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Results for Templat:Benteng di India (edit)

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Total: 149
Benteng Achalgarh (create)
Benteng Agra (edit)
Benteng Aguada (create)
Benteng Ahmednagar (create)
Benteng Akola (create)
Benteng Aligarh (create)
Benteng Allahabad (create)
Benteng Amber (create)
Benteng Anchuthengu (create)
Benteng Anjediva (create)
Benteng Arnala (create)
Benteng Asirgarh (create)
Benteng Bahu (create)
Benteng Bandhavgarh (create)
Benteng Bangalore (create)
Benteng Bassein (create)
Benteng Batu Tiruchirapalli (create)
Benteng Bekal (create)
Benteng Belapur (create)
Benteng Bhadra (create)
Benteng Bombay (create)
Benteng Chanderi (create)
Benteng Chandragiri, Kerala (create)
Benteng Chitradurga (create)
Benteng Chittorgarh (edit) Benteng Chittor (edit)
Benteng Cranganore (create)
Benteng Derawar (create)
Benteng Devanahalli (create)
Benteng Dindigul (create)
Benteng Diu (create)
Benteng Dongri (create)
Benteng East (create)
Benteng Emmanuel (create)
Benteng Ghodbunder (create)
Benteng Gingee (create)
Benteng Gohad (create)
Benteng Gwalior (create)
Benteng Hathras (create)
Benteng Hosdurg (create)
Benteng Jaigarh (create)
Benteng Jaisalmer (create)
Benteng Jalore (create)
Benteng Jhansi (create)
Benteng Junagarh (create)
Benteng Kangra (create)
Benteng Kolaba (create)
Benteng Korlai (create)
Benteng Laling (create)
Benteng Lohagarh (edit) Lohagarh (edit)
Benteng Madh (create)
Benteng Mahim (create)
Benteng Mandsaur (create)
Benteng Manora, Thanjavur (create)
Benteng Mazagon (create)
Benteng Mehrangarh (create)
Benteng Munger (create)
Benteng Nahargarh (create)
Benteng Narwar (create)
Benteng Palakkad (create)
Benteng Pallipuram (create)
Benteng Panhala (create)
Benteng Raigad (create)
Benteng Ranthambore (create)
Benteng Red (create)
Benteng Riwa (create)
Benteng Sabalgarh (create)
Benteng Salimgarh (create)
Benteng Sankagiri (create)
Benteng Senapati (create)
Benteng Sewri (create)
Benteng Sion Hillock (create)
Benteng Siri (create)
Benteng St. Angelo (create)
Benteng St. David (create)
Benteng St. George (India) (create)
Benteng St. Thomas, Tangasseri (create)
Benteng Taragarh (create)
Benteng Tellicherry (create)
Benteng Terekhol (create)
Benteng Udayagiri (create)
Benteng Umarkot (create)
Benteng Vattakottai (create)
Benteng Vellore (create)
Benteng Vijaydurg (create)
Benteng Visapur (create)
Benteng Warangal (create)
Benteng William (India) (create)
Benteng Worli (create)
Castella de Aguada (create)
Daftar benteng di India (create)
Daulatabad, Maharashtra (create)
Dinasti Ahom (create)
Dinasti Faruqi (create)
Dinasti Kakatiya (create)
Dinasti Nayak (create)
Fatehpur Sikri (edit)
Gajendragarh (create)
Garchuk Lachit Garh (create)
Gawilghur (create)
Golkonda (edit)
Hari Parbat (create)
Harishchandragad (create)
Hinglajgarh (create)
India (edit)
India Portugis (edit)
Kalinjar (create)
Kankwadi (create)
Kareng Ghar (create)
Kastil Bombay (create)
Kekaisaran Maratha (edit) Kemaharajaan Maratha (edit)
Kekaisaran Mughal (edit) Kesultanan Mughal (edit)
Kekaisaran Sur (edit)
Kemaharajaan Britania (edit)
Kerajaan Mysore (edit)
Kesultanan Dekkan (edit) Kesultanan-kesultanan Dekkan (edit)
Kesultanan Delhi (edit)
Kesultanan Gujarat (create)
Kesultanan Malwa (create)
Kumbhalgarh (edit)
Lal Kot (create)
Lohagad (create)
Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (create)
Murud-Janjira (create)
Nahar Singh Mahal (create)
Narnala (create)
Pratapgad (create)
Purana Qila (create)
Qila Mubarak (create)
Qila Rai Pithora (create)
Rajgad (create)
Rajput (edit)
Rang Ghar (create)
Rohtasgarh (create)
Sadashivgad (create)
Shaniwar Wada (create)
Shivneri (create)
Siddi (edit)
Sindhudurg (create)
Sinhagad (create)
Sudhagad (create)
Suku Jat (create)
Talatal Ghar (create)
Thalner (create)
Tikona (create)
Travancore (edit)
Tughlaqabad (create)
Underi (create)
Vijayanagara (create)
Vishalgad (create)

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Benteng Chittorgarh (edit) Benteng Chittor (edit)
Benteng Lohagarh (edit) Lohagarh (edit)
Kekaisaran Maratha (edit) Kemaharajaan Maratha (edit)
Kekaisaran Mughal (edit) Kesultanan Mughal (edit)
Kesultanan Dekkan (edit) Kesultanan-kesultanan Dekkan (edit)


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