

Paintings: Q64574057 Q64574108 Q64574305 Q64574324 Q64574349

regine von chossy [MnM], normalised from: Regine von Chossy (5×)

Paintings: Q29905835 Q29906449 Q29921159 Q30085794 Q30087851

h. nahuijs [MnM], normalised from: H. Nahuijs (5×)

Paintings: Q28110283 Q61784731 Q61784717 Q61784682 Q61784669

djambu burra burra [MnM], normalised from: Djambu Burra burra (5×)

Paintings: Q50641228 Q50641244 Q50641266 Q50641281 Q50641303

max möbius [MnM], normalised from: Max Möbius (5×)

Paintings: Q50333456 Q50334278 Q50334403 Q50334900 Q50334984

meister des münchner kreuzigungsalt [MnM], normalised from: Meister des Münchner Kreuzigungsalt (5×)

Paintings: Q29952482 Q29953169 Q29953172 Q29955952 Q29955956

h.j. valk [MnM], normalised from: H.J. Valk (5×)

Paintings: Q28088933 Q28090192 Q28100519 Q28103200 Q28107665

priscilla ann siebert [MnM], normalised from: Priscilla Ann Siebert (5×)

Paintings: Q50333635 Q50333687 Q50333763 Q50333770 Q50337396

yala yala gibbs tjungurrayi [MnM], normalised from: Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi (5×)

Paintings: Q50384855 Q50384859 Q50395270 Q50396502 Q50398119

dina dejanac [MnM], normalised from: Dina Dejanac (5×)

Paintings: Q62471809 Q62514099 Q62526276 Q62533369 Q62535442

e. de vaal [MnM], normalised from: E. de Vaal (5×)

Paintings: Q28096145 Q28099826 Q61785812 Q61964790 Q61964793

previously attributed to adam-françois van der meulen [MnM], normalised from: Previously attributed to Adam-François van der Meulen (Royal Collection RCIN 406465) (1×); Previously attributed to Adam-François van der Meulen (4×)

Paintings: Q28033137 Q28043883 Q28044324 Q28044574 Q62600169

pál szász [MnM], normalised from: Pál Szász (Szépművészeti 70.5.B) (1×); Pál Szász (Szépművészeti 70.4.B) (1×); Pál Szász (Szépművészeti 70.3.B) (1×); Pál Szász (2×)

Paintings: Q50887094 Q50902994 Q50973103 Q50941925 Q50985970

e.e. content [MnM], normalised from: E.E. Content (5×)

Paintings: Q28089721 Q61964949 Q28107260 Q28096113 Q28102523

r.f.j. hefti [MnM], normalised from: R.F.J. Hefti (5×)

Paintings: Q28096318 Q28101456 Q28102290 Q28102647 Q61782067

r.g.r.c. deirkauf [MnM], normalised from: R.G.R.C. Deirkauf (5×)

Paintings: Q28086490 Q28098278 Q28100301 Q28100341 Q28104247

michael fullerton [MnM], normalised from: Michael Fullerton (5×)

Paintings: Q63170485 Q63170487 Q63170488 Q63170752 Q63170754

h.w.j. van woerden [MnM], normalised from: H.W.J. van Woerden (5×)

Paintings: Q28086476 Q28101433 Q28102649 Q28104915 Q28110228

michael eckle [MnM], normalised from: Michael Eckle (5×)

Paintings: Q30083580 Q30085402 Q30086812 Q30087590 Q30088295

john a. fraser [MnM], normalised from: John A. Fraser (5×)

Paintings: Q59503594 Q59522632 Q59543324 Q59543856 Q63149202

richard dunn [MnM], normalised from: Richard Dunn (5×)

Paintings: Q20441860 Q20441865 Q50385052 Q50406040 Q50651725

dhuwarrwarr marika [MnM], normalised from: Dhuwarrwarr Marika (NGA NGA 2008.678) (1×); Dhuwarrwarr Marika (4×)

Paintings: Q50384450 Q50384913 Q50703732 Q50703765 Q50703801

j. de bruin [MnM], normalised from: J. de (1945-02-07) Bruin (1×); J. de (1944-07-28) Bruin (4×)

Paintings: Q28091615 Q28092237 Q28103295 Q61781825 Q28096692

j. de haan [MnM], normalised from: J. de Haan (5×)

Paintings: Q28088093 Q28089986 Q28099499 Q28101059 Q61788197

zabolotsky, pyotr. 1842-not earlier than 1916 [MnM], normalised from: Zabolotsky, Pyotr. 1842-not earlier than 1916 (5×)

Paintings: Q61742521 Q61743248 Q61743909 Q61744695 Q61745777

harold cohn [MnM], normalised from: Harold Cohn (5×)

Paintings: Q64578049 Q64578356 Q64578431 Q64578441 Q64581090

christine west [MnM], normalised from: Christine West (NGV 2011.234) (1×); Christine West (NGV 2011.233) (1×); Christine West (3×)

Paintings: Q50393825 Q50393948 Q50393978 Q50393968 Q50393958

dellbrügge & de moll [MnM], normalised from: Dellbrügge & de Moll (5×)

Paintings: Q47519144 Q47523098 Q47523270 Q47523837 Q47523934

margita Štrbíková [MnM], normalised from: Margita Štrbíková (5×)

Paintings: Q51312588 Q51322507 Q51322658 Q51322681 Q62554093

will hicock low [MnM], normalised from: Will Hicock Low (5×)

Paintings: Q62589246 Q62590264 Q62590270 Q62590528 Q62590757

dean ellis [MnM], normalised from: Dean Ellis (5×)

Paintings: Q60515482 Q60515618 Q60515710 Q60515939 Q60516319

wilhelm schläger [MnM], normalised from: Wilhelm Schläger (1×); Wilhelm (1907-1990) Schläger (4×)

Paintings: Q47522501 Q47522703 Q47523346 Q47524057 Q47518905

c.j. romer [MnM], normalised from: C.J. Romer (5×)

Paintings: Q28095656 Q28104227 Q61788169 Q61788167 Q61788165

manfred mayerle [MnM], normalised from: Manfred Mayerle (5×)

Paintings: Q29902265 Q30081107 Q30081535 Q30085599 Q30086090

w.n.m. schouten [MnM], normalised from: W.N.M. Schouten (5×)

Paintings: Q28089702 Q28097885 Q61787758 Q61787753 Q61787750

peggy napangardi jones [MnM], normalised from: Peggy Napangardi Jones (5×)

Paintings: Q50400097 Q50400668 Q50401613 Q50407205 Q50407668

sacha newley [MnM], normalised from: Sacha Newley (NPG NPG.2005.52.3) (1×); Sacha Newley (NPG NPG.2005.52.2) (1×); Sacha Newley (3×)

Paintings: Q47513281 Q47513282 Q47513564 Q47513284 Q47513286

angus jones [MnM], normalised from: Angus Jones (5×)

Paintings: Q50385268 Q50385290 Q50683174 Q50683211 Q50683245

gunybi ganambarr [MnM], normalised from: Gunybi Ganambarr (NGA NGA 2010.1113) (1×); Gunybi Ganambarr (4×)

Paintings: Q50664025 Q50664054 Q50664082 Q50664114 Q50664152

hans schultze-görlitz [MnM], normalised from: Hans Schultze-Görlitz (5×)

Paintings: Q50330901 Q50333522 Q50333601 Q50333714 Q50334097

martin blättner [MnM], normalised from: Martin Blättner (5×)

Paintings: Q29932584 Q30084680 Q30086151 Q30087189 Q30087682

robert s. sloan [MnM], normalised from: Robert S. Sloan (5×)

Paintings: Q47509420 Q47509914 Q47511280 Q47512381 Q47512698

christopher pease [MnM], normalised from: Christopher Pease (5×)

Paintings: Q50395413 Q50396651 Q50728240 Q50728257 Q50728275

micky garrawurra [MnM], normalised from: Micky Garrawurra (NGA NGA 2005.21) (1×); Micky Garrawurra (NGA NGA 2005.19) (1×); Micky Garrawurra (3×)

Paintings: Q50664662 Q50664691 Q50664728 Q50664755 Q50664784

richard kozlow [MnM], normalised from: Richard Kozlow (5×)

Paintings: Q64578584 Q64581551 Q64581983 Q64583612 Q64585290

richard sparks [MnM], normalised from: Richard Sparks (5×)

Paintings: Q47509092 Q47510776 Q47512805 Q47512937 Q47513140

ignatia jangarra [MnM], normalised from: Ignatia Jangarra (NGV O.112-1991) (1×); Ignatia Jangarra (NGV 2003.330) (1×); Ignatia Jangarra (3×)

Paintings: Q50383649 Q50385003 Q50399958 Q50399965 Q50384843

robert siebenhaar [MnM], normalised from: Robert Siebenhaar (5×)

Paintings: Q29940359 Q30082011 Q30084695 Q30087783 Q62457057

ross crothall [MnM], normalised from: Ross Crothall (NGA NGA 83.3732) (1×); Ross Crothall (4×)

Paintings: Q50646396 Q50646407 Q50646420 Q50646441 Q50646460

ignatia djanghara [MnM], normalised from: IGNATIA Djanghara (NGA NGA 89.1836) (1×); IGNATIA Djanghara (NGA NGA 89.1835) (1×); IGNATIA Djanghara (NGA NGA 89.1834) (1×); IGNATIA Djanghara (NGA NGA 89.1833) (1×); IGNATIA Djanghara (1×)

Paintings: Q50649309 Q50649340 Q50649387 Q50649358 Q50649407

c. van domburg [MnM], normalised from: C. van Domburg (5×)

Paintings: Q61787801 Q61787797 Q61787746 Q61787743 Q62415647

ronald n. sherr [MnM], normalised from: Ronald N. Sherr (5×)

Paintings: Q47508764 Q47509378 Q47510313 Q47513591 Q49264824

j. nieweg [MnM], normalised from: J. Nieweg (5×)

Paintings: Q28095406 Q28096763 Q28103504 Q28104810 Q28108123

derek o'connor [MnM], normalised from: Derek O'connor (5×)

Paintings: Q50406054 Q50725954 Q50725974 Q50725989 Q50726005

sandra nampitjinpa [MnM], normalised from: Sandra Nampitjinpa (5×)

Paintings: Q50719117 Q50719145 Q50719170 Q50719194 Q50719215

m. felius [MnM], normalised from: M. Felius (5×)

Paintings: Q28089168 Q28096914 Q28097376 Q28098143 Q28110774

charles callins [MnM], normalised from: Charles Callins (5×)

Paintings: Q50641881 Q50641901 Q50641923 Q50641943 Q50641961

ján triaška [MnM], normalised from: Ján Triaška (5×)

Paintings: Q51170999 Q51239723 Q51240058 Q55417958 Q55418046

charles eamer kempe [MnM], normalised from: Charles Eamer Kempe (5×)

Paintings: Q55431339 Q55431341 Q55431343 Q55431346 Q62471065

karl heinz feyen [MnM], normalised from: Karl Heinz (1926-1991) Feyen (5×)

Paintings: Q47520594 Q47522828 Q47523550 Q47523642 Q47523694

g. de jong [MnM], normalised from: G. de (1886-03-08) Jong (5×)

Paintings: Q28087085 Q28089083 Q28090895 Q28094616 Q28095466

kerrie poliness [MnM], normalised from: Kerrie Poliness (NGV DC32-1992) (1×); Kerrie Poliness (NGV DC31-1992) (1×); Kerrie Poliness (NGV DC30-1992) (1×); Kerrie Poliness (NGV DC29-1992) (1×); Kerrie Poliness (1×)

Paintings: Q50385206 Q50385249 Q50385227 Q50385222 Q50385209

kisan dama shelar [MnM], normalised from: Kisan dama shelar (NGA NGA 2011.788) (1×); Kisan dama shelar (NGA NGA 2011.787) (1×); Kisan dama shelar (NGA NGA 2011.786) (1×); Kisan dama shelar (2×)

Paintings: Q50688581 Q50688711 Q50688617 Q50688677 Q50688647

w.a. van konijnenburg [MnM], normalised from: W.A. van Konijnenburg (5×)

Paintings: Q28092501 Q28104415 Q61965184 Q61965187 Q61965190

dula ngurruwuthun [MnM], normalised from: DULA Ngurruwuthun (2×); Dula Ngurruwuthun (3×)

Paintings: Q50722856 Q50722892 Q50383981 Q50384830 Q50402140

w.b. van heusden [MnM], normalised from: W.B. van Heusden (5×)

Paintings: Q61964543 Q61964545 Q61964547 Q61964550 Q61964553

nikolay sverchkov [MnM], normalised from: Nikolay (?) Sverchkov (2×); Nikolay Sverchkov (3×)

Paintings: Q61743086 Q61743257 Q61743004 Q61743962 Q61744224

karl erich schaefer [MnM], normalised from: Karl Erich Schaefer (5×)

Paintings: Q50332170 Q50334043 Q50334294 Q50334935 Q50335296

abie jangala [MnM], normalised from: Abie Jangala (5×)

Paintings: Q50384504 Q50384507 Q50385023 Q50680395 Q50680481

toulu hassani [MnM], normalised from: Toulu Hassani (5×)

Paintings: Q62864863 Q62865271 Q62865366 Q62946942 Q62972825

abhayatilakagani [MnM], normalised from: Abhayatilakagani (5×)

Paintings: Q60471783 Q60471794 Q60471805 Q60471819 Q60471831

old mick walankari tjakamarra [MnM], normalised from: Old Mick Walankari Tjakamarra (5×)

Paintings: Q50744417 Q50744427 Q50744444 Q50744453 Q50744458

Ľudovít lukáč [MnM], normalised from: Ľudovít Lukáč (5×)

Paintings: Q51188819 Q51279485 Q51279786 Q51279989 Q51280420

aileen henry [MnM], normalised from: Aileen Henry (NGV O.69-1992) (1×); Aileen Henry (NGV 1995.631) (1×); Aileen Henry (3×)

Paintings: Q50384096 Q50384248 Q50403280 Q50403285 Q50384666

k. niehaus [MnM], normalised from: K. Niehaus (5×)

Paintings: Q28087484 Q28088236 Q28089291 Q28094285 Q28097305

copy after baron heinrich von angeli [MnM], normalised from: Copy after Baron Heinrich von Angeli (5×)

Paintings: Q28032123 Q28032134 Q28032135 Q28032561 Q28044485

g.e.h. veenhuizen [MnM], normalised from: G.E.H. Veenhuizen (5×)

Paintings: Q28093432 Q28095648 Q28095689 Q28096209 Q28096259

w.a.m. van lieshout [MnM], normalised from: W.A.M. van Lieshout (5×)

Paintings: Q28089769 Q28091848 Q28095437 Q28105492 Q28098637

unbekannt [MnM], normalised from: Unbekannt (5×)

Paintings: Q62512061 Q62916894 Q62923882 Q63106558 Q62414848

alan magee [MnM], normalised from: Alan Magee (5×)

Paintings: Q47509296 Q47510414 Q47510529 Q47512325 Q47512879

nyalalkaya jimmy alalkaya [MnM], normalised from: Nyalalkaya Jimmy Alalkaya (NGV O.92-1990) (1×); Nyalalkaya Jimmy Alalkaya (4×)

Paintings: Q50384156 Q50384161 Q50400598 Q50407853 Q50384709

jürgen walter müller [MnM], normalised from: Jürgen Walter Müller (5×)

Paintings: Q30082652 Q30082654 Q30084911 Q30086292 Q30084914

dana sochorová [MnM], normalised from: Dana Sochorová (5×)

Paintings: Q51190133 Q51191025 Q51191729 Q51191937 Q51287062

Štefan balázs [MnM], normalised from: Štefan Balázs (5×)

Paintings: Q51182785 Q51182855 Q51183126 Q51200976 Q51204449

w.h. woerden [MnM], normalised from: W.H. Woerden (5×)

Paintings: Q28090460 Q28092725 Q28095335 Q28102017 Q28104723

ulmer meister von 1504 [MnM], normalised from: Ulmer Meister von 1504 (5×)

Paintings: Q29951259 Q29952604 Q29953505 Q29954228 Q29955759

a.w. eikelenboom [MnM], normalised from: A.W. Eikelenboom (5×)

Paintings: Q28091594 Q28106422 Q61782266 Q61782301 Q61782338

jai ram [MnM], normalised from: Jai Ram (1×); Jai Ram (attributed To) (4×)

Paintings: Q50387124 Q50385730 Q50385735 Q50387121 Q50387287

charles françois genier de lacroix, called lacroix de marseille [MnM], normalised from: Charles François Genier de Lacroix, called Lacroix de Marseille (5×)

Paintings: Q52248930 Q55431183 Q55431190 Q55431193 Q62470679

End of list.