MediaWiki namespace clean-up tool

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  1. FIXME: Doesn't work correctly for MediaWiki:Title/xx pages
  2. For large wikis it doesn't get all pages, since there is a limit
  3. Update 2012-12-23: Wikivoyage and Wikidata added

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Going to compare local message pages on to the default jv localisation (Allmessages; Allpages)

Doing basic query to check API availability ... (query) OK

Getting list of pages in MediaWiki namespace ... (query) OK

Getting content of these messages ... OK

Table of contents:


Local messages that have content that is identical to the default content (redundant; to delete):


List of custom messages identical to default (for deleting by bot):


No default

No default (either redundant because the message no longer exists, or locally-used custom messages):


Raw list:



Custom (should stay or can be transferred to MessagesJv.php file):


Array of translations made on local wiki (might be partially transferable to translatewiki/MessagesXx file):