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2017-08-18 §
20:21<legoktm>deploying https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/372222
2017-08-16 §
23:46<legoktm>reloading Zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/372208https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/371653https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/371757https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/371640
2017-08-15 §
17:57<bearND>Update mobileapps to 33b80dd (T172829T152441T172021T103362)
2017-08-14 §
09:46<TabbyCat>maurelio@deployment-tin:/srv/mediawiki/dblists$ expanddblist flow-computed > /home/maurelio/flow-test.dblist (to test expandblist for a patch I am working on)
2017-08-11 §
20:25<addshore>added mediawiki::maintenance::wikidata to deployment-tin
2017-08-07 §
15:11<thcipriani>restarting jenkins for plugin update
2017-08-06 §
13:28<TabbyCat>Ran mwscript extensions/WikimediaMaintenance/dumpInterwiki.php deploymentwiki on the beta cluster
2017-08-04 §
15:21<thcipriani>reloading zuul to deploy https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/370222/2
2017-08-03 §
12:02<hashar>Added integration-slave-docker-1004 to the pool of jenkins slaves - T150502
10:12<hashar>gerrit: marked wikimedia/communications/WP-Victor read-only and [ARCHIVED] - T107430
04:50<SMalyshev>update cherry-pick for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/299825/8 on deployment-puppetmaster02.deployment-prep.eqiad.wmflabs
2017-08-02 §
22:08<MaxSem>Running rebuildall.php on beta ruwiki
20:17<bearND>Update mobileapps to 2d8e8f6
11:31<hashar>Image snapshot-ci-jessie-1501673225 in wmflabs-eqiad is ready T169602
10:51<hashar>Image snapshot-ci-jessie-1501670727 in wmflabs-eqiad is ready - T169602
09:02<hashar>Regenerating Nodepool Jessie image from scratch to get rid of tox 1.9.2 installed under /usr/local - T169602
08:44<hashar>Image snapshot-ci-jessie-1501662758 in wmflabs-eqiad is ready - T169602
08:42<hashar>- T169602
08:32<hashar>Regenerating Nodepool jessie image to upgrade tox from 1.9.2 to 2.5.0 - T169602
2017-08-01 §
15:45<hashar>Image snapshot-ci-jessie-1501601670 in wmflabs-eqiad is ready && purging old instances T161861
15:44<hashar>Debug: Executing '/usr/bin/npm install -g npm@3.8.3' - T161861
15:34<hashar>Refreshing nodepool Jessie image to bump npm from 2.x to 3.8.x T161861
10:12<hashar>Stopped Zuul / CI for mass mediawiki extension changes
2017-07-28 §
21:11<MaxSem>Dropped table wikigrok_questions from beta enwiki
12:19<zeljkof>Reloading Zuul to deploy 47a07e06e5e348902a3cdc51cff9c2bed87ab6df
00:17<Krinkle>Testing job insertion on beta cluster from deployment-tin triggers PHP Notice: Undefined index: uuid in EventBus/JobQueueEventBus.php:102, PHP Notice: Undefined index: sha1 in EventBus/JobQueueEventBus.php:99
2017-07-26 §
21:35<Reedy>kill two long running update.php jobs on deployment-tin
13:39<zeljkof>Reloading Zuul to deploy 8787b4bbe75691e35792864434f8e09f3aaf6e53
12:04<zeljkof>Reloading Zuul to deploy 79781d8b08a6dbd4d2e2b5554fbb04154c0acf48
11:39<zeljkof>Reloading Zuul to deploy 723ab49039714ae2507ef43a94884de1a6bb347e
11:31<hashar>realign installed debian packages on integration-slave-jessie-1001 and integration-slave-jessie-1002 - T171724
09:25<hashar>deployment-tin deleting temporary l10n cache from July 19th 20:09 at /tmp/scap_l10n_3608512748 1.5G
09:24<hashar>deployment-cache-upload04 deployment-cache-text04 upgraded logster 0.0.10-1~jessie1 -> 0.0.10-2~jessie1 - T171318
2017-07-25 §
16:51<halfak>deploying ores 835d848T171505
2017-07-24 §
21:56<bearND>Update mobileapps to b608ec8
15:03<hashar>Added webperformance Jenkins slave https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/computer/webperformance/ with a single executor - T166756
14:57<hashar>recreating integration-webperf instance has simply "webperformance" Same 2CPU / 2GB RAM / 40G disk - T166756
14:57<hashar>recreating integration-webperf instance has simply "webperformance" Same 2CPU / 2GB RAM / 40G disk
14:40<hashar>Booting integration-webperf instance 2CPU / 2GB RAM / 40G disk. Intended to host webperformance long running jobs . T166756
11:02<hashar>Removing profile::swift::storage::labs class from deployment-ms-be03 and deployment-ms-be04 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174T171454
10:59<hashar>Removing class from deployment-trending01 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:54<hashar>Removing classes from deployment-sca02 and deployment-sca03 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:32<hashar>Removing profile::etcd from deployment-conf03 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:12<hashar>Removing role::mathoid from deployment-mathoid to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:09<hashar>Removing role::changeprop from deployment-changeprop to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:06<hashar>Removing role::ocg from deployment-mcs01 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
10:02<hashar>Removing role::mobileapps from deployment-mcs01 to let puppet run. Reapplying it after. - T171174
2017-07-21 §
14:55<hashar>Jenkins: upgraded Android Emulator plugin with https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/366253/ && https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/366484/ - T150623
14:12<hashar>added novaadmin to deployment-prep as a regular user. That lets MediaWiki OpenStack API list the instances T171280
13:56<hashar>Created github mirror repo https://github.com/wikimedia/wikibase-wikiba.seT171160