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2018-02-17 §
09:12<rxy>rxy@cvn-app8$ echo 'feedFilterUsersReg=1' >> /srv/cvn/services/cvnbot/CVNBot21/CVNBot.ini
2018-02-16 §
00:20<Krinkle>Revoked access to 'cvn' Wikimedia Cloud VPS project for 'sactage' and 'seahorseruler' users
2018-01-28 §
18:44<rxy>Setup CVNBot25 for #cvn-ko-scan @cvn-app9
18:32<rxy>rxy@cvn-app9:/srv/cvn/git/stillalive$ sudo chmod g+w -R .
18:02<rxy>rxy@cvn-app9:/srv/cvn/git/CVNBot$ sudo chmod g+w /srv/cvn/services/cvnbot/
18:01<rxy>rxy@cvn-app9:/srv/cvn/git/CVNBot$ sudo chmod g+w -R .
2018-01-16 §
21:54<rxy>"@cvn-app9:/srv/cvn/services/cvnbot/CVNBot16$ sudo chmod g+w Projects.xml" : error fixing when execute command "batchreload"
2018-01-06 §
16:52<Krinkle>Deploying https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/commit/6c60cd4bd1 to all bots on cvn-app8 and cvn-app9
2017-11-18 §
21:40<Krinkle>Deleting cvn-apache8 (replaced by cvn-apache9)
02:36<Krinkle>Shutdown now-unused cvn-apache8 instance. To be deleted later.
02:36<Krinkle>Switch cvn.wmflabs.org web proxy over to new cvn-apache9 backend.
02:14<Krinkle>Create and provision cvn-apache9 (Debian 9 Stretch) to replace cvn-apache8 (Ubuntu 14 Trusty)
2017-11-17 §
01:41<Krinkle>Deleting cvn-app6 instance
2017-11-15 §
01:20<Krinkle>cvn-app6 is now idle. Shutting down from Horizon. To be deleted next week.
2017-10-27 §
02:13<Krinkle>Moved CVNBot16 (with Console-js.msgs) to cvn-app9
2017-10-26 §
00:58<Krinkle>Voiced NewbieAudioVideo (Dispenser) in #cvn-sw
2017-10-25 §
22:26<Krinkle>Provisioning cvn-app9 (Debian Stretch) as [type=appserver] per https://github.com/countervandalism/infrastructure/blob/master/setup.yaml. To be replacemenet of cvn-app6 (Ubuntu Trusty)
2017-10-22 §
07:09<Krinkle>Created cvn-app9 (Debian 9) - will replace cvn-app6 (Trusty)
07:09<Krinkle>Shutting down cvn-app7 (unused, migrated bots to cvn-app8)
2017-10-16 §
20:56<Krinkle>Moved Cubbie to cvn-app8 and upgraded to 1.22.0-alpha
15:22<Krinkle>Moved CVNBot18 to cvn-app8 and upgraded to CVNBot v1.22.0-alpha
04:58<Krinkle>CVNBot1 (#cvn-wp-en) database maintenance: Purge bad 'users' table entries of names starting with - Ref https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/32
04:58<Krinkle>CVNBot12 (#cvn-wp-nl) database maintenance: Purge bad 'users' table entries of names starting with - Ref https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/issues/32
2017-10-13 §
18:33<Krinkle>moved CVNBot1 to cvn-app8 and upgraded to v1.22.0-alpha
17:54<Krinkle>CVNBot12 is now running v1.22.0-alpha on cvn-app8 (Debian 9, Mono 4)
2017-10-12 §
23:29<Krinkle>Disabling /etc/cron.hourly/cvn-collect-log on all servers
2017-10-11 §
00:55<Krinkle>Running experimental CVNBot version from https://github.com/countervandalism/CVNBot/commits/mono-4x on cvn-app8, in channel #cvn-sandbox. Discovering and fixing any issues as they come up.
2017-10-10 §
20:05<Krinkle>Created and setting up cvn-app8 (Debian 9)
20:04<Krinkle>Starting migration from Ubuntu 14 Trusty to Debian 9 Stretch - https://github.com/countervandalism/infrastructure/issues/13
2017-10-07 §
21:00<Krinkle>Ran sudo apt-get clean on cvn-apache8 to free up some space.
20:47<Krinkle>Sof-rebooting cvn-apache8
2017-08-17 §
18:06<Krinkle>Restarted servers to have them re-join #cvn-broadcast following the random K-like from freenode staff
2017-08-10 §
18:26<Krinkle>CVNBot12 won't restart. Has been in a once-a-minute restart loop for the past 24 hours (log: "IRC: Closing Link: (Connection timed out)")
18:19<Krinkle>CVNBot12 is online, but not in any channel. Process is running. Restarting..
2017-01-18 §
21:59<Krinkle>Restarting cvn-app7
20:59<rxy>"rxy@cvn-app7:~$ sudo mozroots --import --sync --machine --url http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/raw-file/tip/security/nss/lib/ckfw/builtins/certdata.txt"
20:58<rxy>"rxy@cvn-app6:~$ sudo mozroots --import --sync --machine"
18:18<rxy>setup CVNBot24 in cvn-app6
2016-11-28 §
19:25<Krinkle>Changed e-mail address of Clogger cvnwiki account from my personal gmail to cvn.admins@tools.wmflabs.org
2016-11-24 §
03:49<Krinkle>Fix cvndb-pull.cron permissions on cvn-apache8 (caused api to not get updated every 5 minutes)
2016-11-21 §
18:54<Krinkle>Deleted cvn-app5 instance
2016-11-19 §
01:54<Krinkle>[horizon.wikimedia.org] Retiring cvn-app5 (removing public IP, shutting down instance). To be deleted in a few days.
01:49<Krinkle>Restored CVNBot20 database from cvn-app5 (retired) to cvn-app7 (got corrupted in transfer somehow)
01:43<Krinkle>CVNBot20 database backup 2 days ago (Nov 16) also corrupt.
01:40<Krinkle>CVNBot20 database was corrupted for unknown reasons. Replaced with a copy of CVNBot14's database.
00:15<Krinkle>'sudo chmod 660 */CVNBot.ini' in /srv/cvn/services/cvnbot on cvn-app6 and cvn-app7
00:09<Krinkle>'sudo chmod 775 */CVNBot.exe */Lists.sqlite' in /srv/cvn/services/cvnbot on cvn-app6 and cvn-app7
2016-11-18 §
23:06<rxy_>rxy@cvn-app7 "sudo chmod g+w -R /srv/cvn/git/stillalive" for write permission of group members
23:05<rxy_>rxy@cvn-app6 "sudo chmod g+w -R /srv/cvn/git/stillalive" for write permission of group members
22:56<rxy_>rxy@cvn-app6 "sudo chmod g+w /srv/cvn/services/cvnbot" for write permission of group members