“mstools” by MisterSynergy

Preamble: beta status

This is a relatively fresh tool page on Wikimedia’s Tool Labs server.

In the past years, I have regulary used a bunch of different self-developed scripts to make many of my edits actually possible. I ran these scripts on a local webserver, which is rather inefficient for several reasons. Since their functionality might be interesting for other users as well, I now decided to move to Wikimedia’s Tool Labs server instead.

However, I expect that most of my scripts need an entire re-write, thus it will take some time until something useful is available here. I am also new here on Tool Labs, thus there are a couple of things to learn in the beginning. Stay tuned! —MisterSynergy

Available tools

Based on a given category in a Wikimedia project, you can list all redirects to articles within that category, including subcategories. This lets you evaluate the usage of redirects with a given topical area.
If you ever wanted to know which authors have been being active in a given topical area, this is your tool. You will need to give a root category, this tool lists all involved users according to their amount of contributions.


I am known as MisterSynergy at German Wikipedia (and some other Wikimedia projects). Feel free to use German or English tongue to get in contact with me on my talk page.