MediaWiki namespace clean-up tool

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  1. FIXME: Doesn't work correctly for MediaWiki:Title/xx pages
  2. For large wikis it doesn't get all pages, since there is a limit
  3. Update 2012-12-23: Wikivoyage and Wikidata added

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Going to compare local message pages on to the default ki localisation (Allmessages; Allpages)

Doing basic query to check API availability ... (query) OK

Getting list of pages in MediaWiki namespace ... (query) OK

Getting content of these messages ... (query) OK

Table of contents:


Local messages that have content that is identical to the default content (redundant; to delete):


List of custom messages identical to default (for deleting by bot):


No default

No default (either redundant because the message no longer exists, or locally-used custom messages):


Raw list:



Custom (should stay or can be transferred to MessagesKi.php file):

deletereason-dropdown (TW.N)*Common delete reasons ** Author request ** Copyright violation ** Vandalism ** Nonsense* Common delete reasons ** Spam ** Vandalism ** Copyright violation ** Author request ** Broken redirect

Array of translations made on local wiki (might be partially transferable to translatewiki/MessagesXx file):

'deletereason-dropdown' => '*Common delete reasons
** Author request
** Copyright violation
** Vandalism
** Nonsense',