Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Templat:Animalia (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 40
Ikan (edit)
Avertebrata (edit)
Ubur-ubur (edit)
Lalat (edit)
Serangga (edit)
Cacing tambang (edit)
Askariasis (edit)
Teripang (edit)
Ophiuroidea (edit)
Bintang laut (edit)
Siput (edit)
Landak laut (edit)
Lili laut (edit)
Belangkas (edit)
Remang (edit)
Trichoplax (edit)
Oligochaeta (edit)
Teritip (edit)
Taenia (cacing pita) (edit)
Nemathelminthes (edit)
Hydrozoa (edit)
Fasciola hepatica (edit)
Schistosoma japonicum (edit)
Clonorchis (edit)
Hirudinea (edit)
Trichinella spiralis (edit)
Heterodera radicicola (edit)
Filum hewan (edit)
Tentaculata (edit)
Semut semai (edit)
Ubur-ubur kotak (edit)
Parazoa (edit)
Kijing (edit)
Dendrogramma (edit)
Opisthokonta (edit)
Sipuncula (edit)
Radiata (edit)
Proarticulata (edit)
Trilobozoa (edit)
Monoblastozoa (edit)

Total: 59
Acoela (create)
Acoelomorpha (create)
Ambulacraria (create)
Asterozoa (create)
BMC Evolutionary Biology (create)
Bibcode (edit)
Cacing acorn (create)
Cestoda (edit)
Chelicerata (edit)
Chromadorea (create)
Cladistics (journal) (create)
Clitellata (create)
Crinozoa (create)
Current Biology (create)
Dicyemida (create)
Digital object identifier (edit) Pengenal objek digital (edit)
Diploblast (create)
Domain (biologi) (edit)
Echinozoa (create)
Enoplea (create)
Eumetazoa (edit)
Gastropoda (edit)
Gnathifera (clade) (create)
Gnathostomulid (create)
Gymnolaemata (create)
Homoscleromorpha (create)
Journal of Parasitology (create)
Kerajaan (biologi) (edit)
Limnognathia (create)
Medusozoa (create)
Molecular Biology and Evolution (create)
Myriapoda (edit)
Myxozoa (edit)
Nature (journal) (edit) Nature (edit)
Nemertodermatida (create)
Nephrozoa (create)
Nomen dubium (create)
Osteichthyes (edit)
Panarthropoda (create)
ParaHoxozoa (create)
Phylactolaemata (create)
Planulozoa (create)
Platytrochozoa (create)
Polychaeta (edit)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (create)
Pterobranchia (edit)
PubMed Central (edit)
PubMed Identifier (edit) PubMed (edit)
Rouphozoa (create)
Salinella (create)
Scalidophora (create)
Secernentea (edit)
Spiralia (create)
Stenolaemata (create)
Syndermata (create)
Tactopoda (edit)
Triploblast (create)
Xenoturbella (create)
Zoological Letters (create)

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Total: 9
Chaetognatha (edit) Cacing panah (edit)
Chordate (edit) Chordata (edit)
Digital object identifier (edit) Pengenal objek digital (edit)
Lophophorata (edit) Lofofor (edit)
Mamalia (edit) Binatang menyusui (edit)
Nature (journal) (edit) Nature (edit)
PubMed Identifier (edit) PubMed (edit)
Reptilia (edit) Reptil (edit)
Tunicata (edit) Urochordata (edit)


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