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Results for Templat:Danau di Indonesia (edit)

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Total: 2
Danau Tarusan Kamang (edit)
Danau Paya Kuda (edit)

Total: 172
Aceh (edit)
Bali (edit)
Banten (edit)
Bengkulu (edit)
Daftar bendungan dan waduk di Indonesia (edit)
Daftar danau di Jawa (create)
Daftar danau di Kalimantan (create)
Daftar danau di Kepulauan Maluku dan Pulau Papua (create)
Daftar danau di Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara (create)
Daftar danau di Sulawesi (create)
Daftar danau di Sumatera (create)
Danau Airhitam (create)
Danau Aneuk Laot (edit)
Danau Anggi Gida (create)
Danau Anggi Giji (create)
Danau Aul (create)
Danau Bambenan (create)
Danau Bangkau (create)
Danau Batu Jai (create)
Danau Batur (edit)
Danau Bekuan (create)
Danau Belibis (create)
Danau Belida (create)
Danau Biru (create)
Danau Bitin (create)
Danau Bungaran (create)
Danau Cembulu (create)
Danau Cileunca (edit)
Danau Cipanunjang (create)
Danau Dampelas (edit)
Danau Danau (create)
Danau Dipacampat (create)
Danau Dugundugu (create)
Danau Duo (create)
Danau Emas (create)
Danau Galela (edit)
Danau Ganting (create)
Danau Gatel (create)
Danau Genali (create)
Danau Gunung Tujuh (edit)
Danau Habema (create)
Danau Hijau (create)
Danau Idenberg (create)
Danau Ireaku Suntan (create)
Danau Jembawan (create)
Danau Jepara (create)
Danau Kaco (edit)
Danau Kecik (create)
Danau Kelimutu (create)
Danau Kenamfui (create)
Danau Ketel (create)
Danau Larson (create)
Danau Laulo (create)
Danau Laut Bangko (create)
Danau Limut (create)
Danau Lingkat (create)
Danau Lobo Helaba (create)
Danau Lobo Latamaku (create)
Danau Lobo Mamanu (create)
Danau Lobo Paka (create)
Danau Lobo Ubaroe (create)
Danau Luar (create)
Danau Lubuk Deling (create)
Danau Maholona (create)
Danau Malakehi (create)
Danau Matur (create)
Danau Mepara (create)
Danau Napabale (edit)
Danau Nyalo (create)
Danau Pacai (create)
Danau Pangkalan (create)
Danau Paniai (edit)
Danau Paris (create)
Danau Peastep (create)
Danau Pinang (create)
Danau Ramuk Penang (create)
Danau Ramuk Weekelilit (create)
Danau Ramuk Weenga (create)
Danau Ramuk Weewini (create)
Danau Ramuk Weewola (create)
Danau Rana Acu (create)
Danau Rana Gopang (create)
Danau Rana Mbata (create)
Danau Rana Sawe (create)
Danau Rana Tonjong (create)
Danau Raya (create)
Danau Sano Nggoang (create)
Danau Sentani (edit)
Danau Sipin (create)
Danau Tage (create)
Danau Tambara (create)
Danau Tamma Hambuli (create)
Danau Tamma Hobabakul (create)
Danau Tamma Kaburadi (create)
Danau Tamma Kalitawi (create)
Danau Tamma Karal (create)
Danau Tamma Kudu (create)
Danau Tamma Pahulubandil (create)
Danau Tamma Pajurung (create)
Danau Tamma Panggin (create)
Danau Tamma Walahambaku (create)
Danau Tang (create)
Danau Teloko (create)
Danau Terusan (create)
Danau Tete (create)
Danau Ti Bi (create)
Danau Tibu Tapala (create)
Danau Tigi (edit)
Danau Tihu (create)
Danau Tiwu Bowu (create)
Danau Tolire (edit)
Danau Tondok (create)
Danau Tonjidat (create)
Danau Waibelen (create)
Danau Yamur (create)
Danau Yawasi (create)
Gorontalo (edit)
Jakarta (edit) Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta (edit)
Jambi (edit)
Jawa (edit)
Jawa Barat (edit)
Jawa Tengah (edit)
Jawa Timur (edit)
Kalimantan (edit)
Kalimantan Barat (edit)
Kalimantan Selatan (edit)
Kalimantan Tengah (edit)
Kalimantan Timur (edit)
Kalimantan Utara (edit)
Kawah Ijen (edit) Gunung Ijen (edit)
Kawah Kelud (create)
Kawah Sirung (create)
Kepulauan Bangka Belitung (edit)
Kepulauan Maluku (edit)
Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara (edit)
Kepulauan Riau (edit)
Labuan Cermin (create)
Lampung (edit)
Maluku (edit)
Maluku Utara (edit)
Nusa Tenggara Barat (edit)
Nusa Tenggara Timur (edit)
Papua (edit)
Papua Barat (edit)
Pulau Papua (edit)
Ranu Bedali (edit)
Ranu Klakah (edit)
Ranu Kumbolo (edit)
Ranu Pakis (create)
Rawa Dano (create)
Rawa Kelindingan (create)
Rawa Pening (edit)
Riau (edit)
Situ Bagendit (edit)
Situ Langkung (create)
Situ Lengkong (edit)
Situ Sipanunjang (create)
Sulawesi (edit)
Sulawesi Barat (edit)
Sulawesi Selatan (edit)
Sulawesi Tengah (edit)
Sulawesi Tenggara (edit)
Sulawesi Utara (edit)
Sumatera (edit)
Sumatera Barat (edit)
Sumatera Selatan (edit)
Sumatera Utara (edit)
Telaga Emfote (create)
Telaga Menjer (edit)
Telaga Patenggang (create)
Telaga Sarangan (edit)
Yogyakarta (edit) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (edit)

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Total: 4
Danau Cisanti (edit) Situ Cisanti (edit)
Jakarta (edit) Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta (edit)
Kawah Ijen (edit) Gunung Ijen (edit)
Yogyakarta (edit) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (edit)


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