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2018-06-07 §
15:04<reedy@deploy1001>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: (no justification provided) (duration: 00m 56s)
2018-04-18 §
23:35<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: New interwiki map for the six newest wikis (duration: 01m 17s)
16:42<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: sync! (duration: 01m 15s)
2018-03-13 §
12:04<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: T188537 (duration: 00m 57s)
2018-01-07 §
20:25<demon@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: auto-sync with my plugin was busted 🙃 (duration: 00m 50s)
2017-12-11 §
14:32<niharika29@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update the Interwiki map - T182506 (duration: 00m 56s)
2017-11-06 §
20:56<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update IW Map again (duration: 00m 46s)
20:04<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update IW map (duration: 00m 45s)
2017-10-05 §
13:11<ladsgroup@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Create amwikimedia (T176042) (duration: 00m 51s)
2017-09-25 §
11:45<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki map update (+hiwikivoyage and other changes previous month, T176572) (duration: 00m 46s)
2017-08-03 §
15:39<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update for 3 new wikis (duration: 00m 46s)
2017-07-12 §
12:54<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki map update (duration: 00m 46s)
2017-07-07 §
21:52<demon@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Updating interwiki cache, T169979 (duration: 00m 43s)
2017-06-22 §
23:11<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Add kbp.wikipedia to interwiki map (T160868) (duration: 00m 46s)
2017-06-14 §
21:36<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map for atjwiki T167714 (duration: 00m 44s)
2017-05-10 §
19:27<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki map update (disable __list sorting, T145337) (duration: 00m 41s)
2017-04-24 §
12:38<dereckson@naos>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: +dty +wmpt and other fixes (duration: 00m 48s)
2017-04-13 §
23:09<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: DMOZ, pa.wikisource and wb.wikimedia interwiki map update (duration: 00m 41s)
2017-03-06 §
18:03<demon@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Sync interwiki list, T159680 (duration: 00m 41s)
2017-03-02 §
00:37<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map (ref T159103) (duration: 00m 41s)
2017-02-03 §
00:17<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki map update (duration: 00m 40s)
2017-01-12 §
02:46<demon@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: T154225 (duration: 00m 38s)
2016-12-05 §
14:11<hashar@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map for fiwikivoyage - T152201 (duration: 00m 46s)
2016-11-17 §
19:07<krenair@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/322141/ (duration: 00m 50s)
2016-11-07 §
23:16<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map for vote. and ec.wikimedia ([[Gerrit:320308]]) (duration: 00m 47s)
2016-10-07 §
00:39<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki cache update for pmid, HTTPS links and olo.wikipedia.org (duration: 00m 50s)
2016-08-15 §
23:15<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map ([[Gerrit:304622]]) (duration: 00m 49s)
2016-08-04 §
23:12<dereckson@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Interwiki map update for tcy.wikipedia.org ([[Gerrit:303098]], T140898) (duration: 01m 05s)
2016-07-16 §
20:42<twentyafterfour@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: (no message) (duration: 00m 26s)
2016-07-13 §
04:20<legoktm@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Update interwiki map, make them HTTPS (duration: 00m 39s)
2016-07-11 §
15:32<thcipriani@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: SWAT: [[gerrit:298028|Update interwiki map]] (duration: 00m 28s)
2016-06-28 §
09:25<reedy@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Updated IW map (duration: 00m 49s)
2016-05-03 §
00:50<krenair@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/286552 - interwiki cache update including jamwiki, horizon, and other things (duration: 00m 26s)
2016-03-30 §
17:46<hoo@tin>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Sync changes on meta (duration: 00m 42s)
2016-02-12 §
17:55<krenair@mira>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/270327/ (duration: 01m 18s)
2016-02-10 §
20:21<demon@mira>Synchronized php-1.27.0-wmf.13/includes/interwiki/Interwiki.php: fix cache stuff (duration: 02m 18s)
2016-02-08 §
23:30<ori@mira>Synchronized php-1.27.0-wmf.12/includes/interwiki/Interwiki.php: ac6e170fa5: Fix-up for I5a979f047031e (duration: 01m 18s)
22:52<ori@mira>Synchronized wmf-config/missing.php: Ib5407c560: Update missing.php for interwiki.php (duration: 01m 18s)
22:51<ori@mira>Synchronized docroot and w: Ifd7fe8c3c: createTxtFileSymlinks.sh: drop interwiki.cdb; add interwiki.php (duration: 01m 21s)
21:51<ori@mira>Synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php: Ie9bdd77fb: Use interwiki.php on all wikis; delete unused interwiki.json (duration: 01m 19s)
21:23<ori@mira>Synchronized wmf-config/CommonSettings.php: Ib599f9984a: Add interwiki.php; use it on mw1017 & on labs (2/2) (duration: 01m 16s)
21:22<ori@mira>Synchronized wmf-config/interwiki.php: Ib599f9984a: Add interwiki.php; use it on mw1017 & on labs (1/2) (duration: 01m 20s)