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Welcome to RAMP

The Remixing Archival Metadata Project (RAMP) is a lightweight web-based editing tool that is intended to let users do two things: (1) generate enhanced authority records for creators of archival collections and (2) publish the content of those records as Wikipedia pages.

The RAMP editor can extract biographical and historical data from EAD finding aids to create new authority records for persons, corporate bodies, and families associated with archival and special collections (using the EAC-CPF format). It can then let users enhance those records with additional data from sources like VIAF and WorldCat Identities. Finally, it can transform those records into wiki markup so that users can edit them directly, merge them with any existing Wikipedia pages, and publish them to Wikipedia through its API.

Read more about RAMP in Code4Lib Journal. Download the source code from GitHub.

Watch RAMP demo videos:

Overview of the RAMP editor | Ingesting from WorldCat Identities | Ingesting from VIAF | Publishing to Wikipedia


Convert EAD Files into EAC-CPF or Import EAC-CPF Files

  1. 1. Place your files in the 'ead' folder in the RAMP root directory.
  2. 2. Click 'Import Files.' This will transform the EAD files into EAC-CPF records or import existing EAC-CPF records as-is, storing both original and newly created files in the RAMP database.
  3. 3. You may now use the RAMP editor to enhance and publish your records.

  4. Note: If you run this on a folder that already has files, it will look for new and changed EAC-CPF files. If files are changed, you will be presented with a 'diff' screen to merge changes.

Import Files

Some library data on this site is provided by WorldCat, the world's largest library catalog []

RAMP contains OCLC WorldCat information made available under the ODC Attribution License. The OCLC Cooperative requests that uses of WorldCat derived data contained in this work conform with the WorldCat Community Norms.


Batch Export EAC-CPF Records

After your first conversion you can export the resulting EAC-CPF records.

Export EAC-CPF Records