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Template:Mississauga Stheads2017-12-13 01:24:0710 hours, 0 minutesUnspecified
Draft:Tomer Zur2017-12-13 02:45:478 hours, 39 minutesUnspecified
Draft:Tandy Clinton Rice, Jr2017-12-13 04:06:197 hours, 18 minutesG05Banned user (G5)
User:Mason12132017-12-13 04:51:106 hours, 33 minutesU5Webhosting in userspace (U5)
One Way (Tamela Mann album)2017-12-13 04:53:256 hours, 31 minutesG06Housekeeping (G6)
List of taxa described from Alabama2017-12-13 05:54:265 hours, 30 minutesR2Cross-ns redirect (R2)
User:SJISE/sandbox/SJISE2017-12-13 07:07:094 hours, 17 minutesG07Author request (G7)
Chongqing Suburban Railways2017-12-13 07:39:393 hours, 45 minutesR3Implausible redirect (R3)
G07Author request (G7)
User:Omulindi/sandbox2017-12-13 08:12:263 hours, 12 minutesU5Webhosting in userspace (U5)
User:Bungafalevi2017-12-13 08:15:093 hours, 9 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
PinnacleWorks Infotech (P) Ltd2017-12-13 08:17:173 hours, 7 minutesA07Notability (A7)
User talk:Uusd2392017-12-13 08:17:573 hours, 7 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
Paras Chhadra2017-12-13 08:20:063 hours, 4 minutesA10Content fork (A10)
Draft:WOW Video Production2017-12-13 08:58:222 hours, 26 minutesG07Author request (G7)
Draft:List of countries by bordering countries2017-12-13 09:08:592 hours, 16 minutesG07Author request (G7)
MJ Marfori2017-12-13 10:14:201 hour, 10 minutesG05Banned user (G5)
Jannie Alipo-on2017-12-13 10:14:341 hour, 10 minutesG05Banned user (G5)
Tomer Zur2017-12-13 10:16:491 hour, 8 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
A07Notability (A7)
Draft:Monica Verallo2017-12-13 10:21:461 hour, 3 minutesG05Banned user (G5)
User:Residentialpackers2017-12-13 10:25:2159 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
Diana Nogombayeva2017-12-13 10:27:3657 minutesG08Orphaned dependent (G8)
Diana Zhantemirova2017-12-13 10:27:5857 minutesG08Orphaned dependent (G8)
Talk:Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia2017-12-13 10:30:5254 minutesG06Housekeeping (G6)
Draft:Bellagio-Harvard Guidelines on the Legal Parameters of Slavery2017-12-13 10:37:0647 minutesG12Copyvio (G12)
Talk:List of other notable roads in Toronto2017-12-13 10:48:3736 minutesG08Orphaned dependent (G8)
User:Rabs Developer2017-12-13 10:54:4030 minutesU5Webhosting in userspace (U5)
User:Hexmesh/sandbox2017-12-13 10:55:5229 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
User:Hexmesh2017-12-13 10:56:0328 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
Talk:Brazosport Christian School2017-12-13 10:56:0428 minutesG02Test page (G2)
User:Anthonysquarles2017-12-13 10:56:4828 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
User:Sureshlm/sandbox2017-12-13 10:57:5327 minutesU5Webhosting in userspace (U5)
User:Recosin2017-12-13 10:58:0726 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
User:BorchertLab2017-12-13 10:58:2826 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
OTT Solutions Private Limited2017-12-13 11:00:1124 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
A07Notability (A7)
User:SMART GROCERIES/sandbox2017-12-13 11:02:4822 minutesG11Advertising (G11)
User:ItsPugle2017-12-13 11:05:0219 minutesU1User-requested (U1)
User:Douglas Coldwell/Sandboxes/Sandbox 562017-12-13 11:20:414 minutesU1User-requested (U1)
User:Douglas Coldwell/Sandboxes/Sandbox 1112017-12-13 11:21:393 minutesU1User-requested (U1)
Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman2017-12-13 11:22:252 minutesA03No content (A3)
Magnet Networks2017-12-13 11:23:011 minuteG11Advertising (G11)