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10th Avenue Bridge Cedar Avenue Bridge Minneapolis.jpg10th Avenue Bridge[[Minneapolis, Minnesota]]Four lanes of automobile traffic[[Mississippi River]][[Minneapolis]] 1929101 feetConcrete rib deck-[[arch bridge]]266 feet2175 feet68 feet The 10th Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis2796         10th Ave Bridge (Minneapolis).svg 44.9784-93.2438inline  Bridges over the Mississippi in Minneapolis–St. Paul. 10th Ave Bridge is in green, about center on this image, between Collapsed I-35 Bridge in shadow red and Washington Ave. Bridge.                          
112th Street Bridge 112th Street Bridge[[Cohoes, New York|Cohoes]], [[Albany County, New York|Albany County]], and [[Lansingburgh, New York|Lansingburgh]], [[Rensselaer County, New York|Rensselaer County]], both in [[New York]], [[USA]]{{jct|state=NY|NY|470}}[[Hudson River]] 1922 (1st)
1996 (2nd)
 1995    42.7717     USA New YorkUS-NY               
125th Street Bridge 125thstreetbridge.jpg125th Street BridgeTwo lanes of Stearns County Road 1 and Benton County Road 2 (125th Street NW)[[Mississippi River]] girder [[bridge]] The 125th Street Bridge as viewed from the west bank of the Mississippi River, south of the bridge.  3150   45.7478-94.2618inline,title             US-MN               
12th Street Bridge 12th Street Kansas River Bridge [[Kansas City, Kansas]]2 lanes of 12th Street[[Kansas River]][[Wyandotte County, Kansas|WyCo]] Unified Government{{Citation needed|date=March 2008}} 1909 (first bridge), 1930 (second bridge), 2000 (third and current bridge) Deck Truss (first bridge), Thru-Truss (second bridge,) Girder (current bridge)    The bridge in 1985, as a two lane thru-truss, this bridge was removed in 2000             39.0733-94.6401inline,title                             
145th Street Bridge 145 Bridge below jeh.jpg145th Street Bridge[[Manhattan]] and [[the Bronx]], in New York City[[Harlem River]][[New York City Department of Transportation]] 1905[[Swing bridge]]{{convert|300|ft|m}}{{convert|1603|ft|m}} From The Bronx  27,918 (2012){{cite web |url=http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/bridge-traffic-report-2012.pdf|title= 2012 New York City Bridge Traffic Volumes |accessdate=2014-09-23}}                                
17th Street Bridge (Vero Beach, Florida) 17thstreet.JPG17th Street Bridge [[Indian River County, Florida]]{{jct|state=FL|SR|656}}Indian River  1979 concrete deck 4 lane [[arch bridge|arch]]{{fact|date=March 2014}}                27.632-80.368inline,title                             
23rd Street viaduct  23rd Street viaductKansas Avenue Bridge[[Kansas City, Kansas]], to [[Kansas City, Missouri]]4 lanes of Kansas Avenue in Kansas, 4 lanes of 23rd Street in Missouri[[Kansas River]], [[West Bottoms]], parking lot to [[Kemper Arena]][[Wyandotte County, Kansas|WyCo]] Unified Government and City of [[Kansas City, Missouri]]{{Citation needed|date=March 2008}} 1921 Warren Deck Truss                  39.0901-94.6087inline,title                             
30th Street Bridge 30thstpgh.jpgThirtieth Street Bridge[[Pittsburgh]]2 lanes of 30th Street[[Allegheny River]] 1986http://pghbridges.com/pittsburghE/0586-4479/30thst_br.htm{{convert|30|ft}}[[Girder bridge]]{{convert|60|ft}}{{convert|105|ft}}     40.4640-79.9791inline,title                            
7th Street Trafficway Bridge 7th Street Trafficway BridgeHerman G. Dillon Bridge[[Kansas City, Kansas]]4 lanes of {{jct|state=KS|US|169}} (7th Street Trafficway)[[Kansas River]], BNSF Railway[[Kansas Department of Transportation|KDOT]] 1932 (deck truss), 1970 (girder) Deck Truss (northbound bridge), Girder (southbound bridge)    The bridge shortly after completion in 1932, bridge has slightly altered since then, BNSF railway tracks in foreground             39.0752-94.6247inline,title                             
A. Max Brewer Bridge File:Max Brewer Bridge, Titusville, Florida.jpgA. Max Brewer Bridge [[Brevard County, Florida]]{{jct|state=FL|SR|406}}  1940s                28.6203-80.7985inline,title                           
A. Murray MacKay Bridge A Murray MacKay Bridge.jpgA. Murray MacKay BridgeA. Murray MacKay Bridge[[Halifax Regional Municipality]] ([[Halifax, Nova Scotia (former city)|Halifax]] – [[Dartmouth, Nova Scotia|Dartmouth]])Motor vehicles[[Halifax Harbour]][[Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission]] July 10, 197046.9 meters (153.87 feet.) at centre-span[[Suspension bridge]]426 metres1.2 kilometres4 lanes The MacKay Bridge as seen from Halifax. 96 meters (315 feet.) 55.2 meters (181.21 feet.) at centre-span52,000 (2009)1966  $1.00 [[Canadian dollar|CAD]] cash / $0.80 MACPASS44.6778-63.6119inline,titleMacKay Bridge[[MMSI]]: 16141                           
A34 Road Bridge A34 Thames Bridge 909053 db01759e-by-Pierre-Terre.jpgA34 Road Bridge[[Oxford]][[A34 road (England)|A34 road]][[River Thames]][[Highways Agency]] 1961 {{convert|13|ft|6|in|m}}   51.7808-1.3031inline,title                         
A419 Road Bridge A419 Road Bridge[[Cricklade]][[A419 road]][[River Thames]] 1988    51.64286-1.84535inline,title    Concrete1                     
ANZAC BridgeAnzac_Bridge_and_Sydney_harbour_Bridge_from_Glebe_Point.jpgANZAC BridgeANZAC Bridge[[Sydney]], [[New South Wales]], [[Australia]]8 road lanes, [[pedestrians]] and [[bicycles]]Johnstons Bay[[Roads and Traffic Authority]]$170 million AUDhttp://www.groveoz.info1995[[Cable-stayed bridge|Cable Stayed]]345m{{cite web|url= http://en.structurae.de/structures/data/index.cfm?ID=s0001191 |title= ANZAC Bridge |publisher=[[Structurae]] |accessdate=2010-02-03}}805m32.2m60km/h                                              
ASB Bridge Asb-bridge.jpgASB BridgeArmour-Swift-Burlington Bridge[[Kansas City, Missouri]] to [[North Kansas City, Missouri]]Railroads, and formerly Automobiles[[Missouri River]][[BNSF Railway]] 1911double-deck [[truss bridge]] with [[vertical-lift bridge|vertical lift]]{{convert|428|ft|abbr=on}}{{convert|1282|ft|abbr=on}} ASB Bridge from [[Westport Landing]], span in lowered position, in 2006    1987 (road deck)27 cents (until 1927)39.116527  Winner bridge, Fratt Bridge                           
Abdoun Bridge Wadi Abdoun Bridge 1.jpgAbdoun Bridge (Kamal Shair Bridge)Wadi Abdoun Bridge[[Amman]], [[Jordan]]Two wide lanes of car traffic{{cite web|url=http://en.structurae.de/structures/data/index.cfm?id=s0004819|title=Structurae (en): Wadi Abdoun Bridge (2006)|year=2008|last=Janberg|first=Nicolas|accessdate=2008-04-18}}[[Wadi Abdoun]]Amman 14 December 2006{{convert|45|m|0}}[[Cable-stayed bridge|cable-stayed]] suspension{{convert|134|m|0}}{{convert|417|m|0}}{{cite web|title=Spanning the Future|last=Taylor|first=Eddie|url=http://www.rj.com/pdf/royal_wings/2006-1112/14-15_RW_NOVDEC06.pdf|format=PDF|date=November 2006|accessdate=2008-04-18|publisher=[[Royal Jordanian]]}} {{Dead link|date=October 2010|bot=H3llBot}} Abdoun Bridge{{convert|71|m|0}}14 December 2002                                
Abdullah Bridge  [[Srinagar]], [[Jammu and Kashmir]], [[India]]Motor Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians[[Jhelum River|Jhelum]] 1990s{{convert|390|m|ft}}{{convert|14|m|ft}}      [[Concrete]]  [[Zero Bridge]][[Lal Mandi Footbridge]]        Abdullah Bridge[[Zero Bridge]][[Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah]]344127449
Abingdon Bridge AbingdonBrAb01.JPG


Abingdon Bridge

Burford Bridge

[[Abingdon, Oxfordshire|Abingdon]], [[Oxfordshire]]

[[A415 road]]

[[River Thames]]

[[Oxfordshire County Council]]


[[Arch bridge]]

[[Arch bridge]]

 Abingdon Bridge, looking downstream from the top of Nag's Head Island

Burford Bridge at Abingdon from downstream

{{convert|13|ft|11|in}}{{cite web |url= http://www.the-river-thames.co.uk/bridgeheights.htm |title=The River Thames – Bridge lists and statistics |accessdate=21 April 2008 |archiveurl= http://web.archive.org/web/20080509065921/http://www.the-river-thames.co.uk/bridgeheights.htm |archivedate=9 May 2008 |deadurl= no}}


1422, rebuilt 1927

1453, rebuilt 1927


-1.2795inline,title     stone






[[Listed building#Categories of listed building|Grade II listed]]{{cite web |url= http://list.english-heritage.org.uk/resultsingle.aspx?uid=1048926 |title=Abingdon Bridge Burford Bridge |work=National Heritage List for England |publisher=[[English Heritage]] |date=19 January 1951 |accessdate=27 October 2013}}

Grade II listed

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge I-39lincolnbridge1.jpgAbraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge[[Abraham Lincoln]] Memorial Bridge[[LaSalle, Illinois]] and [[Oglesby, Illinois]]Four lanes of [[U.S. Route 51|U.S. 51]]/[[Interstate 39|I-39]][[Illinois River]], [[Illinois Route 351|IL 351]], [[Illinois and Michigan Canal]], [[Iowa Interstate Railroad]], and [[Buzzi Unicem]] industrial rail lead (the former [[Illinois Central Railroad]] mainline).[[Illinois Department of Transportation]] 1987[[Through arch bridge|Through arch]]{{convert|619.9|ft|m|0}}{{cite web |author=Baughn, James |url=http://bridges.midwestplaces.com/il/la-salle/illinois-39/ |title=Historic Bridges of the Midwest |date=2005 |accessdate=2006-01-18|display-authors=etal}}{{convert|2170.8|m|ft|1}}{{cite web |url=http://nationalbridges.com/nbi_record.php?StateCode=17&struct=000050019120847 |title=Nationalbridges.com |author=Svirsky, Alexander |accessdate=2007-10-22}}4 traffic lanes, 82 ft (25 m) Approaching the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge from the south.000050019120847{{convert|19.3|ft|m|2}}41.3247-89.0769inline,title                             
Ada Covered Bridge Ada Covered Bridge - Michigan.jpgAda Covered Bridge [[Ada Township (Michigan)|Ada]], [[Michigan]]Fase/Bronson St. (footpath)[[Thornapple River]][[Kent County, Michigan|Kent County]] Road Commission 1867 [[Brown truss]] [[Covered bridge]]125 ft125 ftone lane Upstream view from observation deck in park.       still open, foot traffic onlyno Ada Covered Bridge TIGER map.gif 250px42.952477    [[TIGER]] image, Red dot marks bridge                          
Admiral Clarey Bridge USSArizona Bridge Bowfin Stadium.jpgAdmiral Clarey BridgeAdmiral Bernard "Chick" Clarey Bridge[[Aiea, Hawaii]] [[Pearl Harbor]][[U.S. Navy]] 15 April 1998[[Pontoon bridge]] (Floating concrete [[bascule bridge|drawbridge]]) {{convert|4,672|ft|m|abbr=on}}{{convert|44|ft|m|abbr=on}} Admiral Clarey Bridge with the [[USS Arizona Memorial|USS ''Arizona'' Memorial]], [[USS Bowfin (SS-287)|USS ''Bowfin'']], museums, naval yards, and [[Aloha Stadium]] visible1HI03205500{{NBI |structurenumber=1HI0320 |datakey=126398 |linkwork=yes |linkpub=no |accessdate=11 February 2014}}10 January 199621.3691-157.9441inline,title    [[Parsons Brinckerhoff]] Quade & Douglas, Inc[[Concrete]]30 US-HI_type:landmarkFord Island Road              
Admiral T. J. Lopez Bridge Admiral T. J. Lopez Bridge[[Chelyan, West Virginia]]4 lanes[[Kanawha River]]$25.9 millionJune 30, 1997[[Truss bridge]]{{convert|594|ft|m}}{{convert|2200|ft|m}}   May 19951997  Chelyan Bridge   HDR Engineering Inc., Pittsburgh           {{coord|38|11|52|N|81|29|47|W|type:landmark_region:US-WV|display=inline,title}}   West Virginia Department of Transportation        
Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg Pont Adolphe.jpgAdolphe BridgePont Adolphe[[Luxembourg City]]Road traffic and pedestrians[[Pétrusse|Pétrusse river]]Administration des ponts et chaussées 24 July 1903{{convert|42|m|ft}}Open spandrel [[Arch bridge|Arch]]{{convert|84.65|m|ft}}{{convert|153|m|ft}}{{convert|17.20|m|ft}} 14 July 190024 July 190349.60836.1270inline,title                             
Adomi Bridge Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku.JPGAdomi BridgeAdomi Bridge[[Atimpoku]], [[Eastern Region (Ghana)|Eastern Region]], GhanaAll forms of Vehicle[[Volta River]] {{Start date and age|1957|df=yes}} [[William Brown (bridge designer)|William Brown]]{{Convert|334|m|ft|0|abbr=on}} Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku                        Ghana   {{coord|6|14|22|N|0|05|44|E|region:GH-EP_type:landmark_source:kolossus-dewiki|display=it}}yes          
Aesepus BridgeCentral pier (view from south)Aesepus Bridge 3.JPGAesepus Bridge
(Dove Bridge)
[[Mysia]], [[Turkey]][[Roman road]] to [[Kyzikos]][[Aesepus (river)|Aesepus]] (''Gönen Çayı'') [[Arch bridge]]12.20 mc. 158 m5.60 m Central pier (view from south)4th or 5th/6th century AD    40.276667      Stone11 (incl. floodways)Turkey                
Agen aqueduct Pont-canal d'Agen.JPGPont-canal d'Agen[[Agen]]Canal de Garonne 1849Masonry Arch539m12.48m The Agen Aqueduct10m                                        
Ain Diwar Bridge Ain Diwar 1.jpgAin Diwar BridgeClose to Ain Diwar, [[Syria]]formerly crossed the [[Tigris River]] [[Arch bridge]] The remaining span of the bridge at Ain Diwar; the Tigris flows in the distance     Stone1 existing                
Airoli Bridge Airoli bridge from the air, Maharashtra, India.jpgAiroli Bridge
ऐरोली पूल
Airoli Bridge[[Mulund]], [[Mumbai]] and [[Airoli]], [[Navi Mumbai]]Road Traffic[[Thane Creek]][[Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation]] [[Slab and girder bridge]]1,030 meters (3,379 ft)3,850 meters (12,630 ft) Aerial view of Airoli bridgeJanuary 1994January 1999{{INR}}35 For Cars. Free For 2 Wheelers.19.150772.9805inline,title    19 spans of 50 meters c/c. Two end spans of 40 meters each. Two navigational spans IN_type:landmark Afcons Infrastructure Ltd and project executed by Subodh V. Kamat             
Airtight Bridge 8 miles NE of [[Charleston, Illinois]]Township road 275[[Embarras River (Illinois)|Embarras River]] 1914[[truss bridge|Pratt through truss]]188 feet 4 inches15 feet 7 inches 3165  13 feet 7 inches                    {{coord|39|33|18|N|88|05|22|W|region:US_type:landmark}}            
Al Garhoud Bridge Al Garhoud Bridge [[Dubai]], [[United Arab Emirates]]Vehicles[[Dubai Creek]]Roads and Transport Authority Old: 1976
New: 2008
{{convert|16|m|ft}}{{convert|520|m|ft}} Al Garhoud Bridge