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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Bahasa di Brasil (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 97
Bahasa Aikanã (create)
Bahasa Akwáwa (create)
Bahasa Amawaka (create)
Bahasa Amonap (create)
Bahasa Apalaí (create)
Bahasa Apinayé (create)
Bahasa Arutani (create)
Bahasa Atorada (create)
Bahasa Bakairi (create)
Bahasa Barawana (create)
Bahasa Bororo (create)
Bahasa Cafundó (create)
Bahasa Carib (create)
Bahasa Deni (create)
Bahasa Dâw (create)
Bahasa Ewarhuyana (create)
Bahasa Guató (create)
Bahasa Hixkaryana (create)
Bahasa Hup (create)
Bahasa Ikpeng (create)
Bahasa Irantxe (create)
Bahasa Isyarat Brazilian (create)
Bahasa Isyarat Ka'apor (create)
Bahasa Italia (edit)
Bahasa Jamamadí (create)
Bahasa Jerman Brasil (create)
Bahasa Jerman Riograndenser Hunsrückisch (create)
Bahasa Jurúna (create)
Bahasa Kadiweu (create)
Bahasa Kagwahiva (create)
Bahasa Kaingang (create)
Bahasa Kaiwá (create)
Bahasa Kakwa (create)
Bahasa Kanamarí (create)
Bahasa Karajá (create)
Bahasa Kashinawa (create)
Bahasa Katawixi (create)
Bahasa Kayapo (create)
Bahasa Krenak (create)
Bahasa Kulina (create)
Bahasa Kwaza (create)
Bahasa Macushi (create)
Bahasa Mamaindê (create)
Bahasa Mapidian (create)
Bahasa Mehinaku (create)
Bahasa Munduruku (create)
Bahasa Nadëb (create)
Bahasa Nambikwara (create)
Bahasa Nheengatu (create)
Bahasa Ninam (create)
Bahasa Ofayé (create)
Bahasa Omagua (create)
Bahasa Oro Win (create)
Bahasa Palikúr (create)
Bahasa Panara (create)
Bahasa Paresi (create)
Bahasa Pará Arára (create)
Bahasa Paumarí (create)
Bahasa Pirahã (edit)
Bahasa Portugis Brasil (create)
Bahasa Portugis Uruguay (create)
Bahasa Rikbaktsa (create)
Bahasa Salumá (create)
Bahasa Shipibo (create)
Bahasa Sikiana (create)
Bahasa Suyá (create)
Bahasa Tapirapé (create)
Bahasa Tenetehara (create)
Bahasa Terêna (create)
Bahasa Timbira (create)
Bahasa Tuyuca (create)
Bahasa Waiwai (create)
Bahasa Wapishana (create)
Bahasa Warekena (create)
Bahasa Wari’ (create)
Bahasa Waurá (create)
Bahasa Xavante (create)
Bahasa Xerénte (create)
Bahasa Xeta (create)
Bahasa Xipaya (create)
Bahasa Xukuru (create)
Bahasa Yaminawa (create)
Bahasa Zo'é (create)
Bahasa Zuruahá (create)
Bahasa di Brasil (create)
Brasil (edit)
Dialek Pomerania Timur (create)
Dialek Talian (create)
Kreol Lanc-Patuá (create)
Macarrônico (create)
Rumpun bahasa Arawakan (create)
Rumpun bahasa Arawan (create)
Rumpun bahasa Cariban (create)
Rumpun bahasa Macro-Jê (create)
Rumpun bahasa Nadahup (create)
Rumpun bahasa Panoan (create)
Rumpun bahasa Tupian (create)


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