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Results for Templat:Daftar doa Yahudi (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 73
Adon Olam (create)
Ahava rabbah (create)
Ahavat Olam (create)
Al HaNissim (create)
Amen (edit)
Asher Yatzar (create)
Ashrei (create)
Atah Hu Adonai L'Vadecha (create)
Av HaRachamim (create)
Avinu Malkeinu (create)
Barechu (create)
Baruch Adonai L'Olam (Shacharit) (create)
Baruch Hashem L'Olam (Maariv) (create)
Barukh she'amar (create)
Birkat Cohanim (create)
Birkat Hachama (create)
Birkot hashachar (create)
Emet V'Emunah (create)
Emet Vayatziv (create)
Full Kaddish (create)
Haftarah (edit)
Half Kaddish (create)
Hallel (edit)
Hallel (Pesukei Dezimra) (create)
Hari Raya Yahudi (edit) Hari-hari raya Yahudi (edit)
Hashkiveinu (create)
Havdalah (edit)
Kamis (edit)
Kedushah (create)
Kiddush Levana (create)
Maariv Aravim (create)
Mazmur (edit)
Mazmur 100 (edit)
Mazmur 135 (edit)
Mazmur 136 (edit)
Mazmur 146 (edit)
Mazmur 147 (edit)
Mazmur 148 (edit)
Mazmur 149 (edit)
Mazmur 150 (edit)
Mazmur 19 (edit)
Mazmur 20 (edit)
Mazmur 27 (edit)
Mazmur 30 (edit)
Mazmur 33 (edit)
Mazmur 34 (edit)
Mazmur 90 (edit)
Mazmur 91 (edit)
Mazmur 92 (edit)
Mazmur 93 (edit)
Mincha (create)
Modeh Ani (create)
Mourner's Kaddish (create)
Mussaf (create)
Nishmat (create)
Nusach Ashkenaz (create)
Pembacaan Taurat (edit)
Sabat (edit)
Selichot (create)
Senin (edit)
Shacharit (create)
Shir shel yom (create)
Shochen Ad (create)
Tachanun (create)
Takhanun (create)
Tefilat HaDerech (create)
Tzidkatcha (create)
Uva letzion (create)
Vayivarech David (create)
Yehi kevod (create)
Yigdal (create)
Yishtabach (create)
Yotzer ohr (create)

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Total: 8
Aleinu (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Amidah (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Anim Zemirot (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Birkat Hamazon (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Ein Keloheinu (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Hari Raya Yahudi (edit) Hari-hari raya Yahudi (edit)
Kaddish (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)
Ma Tovu (edit) Daftar doa dalam Yudaisme (edit)


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