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Results for Templat:Benteng di Gibraltar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 99
Admiralty Tunnel (create)
Barcina Gate (create)
Bastion (edit) Selekoh (edit)
Baterai artileri (edit)
Benteng di Gibraltar (create)
Bomb Proof Battery (create)
Breakneck Battery (create)
Buenavista Battery (create)
Buffadero Battery (create)
Caledonian Canal, Gibraltar (create)
Charles V Wall (create)
Chatham Counterguard (create)
Couvreport Battery (create)
Crutchetts Battery (create)
Detached Mole, Gibraltar Harbour (create)
Devil's Tongue Battery (create)
Dinding pertahanan (create)
Elbow Battery (create)
Europa Battery (create)
Farringdon's Battery (create)
Flat Bastion (create)
Flat Bastion Magazine (create)
Forbes' Bastion (create)
Gardiner's Battery (create)
Genoese Battery (create)
Gerbang kota (create)
Gibraltar (edit)
Giralda Tower, Gibraltar (create)
Glacis, Gibraltar (create)
Granada Gate (create)
Grand Battery, Gibraltar (create)
Grand Casemates Gates (create)
Grand Magazine, Gibraltar (create)
Great North Road, Gibraltar (create)
Great Siege Tunnels (create)
Green's Lodge Battery (create)
Hanover Battery (create)
Hayne's Cave Battery (create)
Hesse's Demi Bastion (create)
Inundation, Gibraltar (create)
Jones' Battery (create)
Jumper's Bastion (create)
Kastil (edit) Puri (edit)
King's Bastion (create)
King's Lines (create)
King's Lines Battery (create)
Landport Ditch (create)
Levant Battery (create)
Line Wall Curtain (create)
Lord Airey's Battery (create)
Lower Genoese Battery (create)
Magasin (artileri) (create)
Menara (edit)
Middle Hill Battery (create)
Montagu Bastion (create)
Montagu Counterguard (create)
Montagu Curtain (create)
Moorish Wall (create)
North Bastion, Gibraltar (create)
North Mole, Gibraltar Harbour (create)
O'Hara's Battery (create)
O'Hara's Tower (create)
Orange Bastion (create)
Orillon Battery (create)
Parit (benteng) (create)
Parson's Lodge Battery (create)
Prince Albert's Front (create)
Prince Edward's Gate (create)
Princess Amelia's Battery (create)
Princess Caroline's Battery (create)
Princess Lines (create)
Princess Royal's Battery (create)
Queen's Gate, Gibraltar (create)
Queen's Lines (create)
Queen Charlotte's Battery (create)
Ragged Staff Gate (create)
Raglan's Battery (create)
Rock Gun Battery (create)
Rooke Battery (create)
Rosia Battery (create)
Signal Hill Battery, Gibraltar (create)
Sir Herbert Miles Promenade (create)
South Bastion, Gibraltar (create)
South Mole, Gibraltar Harbour (create)
Southport Ditch (create)
Spur Battery (create)
Spyglass Battery (create)
Tanggul (edit)
Terowongan (edit)
Tovey Battery (create)
Tower of Homage (create)
Upper Genoese Battery (create)
Victoria Battery (create)
Wellington Front (create)
Wellington Front Demi Bastion (create)
West Battery (create)
West Place of Arms (create)
Willis' Magazine (create)
Zoca Flank Battery (create)

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Total: 3
Bastion (edit) Selekoh (edit)
Kastil (edit) Puri (edit)
Landport Tunnel (edit) Landport (Gibraltar) (edit)


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