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2016-11-15 §
06:13<Krinkle>Creating and provisioning cvn-app7 (m1.large; ubuntu-14.04-trusty ) - replacement for cvn-app5 (m1.xlarge; ubuntu-12.04-precise)
06:00<Krinkle>Decom cvn-app4 (created 2014; ubuntu-12.04-precise) - all bots migrated to cvn-app6 (ubuntu-14.04-trusty)
06:00<Krinkle>Moving CVNBot23 from cvn-app4 to cvn-app6
05:55<Krinkle>Moving CVNBot9, CVNBot10, and CVNBot19 from cvn-app4 to cvn-app6
05:40<Krinkle>Moving CVNBot6, CVNBot7, and CVNBot8 from cvn-app4 to cvn-app6
05:17<Krinkle>Moving CVNBot3 from cvn-app4 to cvn-app6
2016-10-28 §
00:18<bd808>Testing logging to wikitech SAL via stashbot
2015-11-30 §
09:28<rxy>Setting up CVNBot21 in cvn-app5.
2015-11-28 §
19:35<rxy>Setting up Cubbie in cvn-app5.
2015-09-11 §
23:57<Krinkle>Restore localised messages (nl) for CVNBot12