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The amounts of text written by the authors of a Wikipedia article can be visualized by WikiGini. It also illustrates these edits over the course of time.

For every revision of an article WikiGini determines the amount of words each author has written. These data are used to calculate the Gini Index as a measure of statistical dispersion. The result is displayed in the form of a graph that allows to determine whether the authors of a certain article are evenly distributed. It is also possible to see how the distribution of text by a number of authors has changed over time, e.g. when it changed from a relatively even distribution (every author wrote almost the same amount of content) to a very uneven distribution (a small number of authors wrote the majority of the text).


The example shows the graph for the Wikipedia article about Barack Obama. The Gini Index may range between zero and one. The lower this index is, the more even is the distribution of text per author. The higher this index gets, the more uneven the distribution gets. A score of zero means that each author wrote the same amount of words. A score of one indicates that only one author wrote the whole article.
By means of the buttons below the graph it is possible to either display the date or individual revisions at certain points in time. It is also possible to change pages back and forth. Moving the mouse over the graph, a popup window appears and shows details for a specific revision/a specific date. You can zoom in on the graph by selecting an area with the mouse.