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Adam TedderAdam Tedder[[Nottingham]], [[England]][[Actor]], [[singer]], [[songwriter]]1989–present                                                                                    
AzMarie LivingstonAzMarie LivingstonAshley Marie Livingston{{cite news|author=Jerry Nunn|title=Interview with AzMarie|url=http://chicago.gopride.com/news/interview.cfm/articleid/362484|publisher=Chicago.gopride.com|accessdate=2013-10-12}}[[San Fernando Valley]], [[California]], U.S.{{cite news|last=Wiggins|first=Lori|title=AzMarie, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant, to hit local runway|url=http://www.midtownraleighnews.com/2012/04/21/2015502/azmarie-americas-next-top-model.html|accessdate=24 June 2013|newspaper=Midtown Raleigh News|date=21 April 2012}} Model, actor, artist, dancer  Yesazmarie livingston in november on 2012{{birth date and age|1986|12|28}}[[Milwaukee, Wisconsin]], U.S.[[Raven-Symoné]] (2011-present)[[Black-American]], [[German people|German]], [[Indian people|Indian]], [[White American|Caucasian]][[Los Angeles]], [[California]], U.S.{{height|ft=5|in=10}}BlackBrown34-25-35 in (86-64-89 cm)131 lb (59 kg)49                                                                      
Joan Gardner (voice actor)Joan GardnerChristine Joan Gardner[[Gold Coast Historic District (Chicago)|Gold Coast]], [[Chicago]], [[Illinois]], U.S.{{Death date and age|1992|12|10|1926|11|16}}[[Encino, Los Angeles|Encino]], [[California]], U.S. 1948-1989  {{Birth date|1926|11|16}}           360pxJoan Janis                                                                    
Kyle Harrison BreitkopfKyle Harrison BreitkopfKyle Harrison Breitkopf  Actor   {{birth date and age|2005|7|13}}             215px                                                                
A. R. SrinivasanAlangadu Ramamurthi Srinivasan [[Madras]]  lawyer, Stage [[actor]], [[film actor]]    {{birth date and age|1933|4|8|df=y}}http://sangeetnatak.gov.in/sna-awards-2011/awardee-shri-a-r-srinivasan.html                                                                                 
Aaron Yonda Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan at ROFLCon 2010 by eye fi.jpg [[Madison, Wisconsin]], U.S.    Aaron Yonda (left) & [[Matt Sloan (director)|Matt Sloan]] at [[ROFLCon]] 2010{{birth date and age|mf=y|1973|1|19}}                                                                                 
Anand Rajaram   [[New Delhi]], [[India]]       {{bda|1972|3|5}}                                                                                 
Ane Dahl Torp File:Ane Dahl Torp.JPG[[Bærum]], [[Norway]]      Ane Dahl Torp (2013){{bda|1975|8|1|df=y}}                                                                                
Arletta DuncanArletta Duncan  [[New Orleans, Louisiana]]{{death date and age|1985|10|28|1914|12|12}} film actress    {{birth date|1914|12|13}}                                                                                 
Barbara CasonBarbara Cason[[Memphis, Tennessee|Memphis]], [[Tennessee]], [[United States|U.S.]]{{death date and age|1990|6|18|1928|11|15}} TV and film actress   {{birth date|1928|11|15}}                 1967–1990, her death                                                               
Billy L. SullivanBilly L. Sullivan     Actor    {{birth date and age|1980|5|24}}                                                                                 
Blue WashingtonBlue Washington   {{death date and age|1970|9|15|1898|2|12}} Film actor    February 12, 1898                                                                                 
Bob HaymesBob HaymesBob_Haymes_in_Two_Senoritas_from_Chicago.jpgRobert William Haymes[[White Plains, New York]], U.S.{{death date and age|df=yes|1989|1|28|1923|3|29}}[[Hilton Head Island, South Carolina]], U.S.  Dee Workman (1985-1989; his death) A publicity photograph for ''Two Señoritas From Chicago'' (1943){{birth date|df=yes|1923|3|29}}            Robert Stanton
Bob Stanton
240px   1943-1952                                                               
Busta RhymesBusta RhymesBusta rhymes-06-mika.jpgTrevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.[[Brooklyn]], New York  [[Rapper]], actor, [[Record Producer]]1989–present  Busta Rhymes in 2008{{Birth date and age|mf=yes|1972|05|20}}{{cite journal|title=Monitor|journal=[[Entertainment Weekly]]|date=May 24, 2013|issue=1260|page=34}}                  solo_singerMagic (from [[Def Jam: Fight for NY]])[[Long Island]], [[New York]], United States[[Hip hop music|Hip hop]][[Conglomerate (record label)|Conglomerate]] {{small|(current)}} [[Elektra Records|Elektra]], [[J Records|J]], [[Aftermath Entertainment|Aftermath]], [[Interscope Records|Interscope]], [[Cash Money Records|Republic/Cash Money]] {{small|(former)}}                                                          
Caisar Aditya PutraCaisar Putra Aditya{{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Jakarta]], [[Indonesia]]Actor, dancer and comedian2013-presentIndadari Mindrayanti {{birth date and age|1989|8|29|mf=yes}}                    Caisar Keep SmileNokia Alike Putri Hakim (step child)Dadang Iskandar (Father)
Nani Suryati Ningsih (Mother)
Carroll BakerCarroll BakerCarroll Baker Station Six Sahara publicity shot.png[[Johnstown, Pennsylvania|Johnstown]], [[Pennsylvania]], U.S.  Actress1952–2003{{marriage|Louie Ritter|1953|1953}}
{{marriage|[[Jack Garfein]]|1955|1969}}
{{marriage|[[Donald Burton]]|1978|2007|end=wid.}}
 Baker in 1962 on the set of ''Station-Six Sahara''{{Birth date and age|1931|05|28}}  [[Polish American]][[New York City]], [[New York]], U.S.{{convert|5|ft|5|in|m|2|abbr=on}}{{cite journal|work=Mt. Vernon Register-News|location=Mt. Vernon, Illinois|date=1957-02-04|page=6|quote=She's proud of her five-foot five, 113 pound dancer's figure, and she figured no part was worth her becoming fat.|title=Carroll Baker}}         American        2  [[St. Petersburg College]][[File:Carroll Baker signature.svg|120px]]{{Infobox comedian awards|goldenglobeawards={{awd|[[Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year – Actress]]|1957|for [[Baby Doll]]}} }}                                                  
Caryn RichmanCaryn RichmanCaryn L. Brandes[[Massapequa Park]], [[New York]], [[United States|U.S.]]  Actress  {{birth date and age|1956|4|9}}               1973-present                                                             
Catherine GardnerCatherine Gardner Catherine Grace Gardner        {{Birth date and age|1982|6|10}}                                                                                 
Catherine Sutherland  [[Sydney]], [[New South Wales]], [[Australia]]  Actor    {{birth date and age|df=yes|1974|10|24}}                 1997–present              Catherine Jane Sutherland{{Birth date and age|df=y|1974|10|24}}                                               
Charles Cooper (actor)Charles Cooper  [[San Francisco, California]], U.S.{{dda|2013|11|29|1926|8|11}}Los Angeles, California, U.S.Film, television actor    {{birth date|1926|8|11}}                                                                                 
Charlie BrillCharlie Brill Brooklyn, New York, U.S.  Actor/Comedian and Voice artist [[Mitzi McCall]], 1960-present Charlie Brill{{birth date and age|1938|1|13}}                 1958-present      Jennifer Brill (daughter)                                                       
Christian J. FrankChristian J. Frank   {{death date and age|1967|12|12|1890|3|13}} Film actor    March 13, 1890                                                                                 
Cierra Ramirez Cierra Ramirez 7th Annual Television Academy Honors (cropped).jpg [[Houston]], [[Texas]], [[United States]]  Actress, singer,   Ramirez at the 7th Annual Television Academy Honors on June 1, 2014{{Birth date and age|1995|3|9}}                                Cierra Alexa Ramirez                                                
Cindy LeadbetterCindy Leadbetter     Actress    {{birth date and age|1955|6|15}}                                                                                 
Colin ChaseColin Chase   {{death date and age|1937|4|24|1886|4|13}} Film actor    April 13, 1886                                                                                 
Colm Ó MaonlaíColm Ó Maonlaí     [[Actor]] and [[Musician]]                                        10 December 1966[[Dublin, Ireland]]                                            
Conleth HillConleth Hill [[Ballycastle, County Antrim]], [[Northern Ireland]], United Kingdom  Actor  {{birth date and age|df=yes|1964|11|24}}             150px                                                                
Cornell JohnCornell John    Actor                                                                                      
Dan Tullis Jr.Dan Tullis Jr. Oxnard, California, U.S.  American stage, film and television actor   {{birth date and age|1951|7|8}}                 1978-present         [[Ventura College]], [[California State University, Long Beach]]          Daniel Tullis, Dan Tullis                                          
Daniel ManantaDaniel Mananta[[Jakarta]], [[Indonesia]]  Actor, VJ, and presenter2003-present {{Birth date and age|1981|8|14}}                      Mila ManantaCatholic            VJ Daniel                                       
Danny LopesDanny Lopes          {{birth date and age|1982|8|6}}                                                                                 
Derek MioDerek Mio     Actor    1982                                                                                 
Dhanush, roles and awardsDhanush                                                                                            
Donnelly RhodesDonnelly Rhodes [[Winnipeg, Manitoba]], [[Canada]]  [[Actor]]   {{birth date and age|1937|12|4}}                1956-present              Donnelly Rhodes Henry                                                
Dorris BowdonDorris BowdonGrapes of Wrath, The - (Original Trailer) - 05.png [[Coldwater, Mississippi]], [[U.S.]]{{death date and age|2005|8|9|1914|12|27}}[[Los Angeles, California]], U.S.film actress [[Nunnally Johnson]]
(1939-1977; his death)
  {{birth date|1914|12|27}}                 1938-1943                        thumb270pxAs ''Rosasharn'' in ''[[The Grapes of Wrath (film)|The Grapes of Wrath]]'' (1940).                                    
Doug CockleDoug Cockle  [[Twentynine Palms]], [[California]]   2001–present   {{dob|1970|9|16}} (age 44)                                             [[Pennsylvania State University]]                                   
Douglas FieldingDouglas Fielding          {{birthdateandage|df=yes|1946|6|6}}                                                                                 
Douglas JohanssonDouglas Johansson        31 January 1960                                                                                 
Dubbing JanakiDubbing Janaki                                       Janaki            {{Birth date and age|1949|08|28|df=y}}{{flagicon|India}} [[Peddapuram]]
[[Andhra Pradesh]]
[[Sagara Sangamam]]
[[Geethanjali (1989 film)|Geethanjali]]
[[Swati Mutyam]]
Eileen GrubbaEileen GrubbaEileen Grubba.jpg    [[film]], [[television]] actress                                                                                      
Elín OrtízElín Ortíz[[Ponce, Puerto Rico|Ponce]], [[Puerto Rico]]actor, comedian, producer {{marriage|[[Iris Chacón]]|1969|1975|reason=divorced}}
{{marriage|[[Charytín Goyco]]|1978}}
 {{birth date and age|1934|12|14}}             [[Puerto Rican people|Puerto Rican]]       [[Shalim Ortiz]] (son)                        es[[Acting]]                  
Fay HelmFay Helm  [[Bakersfield, California]], U.S.{{Death date and age|2003|9|27|1909|4|9}}[[Santa Monica, California]], U.S.Actress Albert O. Farmer (1947-1980; his death); 1 child  {{birth date|1909|4|9}}                                                                                 
Fredric LehneFredric Lehne [[Buffalo, New York]], U.S.      {{Birth date and age|1959|2|3|mf=yes}}                                                                                 
Gabriela RiveroGabriela Rivero Abaroa          {{birth date and age|1964|09|14|}}                                                                                 
Gabrielle Hamilton (actress)Gabrielle Hamilton     actress                                                                                      
Gail SheridanGail Sheridan  [[Seattle, Washington]]{{death date and age|1982|9|17|1916|1|11}}[[Chevy Chase, Maryland]]Actress    {{birth date|1916|1|11}}                                                                                 
Gareth Thomas (actor)Gareth ThomasGareth Thomas (Blake's 7).jpgGareth Daniel Thomas[[Wales]], UK  Actor   Gareth Thomas at the ''Blake's 7'' DVD launch, 2005{{birth date and age|1945|02|12}}                 1965–present                                             #FFDD00                 
Georgann JohnsonGeorgann Johnson [[Decorah, Iowa]], U.S.  Actress   August 15, 1926                1952-2007                                                               
George InnesGeorge InnesTribute ages of man.jpg [[Wapping]], [[East London, England|East London]], [[England]], [[United Kingdom|U.K.]]  Actor  George Innes (2009){{birth date and age|1938|3|8|df=y}}                 1963-present                                                           
Georgia Fabish   [[Lower Hutt]]       {{bda|1994|1|31}}                                                                                 
Georgie GlenGeorgie Glen                                                                                            
Grethe SønckGrethe SønckGrethe Sønck.jpg [[Hjerm]], [[Struer Municipality]], [[Denmark]]{{death date and age|2010|2|12|1929|7|16|df=yes}}[[Rågeleje]], [[Denmark]]  Hjalmar Nicolausen
Volmer Sørensen (1958–1982)
 {{birth date|1929|7|16|df=yes}}                1960-2006                                                               
Griffith Jones (actor)Griffith JonesGriffithjones.jpgHarold Jones[[London]], [[England]], UK{{death date and age|2007|1|30|1909|11|19|df=y}} Actor   {{birth date|1909|11|19|df=y}}                                                                                 
Helen Rowland (actress)Helen RowlandTimothy's Quest (1922) - Rowland & Depew.jpg    Silent film actress   Still with Helen Rowland and [[Joseph Depew]] in ''Timothy's Quest'' (1922){{birth date|1919|10|23}}             200px                                                                   
Hend SabryHend SabryCouv-Tunivisions Juin 2011.jpg    {{Birth date and age|1979|11|20}}             [[Tunisia]]n                                                                
Henry BergmanHenry BergmanHenry Bergman 1917.jpg  {{death date and age|1946|10|22|1868|2|23}}     Bergman in a scene from ''[[The Adventurer (film)|The Adventurer]]'' (1917){{birth date|1868|2|23}}                                                                                 
Indra BaniaIndra Bania[[North Lakhimpur]], [[Assam]], India{{Death date and age|df=yes|2015|03|25|1942|12|24}}[[Guwahati]], Assam, IndiaActor, theatre actor, director, comedian1960–2015Minu Bania {{Birth date|df=yes|1942|12|24}}  [[Assamese people|Assamese]]          India                                                  [[Assamese language|Assamese]]             
Jack KirkJack Kirk  [[Missoula, Montana]]{{death date and age|1948|9|13|1885|2|19}}[[Ketchikan, Alaska]]Film actor    February 19, 1885                                                                                 
James Ryan (actor)James Ryan [[South Africa]]                                              1952                                
John SalewJohn SalewActor_John_Salew.jpg [[Portsmouth]], [[Hampshire]], [[England]], UKSeptember 1961[[Hammersmith]], [[London]], [[England]], UKFilm actor   in [[The Saint Meets the Tiger]] (1943)John Rylett Salew, 1902                                                                                
Johnny SekkaJohnny SekkaLamine Sekka[[Dakar, Senegal|Dakar]], [[Senegal]]{{death date and age|df=yes|2006|9|14|1934|7|21}}[[Agua Dulce, California]], [[California]], [[United States|U.S.]]Actor Cecilia Enger (1964-2006, his death) (1 child) {{birth date|df=yes|1934|7|21}}                 1959-1986                                                  [[Lung cancer]]            
Joni-Ruth White      actress                                               Joni-Ruth White                                      
José SazatornilJosé SazatornilJosé Sazatornil Buendía[[Barcelona]], [[Spain]][[Actor]]   {{Birth date and age|1925|8|13}}                                                                             
Joy GarrettJoy Garrett [[Fort Worth, Texas|Fort Worth]], [[Texas]], [[United States|U.S.]]{{Death date and age|1993|2|11|1945|3|11}}[[Los Angeles, California]], U.S.American singer and actor   {{birth date|1945|3|11}}                                                                                
Joyzelle JoynerJoyzelle Joyner   {{death date and age|1980|11|30|1905|8|27}}[[Orange, California]], U.S.Film actress    August 27, 1905                                                                                 
Judith BaldwinJudith Baldwin [[Washington, D.C.]], U.S.  Film, television [[actor|actress]]   {{Birth date and age|1946|3|26}}           250px     1969–present              Judith Lee Baldwin                                                
Julia DietzeVuorensola_and_Dietze.jpg[[Marseille]], France      Julia Dietze (r.) with Timo Vuorensola at the Iron Sky Director's Cut screening (2013){{bda|1981|1|9|df=y}}                                                                                
Juliana DonaldJulianna Donald [[Washington, D.C.]], [[U.S.]]  American film, television and voice actress  Female {{Birth date and age|1964|1|1|mf=y}}                                                                                 
Justin DeasJustin Deas [[Connellsville, Pennsylvania]], U.S.    [[Margaret Colin]] (1988-present); 2 children  {{Birth date and age|1948|3|30|mf=y}}             150px                                                                   
Katherine LockeKatherine Locke   {{death date and age|1995|9|12|1910|6|24}} Actress    {{birth date|1910|6|24}}                 1936-1958                                                               
Katherine Parr (actress)Katherine Parr  [[London]], [[England]]2009 [[Actress]]    5 February 1921                                                                                 
Ken OlfsonKen Olfson   {{death date and age|1997|12|31|1937|4|2}} Film and television actor    April 2, 1937                                                                                 
Kermit LoveKermit LoveKermit Love as Willy.jpg [[Spring Lake, New Jersey]]{{dda|2008|6|21|1916|8|7}}[[Poughkeepsie (city), New York|Poughkeepsie, New York]][[Puppeteer]], [[costume design]]er and actor  Love as [[List of Sesame Street characters|Willy the Vendor]]{{birth date|1916|8|7}}             180px                 Kermit Ernest Hollingshead Love                                Christopher Lyall          
Kerstin GranlundKerstin GranlundKerstin Marianne Granlund Wedin[[Främmestad]], [[Essunga]], [[Sweden]]  Revue artist, comedian, actor[[Mats Wedin]] {{Birth date and age|1951|6|17}}              Swedish             Kerstin Granlund autograph.png                                   [[Galenskaparna och After Shave]]               
Kevin HowarthKevin Howarth  [[Coventry]], England  Actor        London, England                                                                             
Lillian ZuckermanLillian Zuckerman  [[Baltimore, Maryland]]{{death date|2004|10|11}} (aged 88)[[Miami, Florida]]film actress    {{birth date|1916|9|16}}                                                                                 
Lito Cruz Litocruz.JPGOscar Alberto Cruz[[Berisso]], [[Argentina]][[Argentine cinema]] and [[Theatre in Argentina|theatre]] actor, director, and playwright    {{Birth date and age|1941|5|14}}             210px Argentine     [[Costumbrismo]]
[[Experimental theatre]]
     [[University of Buenos Aires]]
[[Arts Faculty, Universidad de Chile|University Theatre Institute of Chile]]
  [[Martín Fierro Awards]] (2011, 2014)                                [[Rioplatense Spanish|Spanish]]   Since 1968         
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz  [[Alexandria]], [[Egypt]]  Actor   {{Birth date and age|mf=yes|1946|6|4}}               Egyptian                                                                 
Majandra DelfinoMajandra DelfinoMajandra_Delfino_at_ATX_2014.jpgMaria Alejandra Delfino[[Caracas]], [[Venezuela]] Musician, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, artist1997—[[Devon Gummersall]] (October 6, 2007–2008; divorced)
[[David Walton (actor)| David Walton]] (March 18, 2011—present)
 Delfino in June 2014{{birth date and age|mf=yes|1981|2|20}}                  solo_singer  [[Dark cabaret]], [[downtempo]], [[trip hop]]Dripfeed (2001–2006)
Red Velvet Cake Records (2007— )
 2                                               [[Vocals]], [[piano]], [[guitar]]        
Marjorie MonaghanMarjorie Monaghan [[California]], U.S.Actress   {{birth date and age|1964|03|19}}                                                                        [[Cincinnati, Ohio]], U.S.       
Mark RyderMark Ryder          December 7, 1989                                                                                 
Marlo LewisMarlo Lewis [[Illinois]], [[U.S.]]{{death date and age|1993|6|8|1915|9|15|mf=y}}[[Rancho Mirage, California|Rancho Mirage]]
[[Riverside County, California|Riverside County]]
[[California]], [[U.S.]]
Actor, producer1948-1993 {{birth date|1915|9|15|mf=y}}                        2                                          [[Heart failure]]            
Martin Wallström       {{birth date and age|1983|7|7}}                                                                                
Marvin Goldhar   [[Ontario]], [[Canada]]{{death date and age|2002|3|31|1934|9|5}}[[Toronto]], [[Canada]]Actor, voice artist    {{birth date|1934|9|5}}                                                                                 
Mary Meade    {{death date and age|2003|12|10|1923|11|24}} Film actor    November 24, 1923                 1944                                                               
Maryam NawazMaryam NawazMaryam Nawaz[[Lahore]], [[Punjab, Pakistan|Punjab]], Pakistan    {{Birth date and age|1973|10|28|df=y}}             [[Pakistan]]i                                                                 
Matthew J. MunnMatthew J. MunnMatthew James Munn[[United States]]Actor, animator, singer, dancer, voice artist, comedian?-present 1981 (age 33/34)          Matt Munn
Matthew Munn
Matthew James Munn
  [[Americans|American]]                                         ''[[Open Season 3]]''           
Max Van VilleMax Van Ville     Actor    {{birth date and age|1987|1|13}}                                                                                 
Maxi IglesiasMaxi IglesiasMaxi Iglesias.jpgMaximiliano Teodoro Iglesias Acevedo[[Madrid]], [[Spain]]Actor, model   {{Birth date and age|1991|2|6}}             Spanish                                                                 
Maxine Elliott HicksMaxine Elliott Dodge  [[Denver, Colorado|Denver]], [[Colorado]], [[United States|U.S.]]{{death date and age|2000|1|10|1904|10|5}}[[San Clemente, California|San Clemente]], [[California]], [[United States|U.S.]]Actress    October 5 1904                                                                                 
Mel RodriguezMel RodriguezMel Rodriguez at 2014 Imagen Awards.jpgMelvin Dimas Rodriguez[[Miami, Florida]], U.S.Actor   Rodriguez at 2014 [[Imagen Awards]]{{birth date and age|mf=yes|1973|6|12}}                                                                                 
Michael Thomas (actor)Michael Thomas       [[Selina Cadell]]  {{birth date and age|1952|04|11}}                                                                                 
Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Moabdelaziz.jpg [[cairo]], [[Egypt]]  Actor, producer   Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz{{Birth date and age|mf=yes|1981|8|14}}               Egyptian                                                                 
Monte HaleMonte HaleBuren Ely[[Ada, Oklahoma]], U.S.{{death date and age|mf=yes|2009|3|29|1919|6|8}}[[Studio City, California]], U.S.Actor, singer Joanne Hale
Cherie DeCastro
  {{Birth date|1919|6|8|mf=y}}                [[1944 in film|1944]]–1978                                   [[Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)]]                          
Muriel Frances DanaMuriel Frances DanaMurieldana.jpg [[Clinton, Iowa]]{{death date and age|1997|8|25|1916|10|14}}[[Thousand Oaks, California]]film actress   Muriel Frances Dana{{birth date|1916|10|14}}           190px                                                                     
Natasha LeggeroNatasha Leggero [[Rockford, Illinois]], U.S.  Actress, comedienne2000–present  Natasha Leggero at the ''[[Another Period]]'' TCA panel in 2015{{Birth date and age|1974|3|26}}[http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/natasha-leggero/bio/196902 Natasha Leggero Biography]                                                                                 
Nicholas SaputraNicholas SaputraNicholas Schubring Saputra[[Jakarta]], [[Indonesia]]  Actor2002-present {{Birth date and age|1984|2|24}}                                                                         
Norm GrabowskiNorm Grabowski  October 12, 2012 (aged 79)      February 5, 1933                                                                                 
Olla RamlanOlla RamlanFebiolla Ramlan{{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Banjarmasin]], [[South Kalimantan]], [[Indonesia]]  actress, model, singer  {{birth date and age|df=yes|1980|2|15}} Alex Tian (divorce)              1997-presents   [[Music pop|Pop]], [[R&B]], [[Jazz]]  Sean Michael AlexanderMuhammad Ramlan (Father) Pissa Assarah (Mother)             Olla Ramlan                                     
Ozzie DevrishOzzie DevrishOzzie Devrish1.jpg [[Melbourne]], [[Victoria (Australia)|Victoria]]  Actor, producer, director                         [[Los Angeles]], [[California]]                                                       2000    
Parineeti ChopraParineeti ChopraParineeti Chopra at the launch of Pantene's Proof not Promises campaign.jpg [[Ambala]], [[Haryana]], India  Actress   Parineeti Chopra at the launch of [[Pantene]]'s Proof not Promises campaign{{birth date and age|1988|10|22}}  [[Punjabi people|Punjabi]]          Parineeti Chopra is seen smiling[[Indian people|Indian]] 2011–present         [[University of Manchester]]   [[List of awards and nominations received by Parineeti Chopra|Full list]]                                See [[List of Hindi film clans#Chopra family|Chopra family]]{{cite web|title=Chopra family thrilled|url=http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/report-hissing-cousins-parineeti-chopra-vs-meera-chopra-1971612|author=Coutinho, Natasha|work=[[Deccan Chronicle]]|date=2 September 2013|accessdate=14 September 2013}}                
Paul Demange (actor)Paul Demange  [[France]]{{death date and age|1983|11|28|1901|4|12}} Film actor    April 12, 1901                                                                                 
Paul Moriarty (actor)Paul Moriarty  [[London]], [[England]]  [[Actor]]    {{birthdateandage|df=yes|1946|5|19}}                                                                                 
Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen  [[Kenosha, Wisconsin]], [[United States|USA]]{{death date and age|2008|7|17|1926|2|16}}[[Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California|Cardiff-by-the-Sea]]
[[San Diego County, California|San Diego County]]
[[California]], USA
Actor; minister Jacqueline May Sorensen (married 1957-2002, her death)  {{birth date|1926|2|16}}                        Two sons [[Christian]]                                                     
Paul ValentinePaul Valentine   {{death date and age|2006|1|27|1919|3|23}} Film and television actor    March 23, 1919                                                                                 
Paula ShawPaula Shaw [[The Bronx]], [[New York City]]  Actress   {{Birth date and age|1941|7|17}}                 1969-present                                                             
Pepe ViyuelaPepe ViyuelaPepe Viyuela.jpg[[Logroño]], [[Spain]]   Viyuela in 2008{{Birth date and age|1963|6|2}}             Spanish                                                                 
Philippe VolterPhilippe VolterPhilippe Wolter[[Uccle]], [[Belgium]]{{death date and age|df=yes|2005|4|13|1959|3|23}} Actor    {{birth date|df=yes|1959|3|23}}                                                                                 
Pihla ViitalaPihla ViitalaPihla Viitala 2010.jpg [[Helsinki]], [[Finland]]  Actress2006-present[[Kerkko Koskinen]] (m. 2004-2008) {{birth date and age|1982|9|30|df=y}}               [[Finland|Finnish]]                             [[Theatre Academy Helsinki]]                                   
Raghu BabuRaghu Babu [[Ravinuthala]], Andhra Pradesh, India     {{birth date and age|df=yes|1964|06|24}}   [[Hyderabad, Telangana]], India                    [[Giri Babu]]      Raghu Babu Yerra                                              
Ralph RiachRalph Riach        1939                                                                                 
Ricky HarunRicky Harun [[Bandung]], [[West Java]], [[Indonesia]]  [[actor]] [[Herfiza Novianti]] {{birth date and age|1987|1|12}}               2005 - present      Mikaila Akyza Pratama[[Donna Harun]] and Hendra Rahtomo      Ricky Chilnady Pratama Harun                                           
Ron KarabatsosRon Karabatsos Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S.{{death_date and age|2012|4|17|1933|4|22|mf=y}}[[Beaumont, California|Beaumont]], [[Riverside County, California]], U.S.Actor Janell, ?-2012, his death {{birth date|1933|4|22|mf=y}}                 1981-2004              Ronald Christ Karabatsos                                                
Rosanna CarterRosanna Carter [[Nassau, Bahamas|Nassau]], [[New Providence]], [[The Bahamas]]2001Actress1974–1997John Carter {{birth date|1918|9|20|mf=y}}                       Jonathan Rolle (1883–1953)
Elizabeth Iris Dames (1893–1981)
      Rosanna Rolle                              [[Estelle Evans]]
[[Esther Rolle]] (sisters)
             ''[[Good Times]]''
''[[Tales from the Darkside]]''
''[[Law & Order]]''
''[[The Cosby Show]]''
Rose Stradner File:Rose Stradner 1936.jpg  {{death date and age|1958|9|27|1913|7|13}} Film actress   Stradner in 1936July 31, 1913                1933                        1953                                      
Scott GerbaciaScott Gerbacia  Bronx, New York       {{birth date and age|1984|7|13}}                                                                                 
Shabba DooShabba DooAdolfo Gordon Quiñones[[Chicago, Illinois]], U.S.Actor, dancer, choreographer Gwendolyn Powell (m. 1979–82; divorced)
[[Lela Rochon]] (m. 1984–87)
 {{birth date and age|1955|5|11}}             200px [[United States|American]] 1975-present      2              Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quiñones                         Orlando "Ozone" in ''[[Breakin']]''
''[[Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo]]''
Simone GriffethSimone Griffeth [[Savannah, Georgia]], [[United States|U.S.]]Actress   {{Birth date and age|1950|04|04}}                 1971-present              Simone Griffeth      Simone Griffeth-McDonald                                         
Sissela Kyle Sissela Kyle 1c310 6990.jpg{{flagicon|Sweden}} [[Örgryte]], [[Gothenburg]]      Sissela Kyle{{bda|df=y|1957|3|17}}                                                                                
Spencer KleinSpencer KleinReplace this image male.svgvoice actor                                                                                
Stan Shaw  [[Chicago, Illinois]], [[United States|U.S.]]  [[Television]], [[film]], [[theatre|stage]] [[actor]]    {{Birth date and age|1952|7|14}}                                                                                 
Steve RailsbackSteve RailsbackSteve Railsback.jpgStephen Hall Railsback[[Dallas, Texas]], U.S.  [[Actor]]1967-presentMarcy Sobel (1990 - present) (2 children)
Jacqueline Giroux (1980 - 1988) (divorced) (1 child)
 Steve Railsback (2010){{birth date and age|1945|11|16|mf=y}}                                                                                 
Susanne Thorson Susanne_Thorson.jpg      {{bda|1981|6|12}}                                                                                
Tarra BudimanTarra BudimanBimantara Budimansyah{{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Denpasar]], [[Bali]], [[Indonesia]]Actor, model, singer and presenter2005-present  100% tarra{{birth date and age|1986|9|22|}} Anastasia Anindya (1996-2014)         220px   {{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Indonesia]]         Benny (Father)
Silvie Affan (Mother)
Islam          Tarra Treeji                                         
Ted Thin ElkTed Thin Elk   {{death date and age|1997|1|27|1919|8|14}} actor    {{birth date|1919|8|14}}                                                                                 
Teri TordaiTeri Tordai [[Debrecen]], [[Hungary]][[Film actress]]
[[Television actress]]
   Teri Tordai in 1965{{birth date and age|1941|12|28}}                1962–present                     Terry Torday                                         
Tim Holmes (actor)Tim HolmesTim holmes -march 2013.jpg        Tim HolmesApril 14, 1967                                                                                 
Tinsel KoreyTinsel Korey    [[Actress]]                   2004–present              Tinsel Korey            March 25, 1980 (age 32)                              [[Toronto]], [[Ontario]], [[Canada]] 
Tracy ReinerTracy ReinerTracy Henry       {{birth date and age|1964|7|7}}                                                                                 
Vic PolizosVic Polizos     Actor    {{birth date and age|1947|8|12}}                                                                                 
Wade NicholsWade NicholsDennis Posa[[Freeport, New York|Freeport]], [[New York]]. [[United States|U.S.]]{{death date and age|1985|1|28|1946|10|29}}[[New York City, New York|New York City]], [[New York]], [[United States|U.S.]]pornographic and television and film actor, singer   {{Birth date|1946|10|29}}           250px     1972-1985 (his death)                                                               
Walt MacPhersonWalt MacPherson     film and television actor                                                                                      
Yoko ShimadaYōko Shimada [[Kumamoto]], [[Japan]]  Actress   Yōko Shimada as Mariko (Lady Toda Buntaro) and [[Richard Chamberlain]] as [[John Blackthorne]] in ''[[Shōgun (TV miniseries)|Shōgun]]''{{Birth date and age|1953|5|17|df=yes}}                                                                                 
Anthony Holles (actor)Anthoney Holles Antony Hamilton Holles[[Fulham]], [[London]], [[England]]{{death date and age|1950|3|4|1901|1|17}}[[Marylebone]], London, EnglandFilm actor    {{birth date|1901|1|17}}                                                                                 
Chuy BravoChuy BravoChuy Bravo.jpgJesús Melgoza{{cite web |title=Chuy Bravo's Stunning Revelation: 'I'm a Cancer Survivor and a Recovering Alcoholic' |url=http://www.latina.com/entertainment/tv/chuy-bravo-chelsea-lately-exclusive-interview|work=Latina |author=Sugey Palomares|date=December 5, 2012|accessdate=February 24, 2015}}[[Tangancícuaro]], [[Michoacán]], [[Mexico]]  television personality  Bravo at [[West Hollywood]] Gay Pride Parade in 2013{{Birth date and age|1959|12|7}}                                                               ''[[Chelsea Lately]]''              
Jacques DubyJacques Duby  [[Toulouse]], [[France]]{{death date and age|2012|2|15|1922|5|7|df=yes}}[[Paris]], France     {{birth date|1922|5|7|df=yes}}                                                                                 
John KarlsenJohn KarlsenWellington, New Zealand  {{Birth date and age|1919|10|20}}             New Zealand                                                 [[Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure]], [[The Black Stallion]] and [[The Sin Eater]]               
Renée FaureRenée Faure1956-06 Théâtre du Jorat - Mezière - La servante d'Evolène.jpg [[Paris]], [[France]]{{death date and age|2005|5|2|1918|11|4|df=yes}}[[Clamart]], France    Renée Faure (1956){{birth date|1918|11|4|df=yes}}                                                                                 
Samuel Le BihanSamuel Le BihanSamuel Le Bihan Cannes 2009.jpg [[Avranches]], France  Actor   Samuel Le Bihan at the [[2009 Cannes Film Festival]]{{birth date and age|1965|11|2|df=y}}                                                                                 
Steve Shaw (actor)Steve Shaw   {{death date and age|1990|12|5|1965|6|3}} Actor    June 3, 1965                                                                                 
Sudhir PandeySudhir Pandey  [[Uttaranchal]]  Actor                    Indian