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Results for Templat:Academy Award Best Cinematography (edit)

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Total: 1
Roger Deakins (edit)

Total: 81
Academy Award for Best Cinematography (edit) Sinematografi Terbaik (Oscar) (edit)
Alfred Gilks (create)
Andrew Lesnie (create)
Anthony Dod Mantle (edit)
Archie Stout (create)
Arthur Charles Miller (create)
Arthur E. Arling (create)
Billy Williams (sinematografer) (create)
Boris Kaufman (create)
Burnett Guffey (create)
Charles Lang (create)
Chris Menges (edit)
Claudio Miranda (create)
Clyde De Vinna (create)
Conrad Hall (create)
Daniel L. Fapp (create)
David Watkin (sinematografer) (create)
Dean Semler (edit)
Dion Beebe (create)
Ernest Haller (create)
Ernest Laszlo (create)
Ernest Palmer (sinematografer Amerika Serikat) (create)
Eugen Schüfftan (create)
Floyd Crosby (create)
Fred Koenekamp (create)
Freddie Francis (create)
Freddie Young (create)
Geoffrey Unsworth (create)
Georges Périnal (create)
Ghislain Cloquet (create)
Gregg Toland (edit)
Guy Green (pembuat film) (create)
Hal Mohr (create)
Harry Stradling (create)
Jack Cardiff (edit)
Jack Hildyard (create)
James Wong Howe (edit)
Janusz Kamiński (edit)
John Alcott (create)
John Alton (create)
John Toll (create)
Joseph A. Valentine (create)
Joseph F. Biroc (create)
Joseph LaShelle (create)
Joseph Ruttenberg (create)
Joseph T. Rucker (create)
Karl Freund (create)
Lee Garmes (create)
Leon Shamroy (create)
Leonard Smith (sinematografer) (create)
Lionel Lindon (create)
Loyal Griggs (create)
Mauro Fiore (edit)
Milton R. Krasner (create)
Néstor Almendros (create)
Oswald Morris (create)
Pasqualino De Santis (create)
Paul C. Vogel (create)
Peter Biziou (create)
Philippe Rousselot (create)
Ray Rennahan (create)
Robert Burks (create)
Robert Elswit (edit)
Robert Krasker (create)
Robert Richardson (sinematografer) (edit)
Ronnie Taylor (create)
Russell Boyd (edit)
Russell Carpenter (create)
Russell Metty (create)
Sam Leavitt (create)
Ted Moore (create)
Tony Gaudio (create)
Victor Milner (create)
Vittorio Storaro (create)
Wally Pfister (edit)
Walter Lassally (create)
Willard Van Der Veer (create)
William C. Mellor (create)
William H. Daniels (create)
William V. Skall (create)
Winton Hoch (create)

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Total: 1
Academy Award for Best Cinematography (edit) Sinematografi Terbaik (Oscar) (edit)


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