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Article List Generator

The Article List Generator makes it possible to search categories and compile article lists using different criteria. The query may consist of a one or more categories, the intersection or the difference of categories. The user is able to determine the depth of the search and a set of filters shown on the righthand side allows further refinement of the result. The combination of these filters is also possible. The result is displayed in the form of a list.

Language, Categories and Search Depth

Separate category titles using enter or tab key.

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RENDER is funded by the "Seventh Framework Programme" of the European Union.

The Supporting Tools are developed as a part of the RENDER Project by Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.
Development: Johannes Kroll (Backend), Kai Nissen (Frontend)

Two character language code

A list of category names separated by semicolons. Prepending a plus sign generates an intersection, prefixing the minus sign excludes the elements of the category.

Example: To generate the intersection of the categories "Software" and "Newsreader" while excluding articles within the category "Windows-Software" enter "Software; +Newsreader; -Windows-Software" into the category field.

Alternatively one can also check articles that have been registered on a watchlist. The syntax to do that is 'wl#Username,TOKEN' the token needs to be defined in the Wikipedia user account settings first. If you aren't already using a secure connection, we advise you to use it, since your token will be sent to the server.

Defines the recursion depth which is used to crawl the categories. A category depth of '1' will find all pages directly within the given category. The depth of '2' will additionally search the subcategories while the depth of '3' searches the subcategories of subcategories as well.

The number of found article pages are expected to grow exponentially if the recursion depth is raised, e. g. Biology:

The number of pages that need to be inspected for having a certain flaw is, however, influencing the execution time. The recursion depth should therefore not be set too high.

The recursion depth is applied to all given categories, i. e. the intersecting categories as well as the excluding categories.

The results can either be displayed as an HTML-Table or WikiText

By email
The results can also be sent by email, choosing this option requires to provide an email address. A field for entering the email address will appear when activating this option.

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