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"Little Italy" or "Millionaires Row" (685679968) (3).jpg
115 and 117 F Street, NW (demolished) (1382621429) (3).jpg
1226 Vermont Avenue, NW (617068628) (3).jpg
1228 F Street, NW (demolished) (1205723891) (3).jpg
13th and F Streets, NW (demolished) (5223815640) (3).jpg
13th and G Streets, NW (demolished) (5268935229) (3).jpg
1417 Belmont St., NW (demolished) (4749348714) (3).jpg
1419 Clifton Street (still standing), 1909 (576911356) (2).jpg
1423 Harvard Street, NW (demolished) (562939748) (2).jpg
1462 P Street, NW (demolished) (583633645) (3).jpg
1604 Park Road, NW (altered) (1620140265) (3).jpg
16th St. & Park Rd., NW (demolished) (5278282968) (3).jpg
1719 Lamont St., NW (still standing) (4120077778) (3).jpg
1746-1764 Kilbourne Pl., NW (still standing) (5220917057) (3).jpg
17th St., NW between Kilbourne and Lamont (still standing) (581548837) (3).jpg
1800-1806 Kenyon Sts., NW (still standing) (4119198802) (3).jpg
18th & Lamont Sts., NW (still standing) (4119900456) (3).jpg
19th & Kenyon Sts., NW (still standing) (4119228254) (3).jpg
1st & E. Capitol Streets, NE (demolished) (3106053895) (3).jpg
2000 block of Park Rd., NW (still standing) (5269459554) (3).jpg
2526 14th Street, NW (demolished) (5218430645).jpg
2613 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (demolished) (743886788) (3).jpg
2715 14th Street, NW (demolished) (5218360831) (3).jpg
28th St. and Cathedral Ave., NW (still standing) (4748610577) (3).jpg
321-325 K Street, NW (demolished) (635487725) (3).jpg
3434-3438 Brown St., NW (still standing) (4120169286) (3).jpg
344 D Street, NW (demolished) (1278600965) (3).jpg
500 I Street, NW (still standing) (839811527) (3).jpg
706 Eleventh Street, NW (demolished) (1553432120) (3).jpg
805 G Street, NW (demolished) (1261276784) (3).jpg
904 F Street (demolished) (623841795) (3).jpg
904 New York Avenue, NW (demolished) (2038161863) (3).jpg
918 M Street, NW (demolished) (1278167259) (3).jpg
Ball House (demolished) (577428565) (2).jpg
Bank (still standing), 14th & U Streets (557263753) (2).jpg
Congressional Cemetery, 1904 (3116334868).jpg
DC SW Mile 2 Boundary Stone.JPG
Department of the Interior.JPG
Eleventh and G Streets, NW (demolished) (2207554494) (3).jpg
Fifteenth and H Streets, NW (demolished) (1581026354) (3).jpg
Firth-Sterling steel plant (demolished) (887016971) (3).jpg
Fourteenth Street, NW between Irving and Park (demolished) (592017930) (3).jpg
Fourteenth and C Streets, SW (demolished) (634957641) (3).jpg
Fourteenth and H Streets, NW (demolished) (663785551) (3).jpg
Fourteenth and K Streets, NW (demolished) (635198175) (3).jpg
G Street at Tenth, NW (demolished) (2206935631) (3).jpg
Galt House (demolished) (664589248) (2).jpg
Georgetown boathouse (demolished) (738876177) (3).jpg
Georgia Ave. & Rock Creek Church Rd., NW (2111486690) (3).jpg
Growing figs on Capitol Hill, 1905 (606695179) (3).jpg
Halls of the Ancients (demolished) (708410251) (3).jpg
Holt House (1458475549) (3).jpg
Industrial Home School for Colored Children (685025393) (3).jpg
James Clark (495193570) (2).jpg
Lyons Mill (demolished) (3131589846) (3).jpg
Merchants and Mechanics' Savings Bank on the NE corner of Tenth St. and Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.jpg
Morse Elm, ca. 1921. (899848994) (3).jpg
Nineteenth and E Streets, SE (demolished) (653784588) (3).jpg
Ninth and K Streets, NW (Convention Center site) (651769118) (3).jpg
Overgrown and littered, 1906 (575746674) (2).jpg
Playing in the cemetery, 1903 (557571473) (2).jpg
Rural Florida Avenue, ca. 1850 (2095849693) (3).jpg
Seventh and E Streets, NW (demolished) (2105220309) (3).jpg
Seventh and Water Sts., SW (demolished) (665301123) (3).jpg
Thirteenth and G Streets, NW (demolished) (664915137) (3).jpg
Thirteenth and H Streets, NW (demolished) (575799432).jpg
Treaty Oak, 1932 (899225620) (3).jpg
Tuberculosis Hospital (demolished) (2099085139) (3).jpg
Twelfth and G Streets, NW (demolished) (642781423) (2).jpg
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum after the shooting.jpeg
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum after the shooting.jpeg
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