Siteviews Analysis URL Structure

To get the latest data on total pageviews of all pages on your wiki, with default options, use:

Parameters Can be used in any order

Valid projects separated by | characters. For example|
A special range to use instead of exact start and end dates. May be one of the following:
  • latest (default) The last 20 days of data
  • latest-N where N is a number. For example latest-30 will show the last 30 days of data
  • current The latest available day.
  • this-week This week
  • last-week Last week
  • this-month This month
  • last-month Last month
Start date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Omit this parameter and the end parameter to show the most recent data.
End date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, defaults to previous day.
Either pageviews (total page views) or unique-devices (number of unique devices that viewed the site)

When the source is pageviews:
One of: all-access (default), desktop, mobile-app, mobile-web

When the source is unique-devices or pagecounts:
One of: all-sites (default), desktop-site, mobile-site

Only applies when the source is pageviews.
One of user (human viewer, default), spider (search engine crawlers), or all-agents (user and spider)
Set to false to disable automatically setting the "Logarithmic scale" option