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Alley in downtown Vancouver (29722428276).jpg
Along Highway 17 shoulders and bike paths on way to Tsawwassen Ferry (29091198764).jpg
Also looked down on it from Burrard Street Bridge (7735481682).jpg
Another trail through the wetlands along west side of Pitt River (7735900616).jpg
Appetizer to the main parade was the Dyke March through that same park on Commercial (7735437666).jpg
At base of old BC Hydro Building on Burrard Street. (29758106665).jpg
Beachgrass along bike path near Canada Place Convention Center (14668917930).jpg
Bike - pedestrian lane of Cambie Street Bridge, can be like paradise (4748015878).jpg
Bike rental station near Vancouver Public Library (29675880901).jpg
Biking back across north arm of Fraser River (29133642493).jpg
Canada's maple leaf flag flying from Tsawwassen Ferry (29093000523).jpg
Canada Line Skytrain bridge over north fork of Fraser River between Richmond and Vancouver, BC. (4748014992).jpg
Cargo seen from south approach to Alex Fraser Bridge (4747369859).jpg
Crossed into Canada as if going to Vancouver, then headed for Tsawwassen Ferry (1769327598).jpg
Crossing First Avenue Bridge over switchyard (7735441272).jpg
Crossing under highway across from Vancouver Airport (29646792232).jpg
Dancing at Celebrities during 2014 gay pride (14855496425).jpg
Doors of Knowledge, Patrick Hughes (4692748056).jpg
Fast forward on the Canada Line Skytrain to get to Richmond for riding along another bike trail (29466040660).jpg
Fringe location shot 02 20 2011.jpg
Getting up close (3250083292).jpg
Grouse Mountain lift, Vancouver, BC (3571051331).jpg
Headed south back to Bellingham along Golden Ears Bridge (7735901518).jpg
Hoping I have lots of time (29133069443).jpg
I stayed at motel in Surrey, but rode on into Vancouver to explore Central Valley Greenway (7735424896).jpg
I visited Richmond City Hall to use the restroom. (29676685761).jpg
Just before reentering US (4748017222).jpg
Lamps inside Prophouse Cafe where faerie group usually meets when not meeting in park (7735434852).jpg
Many fountains in downtown Vancouver (29132971573).jpg
Marine Building downtown Vancouver (29646115762).jpg
Mmmm chicken (3587913059).jpg
Near BC Place (7735444778).jpg
Near BC Place Stadium (29466048800).jpg
Near King George Skytrain Station in Surrey, BC (29466237860).jpg
One can watch activity at Vancouver Airport from north part of West Dyke Trail in Richmond, BC. (29758837175).jpg
Palm trees and flowers along English Bay. Vancouver, BC. (29466195950).jpg
Paths near BC Place Stadium (7735442400).jpg
Rainbow crosswalks at Denman and Davie Streets in Vancouver (7735473550).jpg
ReLiveIt (5440537307).jpg
ReLiveIt On Granville (5442219229).jpg
Rode a little way along trail on east side of Pitt River (7735897496).jpg
Rode south as far as Steveston area (29676642661).jpg
Selfi I took at end of 2014 parade near Burrard Street Bridge (14670792338).jpg
Size doesnt matter (3247124181).jpg
Skytrain bridge across Fraser River (7735424000).jpg
Skytrain can make city look green (7735432536).jpg
Some friends of mine went to party for Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence (7735447554).jpg
Spiral bike path up to Golden Ears Bridge (7735893660).jpg
Summer Funnin.jpg
Terminal for railroad, Skytrain and Seabus (7735845016).jpg
The Crowd (2726994259).jpg
Then I went into the nightclub called Celebrities (7735483886).jpg
Tidelands along West Dyke Trail, Richmond, BC. (29131495944).jpg
Trampoline Show at Robson Square, Vancouver 2010 (4380746858).jpg
Walk and wait sign near Tsawwassen Ferry (29682316826).jpg
Walking past YMCA building on Burrard Street showing rainbow flag (7735800086).jpg
Wooden section of bridge where north bound bikes are ask to walk on sidewalk (29682275566).jpg
Category:Sunsets of Vancouver
36 52 - A good Friday (3708734038).jpg
At East Spanish Banks (4909183575).jpg
Crowd on the right (3456448611).jpg
Downtown YVR reflecting on Coal Harbor at sunset.jpg
Final Glow of Sunset over English Bay - panoramio.jpg
Final Light of Day at English Bay Beach - panoramio.jpg
Glow of the Sunset Over English Bay, Vancouver - panoramio.jpg
Granville St. Bridge (3606024823).jpg
Iona Beach Sunset (5692104158).jpg
Kits Beach August sunset.jpg
Kits Beach Sunset - panoramio.jpg
Kitsilano Beach Sunset.jpg
Lifestyle (2432868269).jpg
Lifestyle 3 (in HDR) (2441854929).jpg
New Brighton Sunset (2408793004).jpg
Rough Waters (33653835102).jpg
Sailing (26189743326).jpg
Sky Turns Red for Sunset over English Bay - panoramio.jpg
Spanish Banks Sunset (15276424686).jpg
Standout (2847169273).jpg
Sun Over Vancouver (15391814216).jpg
Sunset Family (25199546536).JPG
Sunset before the Celebration of Light, Vancouver (228454076).jpg
Sunset from English Bay, Vancouver - panoramio.jpg
Sunset from Hadden Park (5846564739).jpg
Sunset over Stanley Park from Coal Harbour, Vancouver - panoramio.jpg
The set - panoramio.jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (15).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (16).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (18).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (19).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (21).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (22).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (23).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (25).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (26).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (27).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (28).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (29).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (30).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (31).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (32).jpg
Vancouver, Canada - panoramio (34).jpg
Vancouver Celebration of Light (5965417311).jpg
Vancouver Sunset - panoramio.jpg
Vancouver at Sunset 2005.jpg
While there was sun (2409805052).jpg
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