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Ateji (edit)

Total: 124
ARIB STD B24 character set (create)
Alih aksara Kunrei-shiki (edit)
Bahasa Amami Ōshima (create)
Bahasa Hachijō (create)
Bahasa Japonik (create)
Bahasa Jepang (edit)
Bahasa Jepang Okinawa (create)
Bahasa Kikai (create)
Bahasa Kunigami (create)
Bahasa Miyako (create)
Bahasa Okinoerabu (create)
Bahasa Ryukyu (edit) Rumpun bahasa Ryukyu (edit)
Bahasa Tokunoshima (create)
Bahasa Yaeyama (create)
Bahasa Yonaguni (create)
Bahasa Yoron (create)
Braille kanji (create)
Cyrillization of Japanese (create)
Daftar kanji menurut jumlah guratan (edit)
Daftar kanji menurut konsep (edit)
Daftar radikal kanji menurut frekuensi (create)
Daftar radikal kanji menurut jumlah guratan (create)
Dialek Akita (create)
Dialek Awaji (create)
Dialek Banshū (create)
Dialek Chūgoku (create)
Dialek Hakata (create)
Dialek Hichiku (create)
Dialek Hida (create)
Dialek Hokkaidō (create)
Dialek Hokuriku (create)
Dialek Hōnichi (create)
Dialek Ibaraki (create)
Dialek Iyo (create)
Dialek Kagoshima (create)
Dialek Kantō (create)
Dialek Kesen (create)
Dialek Mikawa (create)
Dialek Mino (create)
Dialek Nagaoka (create)
Dialek Nagoya (create)
Dialek Saga (create)
Dialek Sanuki (create)
Dialek Shikoku (create)
Dialek Tokyo (create)
Dialek Tsugaru (create)
Dialek Tsushima (create)
Dialek Tōhoku (create)
Dialek Tōkai–Tōsan (create)
Dialek Umpaku (create)
Dialek Yamagata (create)
Dialek Ōita (create)
Early Middle Japanese (create)
Early Modern Japanese (create)
Enclosed CJK Letters and Months (edit)
Enclosed Ideographic Supplement (edit)
Engrish (create)
Extended Unix Code (create)
Extended shinjitai (create)
Fonologi bahasa Jepang (create)
Furigana (edit)
Halfwidth and fullwidth forms (create)
Hiragana (edit)
Hiragana (blok Unicode) (edit)
Historical kana orthography (create)
ISO/IEC 2022 (create)
Inggris Bambu (create)
Inggris Bonin (create)
JIS X 0201 (create)
JIS X 0208 (create)
JIS X 0211 (create)
JIS X 0212 (create)
JIS X 0213 (create)
Japanese Braille (create)
Japanese books (create)
Japanese counter word (create)
Japanese equivalents of adjectives (create)
Japanese loanwords in Hawaii (create)
Japanese numerals (create)
Japanese orthographic issues (create)
Japanese particles (create)
Japanese pitch accent (create)
Japanese poetry (create)
Japanese possessives (create)
Japanese punctuation (create)
Japanese sound symbolism (create)
Jōdai Tokushu Kanazukai (create)
Kamus bahasa Jepang (create)
Kana (edit)
Kana Extended-A (create)
Kana Supplement (edit)
Kana ligature (create)
Kanazukai (create)
Kata ganti dalam bahasa Jepang (create)
Kata kerja konsonan dan vokal dalam bahasa Jepang (create)
Kata kerja tak beraturan dalam bahasa Jepang (create)
Katakana (edit)
Katakana (blok Unicode) (edit)
Konjugasi kata kerja dalam bahasa Jepang (create)
Kyowa-go (create)
Late Middle Japanese (create)
List of Japanese classical texts (create)
List of Japanese writers (create)
Literatur Jepang (create)
Logogram (edit) Aksara morfemis (edit)
Modern kana usage (create)
Nyōbō kotoba (create)
Old Japanese (create)
Pseudo-Chinese (create)
Rendaku (create)
Romanisasi JSL (create)
Romanisasi Nihon-shiki (create)
Ryakuji (create)
Shift JIS (edit)
Sōgana (create)
Tata bahasa Jepang (create)
Topic marker (create)
Transcription into Japanese (create)
Transkripsi bahasa Jepang dalam Esperanto (create)
Wāpuro rōmaji (create)
Yamato kotoba (create)
Yilan Creole Japanese (create)
Yokohama Pidgin Japanese (create)
Yotsugana (create)

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Total: 3
Bahasa Ryukyu (edit) Rumpun bahasa Ryukyu (edit)
Gairaigo (edit) Kosakata dari bahasa asing dalam bahasa Jepang (edit)
Logogram (edit) Aksara morfemis (edit)


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