Welcome to the User Analysis API
           This API provides the same useful data provided in the actual tool.

This API supports multiple formats.  The default format is XML.  To change the format, use the format parameter.
Available formats: XML, PHP, JSON, TXT, DUMP, DBG, and WDDX

Required parameters: user, and project
user: Username(s) of user(s) to look up, seperate multiple usernames with a |.
project: the domain of the project with the trailing .com/.org.  Ex: en.wikipedia.org

Optional parameters:

stats: What kind of edit count statistics to return.  Options are none, quick, basic, and advanced.  Default: basic
	none: Suppress stats.
	quick: Retrieve only the live, deleted, and total edit count as well as the first live edit.
	basic: Retrieve an analysis of live edits, including day of first edit, and a count of deleted edits.
	advanced: Retrieve a complete analysis of a user.  This function includes deleted edits, and requires less time to load than the individual components, combined.

toplimit: How many top edit pages per namespae it should return.  Applies to live and deleted edits.  Default: 10

deleted: Return a deleted edit analysis.  Requires optin. Default: 0 (false)

groups: Returns a list of usergroups user is in. Default: 0 (false)

namespaces: Returns a list of namespaces in the wiki. Default: 0 (false)