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2017-03-12 §
00:28 <AmandaNP> database fully migrated to utrs-database in full, no loss of data in transfer
00:27 <AmandaNP> production installs of pip, php-cli, php-mysql, python, python (mwoauth/httplib2)
00:26 <AmandaNP> -primary and seconary deleted
2017-03-11 §
14:32 <AmandaNP> install php on production
12:50 <AmandaNP> install apache2 on production
12:48 <AmandaNP> install/configure mysql-server on database
12:45 <AmandaNP> upgrade production/database software to latest versions
2017-01-26 §
05:24 <AmandaNP> create utrs-production and utrs-database
05:19 <AmandaNP> delete utrs-live and utrs-database per T156297