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Physical rehabilitation for older people in long-term care [ORCID]Jane Smith, John Green, Jo Hardy, Eileen Burns, Elizabeth Glidewell
Information provision for stroke patients and their caregivers [ORCID]Jane Smith, Allan House, Peter Knapp
Rehabilitation for older people in long-term care [ORCID]Ruth Lambley, Jo Hardy, Jane Smith, John Green, Eileen Burns
Information provision for stroke patients and their caregivers [ORCID]Jane Smith, Peter Knapp
Prevention of delirium (POD) for older people in hospital: study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial. [ORCID]Francine Cheater, Michelle Collinson, Marie Fletcher, John Green, Shamaila Anwar, Suzanne Hartley, Sharon K Inouye, David Meads, Gillian Santorelli, Jane Smith, Elizabeth Teale
Structured re-assessment system at 6 months after a disabling stroke: a randomised controlled trial with resource use and cost study. [ORCID]John Green, Chris Patterson, Peter Wanklyn, Jane Smith, Jenni Murray, Heather Wild, Susan Bogle, Karin Lowson
A randomized trial evaluation of the Oswestry Standing Frame for patients after stroke. [ORCID]Pam Bagley, Mary Hudson, Jane Smith


Treatment for recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush) [ORCID]Georga Cooke, Cathy Watson, Jane Smith, Marie Pirotta, Mieke L van Driel
Revitalizing an Existing Honor Code Program [ORCID]Pauline Melgoza, Jane Smith
What makes a good ultrasound report? [ORCID]Hazel Edwards, Jane Smith, Michael Weston
Cardiovascular risk factors and health behaviours in elementary school-age Inuvialuit and Gwich'in children. [ORCID]Constadina Panagiotopoulos, Duc Nguyen, Jane Smith
Developing and implementing an integrated delirium prevention system of care: a theory driven, participatory research study [ORCID]Jane Smith, John Green, Francine Cheater, Sharon K Inouye
The match between common antibiotics packaging and guidelines for their use in Australia. [ORCID]Jane Smith
Advance directives should not be specific [ORCID]Linda Beecham, Jane Smith, Andrew Woodward
Fetal tissue may be used for research not infertility treatment. [ORCID]Linda Beecham, Jane Smith
Focused assessment with sonography in trauma (FAST): should its role be reconsidered? [ORCID]Jane Smith
Developing ethics training for laboratory animal users. [ORCID]Maggy Jennings, Jane Smith
Finding and using best evidence for rehabilitation. [ORCID]Susan W Salmond, Cheryl Holly, Jane Smith
The relationship between coping and psychological and physical adjustment in rheumatoid arthritis: a literature review. [ORCID]Janet Ramjeet, Jane Smith, Malcolm Adams
A is for aphorisms - feed a fever, starve a cold? Or could it be starve a fever, feed a cold? [ORCID]Jane Smith
Authors' perceptions of electronic publishing: two cross sectional surveys. [ORCID]Helen Barratt, Jane Smith
Meeting of minds in Moscow. [ORCID]Jane Smith
Investigating allegations of scientific misconduct. [ORCID]Jane Smith, Fiona Godlee
Cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells do not develop in all renal transplant patients at risk of virus infection. [ORCID]Deborah Halliday, Nichola Lawton, Haiyi Wang, Ibrahim Abdalla, James Masters, Rebecca L Hassan, Ian J Hart, Naeem Khan, Jane Smith, Abdul Hammad, Ali Bakran
The eyes and ears of their patients. [ORCID]Jane Smith
Sparsh Vachana: the promise of a better life. [ORCID]Amanda Armitage, Anita Pearson, Jane Smith
Use of the 'STRATIFY' falls risk assessment in patients recovering from acute stroke. [ORCID]Jane Smith
Prevalence of psychiatric disorder in Europe: the potential and reality of meta-analysis. [ORCID]Tom Fryers, Traolach Brugha, Zoe Morgan, Jane Smith, Trevor Hill, Mauro Carta, Ville Lehtinen, Viviane Kovess
Wet combing to eradicate head lice. [ORCID]Frances Fry, Joanna Ibarra, Jane Smith, Clarice Wickenden
Lecturing: it's no holiday. [ORCID]Jane Smith
Complicated questions—difficult answers.Jane Smith
A randomized trial to evaluate an education programme for patients and carers after stroke [ORCID]Jane Smith
Muslim-Christian Relations: Historical and Contemporary Realities [ORCID]Jane Smith
Patient confidentiality and consent to publication [ORCID]Jane Smith
A snapshot of current Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) practice at Australian medical schools [ORCID]Clare Heal, Karen D'Souza, Jennifer Banks, Bunmi S Malau-Aduli, Richard Turner, Jane Smith, Ebony Bray, Lizzi Shires, Ian Wilson
Objectively Measuring Observer Attention in Severe Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy: A 3D Study [ORCID]David Liao, Masaru Ishii, Halley M Darrach, Kristin L Bater, Jane Smith, Andrew W Joseph, Raymond S Douglas, Shannon S Joseph, Lisa E Ishii
Single Patient Open Trials (SPOTs) [ORCID]Jane Smith, Michael Yelland
Advancing coastal ocean modelling, analysis, and prediction for the US Integrated Ocean Observing System [ORCID]John Wilkin, Leslie Rosenfeld, Arthur Allen, Rebecca Baltes, Antonio Baptista, Ruoying He, Patrick Hogan, Alexander Kurapov, Avichal Mehra, Josie Quintrell, David Schwab, Richard Signell, Jane Smith
Patron Initiated Electronic Interlibrary Loan [ORCID]Jane Smith
An Examination of the Consequences of Electronic Innovations [ORCID]Jane Smith
User-Driven Acquisitions: Allowing Patron Requests to Drive Collection Development in an Academic Library [ORCID]Leslie Reynolds, Carmelita Pickett, Wyoma vanDuinkerken, Jane Smith, Jeanne Harrell, Sandra Tucker
Opening a Can of wERMS: Texas A&M University's Experiences in Implementing Two Electronic Resource Management Systems [ORCID]Eric Hartnett, Apryl Price, Jane Smith, Michael Barrett
Preserving the Scholarly Collection: An Examination of the Perpetual Access Clauses in the Texas A&M University Libraries' Major E-Journal Licenses [ORCID]Eugenia Beh, Jane Smith
An International Collaboration: Establishing an Education Collection in a Library in Qatar [ORCID]Jane Smith
The Licensing Lifecycle: From Negotiation to Compliance [ORCID]Jane Smith, Eric Hartnett
The ethics of using animals in biomedical research: the findings of a working party of the Institute of Medical Ethics [ORCID]Jane Smith

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April StewartAmerican voice actress
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Jane SmithAssociation footballer
Jane Smith-Slackcyclist
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Jane Smithentomologist
Jane Smithdiver who won bronze medals in the 1m and 3m springboard events at the 2002 Commonwealth Games
Jane Smith
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