Denny Vrandečić
View the researcher profile for the Semantic Web researcher Denny Vrandečić. It shows his papers, co-authors, etc.
Technical University of Denmark
View the profile for an organization: People associated with the organization, their publications, the co-author patterns, etc.
View information about a venue, e.g., a scientific journal or scientific conference. Here, the NeuroImage journal, its recently published paper, authors, topics, citation pattern, etc.
Public Library of Science
View information about a publisher, here Public Library of Science, with, e.g., the journals it publishes.
Zika virus
View information about a topic, e.g. Zika virus, e.g., the authors or journals publishing on the topic.


Scholia can show multiple items together.

Technical University of Denmark and UCL
Compare two or more organizations. Here a comparison between two universities with collaborating researchers, number of publications and citations.
Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ruben Verborgh
Compare three Semantic Web researchers.


If you know the external identifier of a concept, then Scholia can make a lookup based on it:

Look up by Twitter username @utafrith. This will identify the London-based researcher Uta Frith and redirect to her Scholia page.
Redirect also works for organizations, here MIT Press
Lookup 0000-0001-7542-0286 that is identifying Egon Willighagen.
Redirect via GitHub username, here @vedina to Nina Jeliazkova.
Redirect via a DOI.
Redirect via VIAF identifier, here to Ben Feringa


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