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Results for Templat:Diplomasi (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 6
Diplomasi ulang alik (edit)
Diplomasi dolar (edit)
Diplomasi digital (edit)
Diplomasi kepausan (edit)
Diplomasi kapal perang (edit)
Negara pelindung (edit)

Total: 75
Agen Jenderal (create)
Akreditasi diplomatik (create)
Ambassador-at-Large (create)
Atase (create)
Atase budaya (create)
Atase hukum (create)
Atase laut (create)
Atase militer (edit)
Atase pertanian (create)
Atase sains (create)
Atase udara (create)
Bantuan konsuler (create)
Chargé d'affaires (edit)
Chargé de mission (create)
Conseiller Chargé des Investissements (create)
Daftar lembaga bantuan pembangunan (create)
Delegasi parlementer (create)
Diplomasi (edit)
Diplomasi baru (create)
Diplomasi buku cek (create)
Diplomasi elektronik (create)
Diplomasi gerilya (create)
Diplomasi koersif (create)
Diplomasi komersial (create)
Diplomasi lepas (create)
Diplomasi pertahanan (edit)
Diplomasi preventif (edit)
Diplomasi publik (create)
Diplomasi senjata (create)
Diplomasi spektrum penuh (create)
Diplomasi stadion (create)
Diplomasi ziarah (create)
Diplomat (edit) Diplomasi (edit)
Duta besar (edit)
Envoy (gelar) (create)
Exequatur (create)
Hukum diplomatik (create)
Jasa diplomatik (create)
Kawat diplomatik (create)
Kedutaan besar (edit)
Kedutaan besar de facto (create)
Kekebalan diplomatik (edit)
Kekebalan konsuler (create)
Kekuatan pelindung (create)
Kelemahan diplomatik (create)
Kepala Misi (create)
Komisaris Residen (create)
Komisaris Tinggi (Persemakmuran) (create)
Komisaris perdagangan (create)
Komisi Tinggi (create)
Konsul (perwakilan) (edit) Konsul (edit)
Konsulat (edit) Konsul (edit)
Kopor diplomatik (create)
Korps diplomatik (create)
Korps konsuler (create)
Kota kembar dan saudara (create)
Kredensial diplomatik (create)
Kurir diplomatik (create)
Legasi (create)
Menteri luar negeri (edit)
Misi diplomatik (edit) Kedutaan besar (edit)
Nuncio (create)
Nunsiatur Apostolik (edit)
Pangkat diplomatik (create)
Paradiplomasi (create)
Perwakilan Permanen Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (create)
Perwakilan permanen (create)
Perwakilan residen (create)
Protokol (diplomasi) (create)
Queen's Messenger (create)
Sejarah diplomasi (create)
Seragam diplomatik (create)
Surat kredens (create)
Surat protes (create)
Wakil Kepala Misi (create)

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Total: 4
Diplomat (edit) Diplomasi (edit)
Konsul (perwakilan) (edit) Konsul (edit)
Konsulat (edit) Konsul (edit)
Misi diplomatik (edit) Kedutaan besar (edit)


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