Frequently asked questions

How can I add information to Scholia?
Scholia's information comes from Wikidata and the English Wikipedia, so you should add data there. Use the search page in Wikidata to examine if the data item you want to add is already in Wikidata. If not, add a new data item with the new item page on the Wikidata site.

There are a number of tools to ease editing Wikidata. If you want to include a scientific document in Wikidata and it has a DOI, PMID or PMCID identifier then you can use Magnus Manske sourcemd tool (you need a Wikidata account and authorize Manske's tool to edit in Wikidata). If you want to update some information about an author and the author has an ORCID profile with public works, Magnus Manske's sourcemd tool also efficiently adds papers and authorships to Wikidata.
Why is Scholia so biased and incomplete?
Scholia's data comes mostly from Wikidata and that data is not complete with respect to scientific articles, their authors, their citations and their annotations. Any scientometrics interpretation needs to keep in mind that the statistics might be severely biased.

The data entered in Wikidata are mostly setup from other databases, such as Pubmed Central and CrossRef. Works without DOI are less likely to be added to Wikidata because it is more difficult to automate the data entry. Most citations are also setup from other databases. Articles from publishers that do not release their citations, e.g., by participating in the initiative I4CO, are less likely to have their citations entered in Wikidata. Researchers without an ORCID iD and their works publicly available on the ORCID website are probably also less likely to be linked with their works on Wikidata. There are quite likely other serious biases in Wikidata.
How do I report a problem
Technical problems and similar are curated at Scholia's GitHub issue list. Use the search field to see if your problem is already listed or press "New issue" to make a new issue (you need to have an account on GitHub).

Content-related problems, e.g., wrong data, may be addressed by editing the underlying data in Wikidata.
Where can I read more about Scholia
The Wikidata:Scholia page on Wikidata presents Scholia briefly. Scholia, Scientometrics and Wikidata is our canonical scientific article about Scholia. It is based on the shorter article Scholia and scientometrics with Wikidata. The article Geospatial data and Scholia focuses on the geospatial aspects of Scholia.

Profiles based on Wikidata is a 8 minute Open Science Radio podcast with an interview of Daniel Mietchen where he gives an introduction to Scholia.

The Scholia video records a presentation with Finn Årup Nielsen from WikidataCon 2017, also introducting Scholia and demonstrates some website.
How do I cite Scholia
We suggest citing Scholia, Scientometrics and Wikidata, in LaTeX \cite{Q41799194}.

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