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NameTypeYearBasinImage locationImage nameFormedDissipatedExtratropical1-min windsPressureDamagesInflatedFatalitiesAreasPressureprePressurepostimagecaption10-min windsDamagespre
1775 Newfoundland hurricane1775 Newfoundland hurricanehurricane1775AtlAugust 29, 1775September 9, 1775 4,000-4,163 +
(8th Deadliest [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] hurricane of all-time)
[[North Carolina]], [[Virginia]], [[Newfoundland (island)|Newfoundland]]      
1812 Louisiana hurricane1812 Louisiana hurricanehurricane1812Atl1827 Finley Map of Louisiana - Geographicus - Louisiana-finley-1827.jpg1827 map of Louisiana, where the hurricane made landfallAugust 15, 1812August 20, 1812 1009956 c. 100[[Jamaica]], [[Spanish Florida]], [[Louisiana]], [[Mississippi Territory]]     
1815 New England hurricaneGreat September Galehurricane1815AtlGreat Storm of 1815 engraving.jpgThe Great Storm of 1815 sends ships and water into downtown [[Providence, Rhode Island]]{{start-date|September 22, 1815|before September 22, 1815}}{{end-date|September 24, 1815|September 24, 1815}} 11694712.5038+ direct[[New England]]Estimated [http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/Landsea/12Tides.pdf Microsoft Word - MASTER_MASTER Oct 23.doc]    
1821 Norfolk and Long Island hurricaneNorfolk and Long Island HurricaneHurricane1821Atl1821_Atlantic_Hurricane_Track_Map.pngEstimated track of the hurricane{{start-date|September 1, 1821}}{{end-date|September 4, 1821}} 116995.20≥22 direct[[North Carolina]], [[Mid-Atlantic States]], [[New England]]<≤965 [[Bar (unit)|mbar]] estimated{{cite web|author=F.P. Ho|url=http://garnet.acns.fsu.edu/~jelsner/HHITProject/HHITyears/1821/storm1_pt2_ho.pdf|title=The Norfolk and Long Island Hurricane - Sept. 3-4 - Pt. 2|accessdate=2007-07-02|format=PDF}}    
1831 Barbados–Louisiana hurricaneGreat Barbados hurricanehurricane1831Atl{{start-date|August 10, 1831|before August 10, 1831}}{{end-date|August 17, 1831|after August 17, 1831}} 11572c. 2,500[[Barbados]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Cuba]], [[Louisiana]]      
1837 Racer's StormRacer's Stormhurricane1837Atl  {{start-date|September 28, 1837}}{{end-date|October 9, 1837}} 100940.20105[[Yucatán]], [[Texas]], [[Louisiana]], [[Mississippi]], [[Alabama]], [[Florida]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], [[South Carolina]], [[North Carolina]]      
1848 Tampa Bay hurricaneTampa Bay hurricane of 1848hurricane1848Atl  {{start-date|September 23, 1848|September 23, 1848}}{{end-date|September 28, 1848|September 28, 1848}} 117948.0200[[Florida]]      
1856 Last Island hurricane1856 Last Island hurricanehurricane AtlLastIsland1853.jpgMap of [[Last Island, Louisiana]] in 1853Before August 9, 1856August 12, 1856 130934  200+[[Louisiana]] and southwestern [[Mississippi]]      
1858 San Diego hurricane1858 San Diego hurricanehurricane1858EPac  {{start date|1858|9}}{{end date|1858|10|2}} 75994 UnknownExtreme [[Southern California]], northwestern [[Mexico]] corrected sea level{{cite journal |last=Chenoweth |first=Michael |authorlink= |author2=Landsea, Christopher |title=The San Diego Hurricane of 2 October 1858 |journal=Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society |volume=85 |issue=11 |pages=1689–1697 |doi=10.1175/BAMS-85-11-1689 |url=http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/Landsea/chenowethlandsea.pdf |accessdate= |quote= |bibcode = 2004BAMS...85.1689C |date= 2004}}    
1867 San Narciso hurricaneSan Narciso Hurricanehurricane1867Atl1867 Atlantic hurricane 9 track.png{{start-date|October 27, 1867}}{{end-date|October 31, 1867}} 1109521811+[[Virgin Islands]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Hispaniola]]      
1869 Saxby GaleSaxby Galehurricane1869Atl  {{start-date|October 4, 1869}}{{end-date|October 5, 1869}} 90965100+ direct[[Massachusetts]], [[New Hampshire]], [[Maine]], [[New Brunswick]], [[Nova Scotia]], [[Prince Edward Island]]      
1876 San Felipe hurricaneSan Felipe Hurricanehurricane1876Atl1876 Atlantic hurricane 2 track.pngHurricane Track{{start-date|September 12, 1876}}{{end-date|September 19, 1876}} 105980[[Antigua]], [[St. Kitts]], [[Virgin Islands]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Hispanola]], the [[Carolinas]]      
1881 Haiphong typhoon1881 Haiphong TyphoonTyphoon1881WPac  September 27, 1881October 8, 1881  957 Up to 300,000[[Haiphong]], Northern Vietnam
Luzon, Philippines
 1881 Pacific typhoon 14 track.pngTrack of the Haiphong Typhoon 
1886 Indianola hurricaneIndianola hurricane of 1886hurricane1886Atlindianola.jpgThe city of [[Indianola, Texas|Indianola]] in 1875August 12, 1886August 21, 1886 1309250.2174+[[Lesser Antilles]], [[Dominican Republic]], [[Cuba]], [[Texas]]      
1887 Halloween tropical stormTropical Storm SixteenTropical storm1887Atl1887 Atlantic tropical storm 16 track.pngTrack map of the stormOctober 29, 1887November 6, 1887 (Became [[Extratropical cyclone|extratropical]] on October 31) 609930.007 2 total[[Gulf Coast of the United States|Gulf Coast]], [[Florida]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], [[The Carolinas]], [[Virginia]], [[East Coast of the United States]], [[Atlantic Canada]]     ~
1888 Louisiana hurricaneHurricane Threehurricane1888Atl{{start-date|August 14, 1888}}{{end-date|August 24, 1888}}
([[extratropical cyclone|extratropical]] after August 22)
 110945Unknown012 indirect[[The Bahamas]], [[Florida]], [[Alabama]], [[Mississippi]], [[Louisiana]], much of the [[Mississippi Valley]], [[Mid-Atlantic states]], and [[Northeastern United States]]estimated    
1889 Apia cyclone1889 Apia cyclonecyclone1889SPacSamoan crisis Apia beach.jpgApia, Samoa in March 1889, after the cyclonebefore {{start-date|March 13, 1889}}after {{end-date|March 17, 1889}} 65 147+[[Samoa]]      
1891 Martinique hurricaneHurricane Threehurricane1891Atl{{start-date|August 18, 1891}}{{end-date|August 25, 1891}} 110961101>700[[Lesser Antilles]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[The Bahamas]]      
1893 Cheniere Caminada hurricane1893 Chenière Caminada Hurricanehurricane1893Atl1893 cheniere caminada hurricane damaged house.jpgThe hurricane wiped the community of Cheniere Caminada off the map, leaving a single, damaged home. Some survivors retreated to what is now Golden Meadow, and others migrated farther inland.{{start-date|September 27, 1893|September 27, 1893}}{{end-date|October 5, 1893|October 5, 1893}} 116948502000[[Yucatán Peninsula]], [[Louisiana]], [[Mississippi]]      
1893 New York hurricane1893 New York hurricanehurricane1893AtlNew_York_hurricane_1893-08-24_weather_map.jpgMap of the hurricane on August 24 over New York CityAugust 15, 1893August 25, 1893 100952 At least 34[[Eastern United States]]      
1893 Sea Islands hurricane1893 Sea Islands Hurricanehurricane1893Atl1893 sea islands hurricane damaged houses.jpgDamaged houses in Beaufort, South Carolina{{start-date|August 15, 1893|August 15, 1893}}{{end-date|September 2, 1893|September 2, 1893}} 105954111000-2000[[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]], [[South Carolina]]      
1898 Georgia hurricane1898 Georgia hurricanehurricane1898Atl1898 Atlantic hurricane 7 track.pngTrack of the hurricane{{start-date|September 25, 1898}}{{end-date|October 6, 1898}} 1169381.51At least 179[[Florida]], [[Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia]] ([[landfall (meteorology)|landfall]]), eastern [[North America]]      
1898 Windward Islands hurricane1898 Windward Islands Hurricanehurricane1893Atl  {{start-date|September 5, 1898}}{{end-date|September 20, 1898}} 959652.50300-400[[Lesser Antilles]], [[Trinidad and Tobago]], [[Leeward Antilles]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Bermuda]], [[Atlantic Canada]]      
1899 Carrabelle hurricane1899 Carrabelle hurricanehurricane1899AtlFile:Hurricane Two analysis 31 Jul 1899.pngSurface weather analysis map of Hurricane Two on July 31, 1899{{start-date|July 28, 1899}}{{end-date|August 2, 1899}} 8597919 direct{{#tag:ref|It is likely that there were more than 9 fatalities associated with this storm, as reports from Santo Domingo state, "only one crew member on the three vessels survived".|group="nb"}} (15 missing)[[Dominican Republic]], [[Florida]]      
1899 San Ciriaco hurricaneSan Ciriaco Hurricane of 1899hurricane1899AtlSan Ciriaco Hurricane SWA (1899).JPGSurface Weather Analysis of Hurricane San Ciriaco on August 13, 1899.August 3, 1899September 12, 1899September 4, 1899130930203433 direct[[Leeward Islands]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Hispaniola]], [[Turks and Caicos Islands]], [[Cuba]], [[Bahamas]], [[East Coast of the United States]] (Landfall in North Carolina), [[Atlantic Canada]], [[Azores]]      
1900 Galveston hurricaneGreat Galveston Hurricane of 1900hurricane1900AtlGalveston Hurricane (1900) SWA.JPGSurface weather analysis of the hurricane on September 8, just before landfall.August 27, 1900September 17, 1900September 11, 19001259362006000–12,000 direct[[Lesser Antilles]], [[Puerto Rico]], [[Hispaniola]], [[Jamaica]], [[Cuba]], [[Turks and Caicos Islands]], [[Bahamas]], [[Florida]], [[Mississippi]], [[Louisiana]], [[Texas]], [[Oklahoma]], [[Kansas]], [[Nebraska]], [[Iowa]], [[Illinois]], [[Wisconsin]], [[Michigan]], [[New York]], [[Eastern Canada]]      
1901 Louisiana hurricane1901 Louisiana hurricanehurricane1901Atl{{start-date|August 2, 1901}}{{end-date|August 18, 1901}}August 16, 1901809731010–15[[Florida]], [[Gulf Coast of the United States]]      
1903 Florida hurricaneHurricane Three
1903 Florida hurricane
hurricane1903Atl{{start-date|September 9, 1903}}{{end-date|September 16, 1903}} 80976.514 direct[[The Bahamas]], southern [[Florida]], [[Florida Panhandle]], [[Alabama]]     
1903 New Jersey hurricaneNew Jersey hurricanehurricane1903Atl{{start-date|September 12, 1903}}{{end-date|September 17, 1903}} 859908035+ direct, 1 indirect[[Mid-Atlantic States]], [[New Jersey]], [[Pennsylvania]], [[New York]]      
1906 Hong Kong typhoon1906 Hong Kong typhoontyphoon1906WPacHong Kong 1906 track.pngTrack of the typhoon7 September 190618 September 1906 984 4000 ‒10 000 (estimated)[[Qing Dynasty|Qing China]] (especially [[British Hong Kong]]) {{efn-lr|Minimum pressure is only representative of observed values in Hong Kong; the storm was likely strong while over open water earlier in its track.}}