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!Hero (album)!Hero[[Double album]]Various artists!Hero (album).jpgSeptember 2, 2003[[Rock music|Rock]]107 minutes[[ForeFront Records|ForeFront]] / Emd              
"Buzz!!" The Movie"Buzz!!" The Movievideo[[B'z]]B'z_BTM.jpgJanuary 1, 1996[[Hard rock]]1:41:00Rooms Records[[Tak Matsumoto]]''[[Live Ripper]]''
'''''"Buzz!!" The Movie'''''
   ''[[The True Meaning of "Brotherhood"?]]''
"Looked Up" Plus Four"Looked Up" Plus FourEP[[The Like Young]]The Like Young - Looked Up Plus Four.jpg2002[[Indie rock]]Kittridge[[Joe Ziemba]]''[[S. T. Monroe/The Like Young]]''
'''''"Looked Up" Plus Four'''''
"No Flashlight": Songs of the Fulfilled Night"No Flashlight": Songs of the Fulfilled NightAlbum[[Mount Eerie]]NoFlashlightCover.jpg2005Nowhere, [[Anacortes]], Washington
Dub Narcotic, [[Olympia, Washington]]
[[Indie rock]], [[lo-fi music|lo-fi]][[P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.]], [[Play/Rec]](EU)[[Phil Elverum]] '''''"No Flashlight": Songs of the Fulfilled Night'''''
"Oh Yeah!" Live"Oh Yeah!" LiveLive album[[MU330]]LiveOhYeah.jpgApril 17, 20011999[[Ska punk]]54:45[[Asian Man Records]]  ''[[Winter Wonderland (MU330 album)|Winter Wonderland!]]''
'''''"Oh Yeah!" Live'''''
'78 Jumping Summer Carnival'78 Jumping Summer Carnivallive[[Pink Lady (band)|Pink Lady]]Summer Jumping.jpg{{Start date|1978|09|05|df=yes}} [[Disco]], [[Teen Pop]] [[JVC]]  ''[[America! America! America!]]''
''''''78 Jumping Summer Carnival'''''
'88 Kix On88 Kix Oncompilation88kixon.jpg1988          
'Bout Changes 'n' Things'Bout Changes 'n' ThingsStudio album[[Eric Andersen]]Bout changes and things.jpg1966[[Folk music|Folk]]47:25[[Vanguard Records|Vanguard]] ''[[Today Is the Highway]]''
''''''Bout Changes 'n' Things'''''
'Bout Changes 'n' Things Take 2'Bout Changes 'n' Things Take 2Studio album[[Eric Andersen]]Boutchangestake2.jpg1967[[Folk music|Folk]][[Vanguard Records|Vanguard]] ''[['Bout Changes 'n' Things]]''
''''''Bout Changes 'n' Things Take 2'''''
'F' Debut'F' Debutstudio[[Fiona Sit]]April 8, 2004[[Cantopop]][[Warner Music Group|Warner Music Hong Kong]]''''' 'F' Debut'''''
'Neath the Puke Tree'Neath the Puke TreeEP[[Smog (band)|Smog]]Smog-neathpuke.jpg{{startdate|2000|12|11}} 20:25[[Drag City (record label)|Drag City]] / [[Domino Records (UK)|Domino]] ''[[Strayed (song)|Strayed]]''
''''''Neath the Puke Tree'''''
'Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia'Round About Midnight at the Cafe BohemiaLive album[[Kenny Dorham]]'Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia.jpg1956{{startdate|1956|05|31}}[[Jazz]]122:44[[Blue Note Records|Blue Note]]Alfred Lion ''[[Afro-Cuban (album)|Afro-Cuban]]''
'''''{{'}}Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia'''''
    [[Kenny Dorham]]    
'Round the Wheel'Round the Wheel[[Studio album]][[The String Cheese Incident]]Scicdroundthewheel.jpgAug 11, 1998[[Jam band|Jam]], [[jazz fusion]], [[progressive bluegrass]], [[progressive rock]]55:12[[SCI Fidelity]][[The String Cheese Incident]] ''[[A String Cheese Incident]]''
'''Round the Wheel''
'Tage Mahal'Tage MahalAlbum[[Jon Oliva's Pain]]Tage Mahal.jpg{{startdate|2004|10|25}}[[2004 in music|2004]][[Heavy metal music|Heavy metal]]{{Duration|m=62|s=37}}[[SPV GmbH|SPV/Steamhammer]][[Jon Oliva]], [[Paul O'Neill (rock producer)|Paul O'Neill]] '''''{{'}}Tage Mahal'''''
'Til It KillsTil It Killsstudio[[Tilt (band)|Tilt]]Tilt_tilitkills.jpg{{startdate|1995|04|17}}[[Punk rock]]{{Duration|m=37|s=44}}[[Fat Wreck Chords]]Kevin Army ''[[Play Cell]]''
'''''Til It Kills'''''
'Til the End of Forever'Til the End of Forever[[Album]][[Michael Bolton]]Cover-til-the-end-of-forever.jpgSeptember 13, 2005Live portion recorded August 24-25, 2004[[Pop music|Pop]]77:30[[Passion Group]] '''''[[Vintage (Michael Bolton album)|Vintage]]'''''
''Til The End of Forever''
(718) Live Farewell Extravaganza(718) Live Farewell ExtravaganzaLive Album[[2 Skinnee J's]](718) Live Farewell Extravaganza cover.jpg16 December 2005July 2005[[Rock (music)|Rock]]''{{Sic|[[Live At the Blue Note 11/14/2000]]|hide=yes}}''
'''''(718) Live Farewell Extravaganza'''''
(A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man(A Ballad of) A Peaceful ManStudio album[[Gravy Train (Rock Group)|Gravy Train]]Gravy Train 002.JPG1971 [[Progressive rock]]38:46[[Vertigo Records|Vertigo]][[Jonathan Peel (record producer)|Jonathan Peel]] (for Mike Vaughn Productions Ltd.)''[[Gravy Train (Gravy Train album)|Gravy Train]]''
'''''(A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man'''''
(A Little Touch Of) Baroque in Winter(A Little Touch of) Baroque in Winterep[[Takako Minekawa]]A Little Touch of Baroque in Winter cover.JPGDecember 1, 1995[[Shibuya-kei]][[Polystar]]'''''[[Chat Chat]]'''''
'''''(A Little Touch of) Baroque in Winter'''''
(A)live in Concert 97(A)live in Concert 97live[[Burning Spear]]Alive_500x500.jpg19981997[[Reggae]][[Musidisc]][[Burning Music Production]]          
(Chet Baker Sings) It Could Happen to YouIt Could Happen to YouAlbum[[Chet Baker]]ChetBaker It Could Happen To You.jpgAugust, 1958[[Jazz]][[Riverside Records|Riverside]]Bill Grauer, Jr. ''[[Stan Meets Chet]]''
'''''It Could Happen to You'''''
     [[Chet Baker]]    
(He's a) Grunge Whore(He's a) Grunge WhoreEP[[Turbonegro]]Turbonegro-GrungeWhore.jpg1993[[Punk rock]][[Sympathy for the Record Industry]]''[[Helta Skelta]]''
'''''(He's a) Grunge Whore'''''
(More) So Much More(More) So Much MoreLive[[Brett Dennen]]Brett Dennen - (More) So Much More album cover.jpg2007[[Folk music|Folk]]{{Duration|m=30|s=56}}[[Dualtone Records|Dualtone]]''[[So Much More (album)|So Much More]]''
'''''(More) So Much More'''''
(Red) Christmas EP(RED) Christmas EPEP[[The Killers]]TheKillers-REDChristmasEP.jpgNovember 30, 20112006–2011[[Christmas music|Christmas]], [[alternative rock]], [[mariachi]], [[Comedy music|comedy]], [[Country Music|country]], [[Western music (North America)|cowboy]], [[indie rock]]26:42[[Island Records]] ''[[Live from the Royal Albert Hall]]''
'''''(RED) Christmas EP'''''
(re)Production(Re)Production (Todd Rundgren Album)studio[[Todd Rundgren]]todd-rundgren-reproduction-cover.jpg23 September 2011January 2011[[Rock music|Rock]]55:48GigatoneTodd Rundgren ''[[Arena (Todd Rundgren album)|Arena]]''
         Bill Bricker
+Bien+ biensoundtrack[[Gustavo Cerati]]mas+bien.jpg2001[[Electronic music]], [[ambient music|ambient]], [[acoustic music]][[Sony International]]''[[Bocanada]]''
'''''+ bien'''''
...A Peaceful Riot......A Peaceful Riot...studio[[Fatgums]] X BambuA Peaceful Riot CD COVER.jpg{{startdate|2009|04|25}}{{cite web|title=The District Weekly|url=http://thedistrictweekly.com/2009/print/music/music-features/catch-him-while-you-can/|work=|archiveurl=http://www.webcitation.org/5jfZIYAR6|archivedate=2009-09-09|deadurl=no|accessdate=2009-09-07}}2008-2009[[Hip hop music|Hip hop]]Beatrock Music[[Fatgums]], Gammaray  '''''...A Peaceful Riot...'''''
...All That Might Have Been......All That Might Have Been...studio[[Peter Hammill]]...All That Might Have Been...jpg2014[[Art rock]]50:27Fie!Peter Hammill ''[[Other World (album)|Other World]]''
'''''...all that might have been...'''''
     [[Peter Hammill]]    
...And Death Said Live...And Death Said Live[[Album]][[Mors Principium Est]]...And Death Said Live.jpgDecember 5, 2012 (Japan)Ansa Studio, Finland
The Panic Room, Sweden
[[Melodic death metal]]46:19[[AFM Records]][[Mors Principium Est]]
Thomas 'Plec' Johansson
 ''[[Liberation = Termination]]''
'''''...And Death Said Live'''''
...And Don't the Kids Just Love It...And Don't The Kids Just Love ItAlbum[[Television Personalities (band)|Television Personalities]]tv-personalities-kids-dont-album.jpg{{Startdate|1981|01}}Mount Pleasant 4-Track Studios 1980[[Post-punk]], [[indie pop]]{{Duration|m=37|s=21}}[[Rough Trade Records|Rough Trade]] RT24Vic Hammersmith-Broadway '''''...And Don't The Kids Just Love It'''''