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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Bahasa Tionghoa (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 4
Aksara Han (edit)
Aksara Han tradisional (edit)
Bahasa Mandarin Filipina (edit)
Xiao'erjing (edit)

Total: 95
Bahasa Dungan (create)
Bahasa Gan (create)
Bahasa Haner (create)
Bahasa Xiang (create)
Daftar dialek bahasa Tionghoa (create)
Dialek Beijing (create)
Dialek Changsha (create)
Dialek Changzhou (create)
Dialek Chuqu (create)
Dialek Dalian (create)
Dialek Dapeng (create)
Dialek Gaoyang (create)
Dialek Guanzhong (create)
Dialek Haifeng (create)
Dialek Hangzhou (create)
Dialek Harbin (create)
Dialek Hohhot (create)
Dialek Huizhou (create)
Dialek Jian'ou (create)
Dialek Jiangshan (create)
Dialek Jiangyin (create)
Dialek Jin (create)
Dialek Jinan (create)
Dialek Karamay (create)
Dialek Kunming (create)
Dialek Luoyang (create)
Dialek Nanjing (create)
Dialek Ningbo (create)
Dialek Pinghua (create)
Dialek Qihai (create)
Dialek Qingdao (create)
Dialek Qingtian (create)
Dialek Quzhou (create)
Dialek Shenyang (create)
Dialek Shuangfeng (create)
Dialek Sichuan (create)
Dialek Suzhou (create)
Dialek Taihu (create)
Dialek Taizhou (create)
Dialek Weihai (create)
Dialek Wenzhou (create)
Dialek Wuxi (create)
Dialek Xuzhou (create)
Dialek Yuantang (create)
Dialek Yuehai (create)
Donggan vernakular (create)
Fonologi kuno (create)
Han Lama (create)
Han Tengah (create)
Kantonis Standar (create)
Kantonis vernakular (create)
Linghua (create)
Logat Amoy (create)
Logat Danzhou (create)
Logat Fuzhou (create)
Logat Goulou (create)
Logat Guanbao (create)
Logat Haihua (create)
Logat Leizhou (create)
Logat Longyan (create)
Logat Luoguang (create)
Logat Nanlang (create)
Logat Qinlian (create)
Logat Sanxiang (create)
Logat Shantou (create)
Logat Wuhua (create)
Logat Yongxun (create)
Logat Zhangzhou (create)
Logat Zhanjiang (create)
Logat Zhenan (create)
Logat Zhongshan (create)
Mandarin Barat Daya (edit)
Mandarin Jianghuai (create)
Mandarin Jiao-Liao (create)
Mandarin Jilu (create)
Mandarin Lanyin (create)
Mandarin Taiwan (create)
Mandarin Timur Laut (create)
Mandarin Zhongyuan (create)
Min Bei (create)
Min Dong (create)
Min Nan (edit) Minnan (edit)
Min Zhong (create)
Minnan vernakular (create)
Pe̍h-ōe-jī (edit)
Proto-Gan (create)
Proto-Mandarin (create)
Proto-Min (create)
Putonghua (edit)
Puxian Min (create)
Qiong Wen (create)
Shaozhou Tuhua (create)
Siyi (create)
Tanka (edit)
Xianghua (create)

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Total: 8
Bahasa Hakka (edit) Hakka (linguistik) (edit)
Bahasa Hokkian Taiwan (edit) Bahasa Hokkien Taiwan (edit)
Bahasa Kantonis (edit) Bahasa Kanton (edit)
Dialek Chaozhou (edit) Bahasa Tiochiu (edit)
Dialek Taishan (edit) Bahasa Taishan (edit)
Min Nan (edit) Minnan (edit)
Tionghoa klasik (edit) Bahasa Tionghoa Klasik (edit)
Tionghoa vernakular (edit) Bahasa Tionghoa vernakular (edit)


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