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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Distrik di São Paulo (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 92
Distrik Aricanduva (create)
Distrik Artur Alvim (create)
Distrik Barra Funda (create)
Distrik Bela Vista (create)
Distrik Belém (create)
Distrik Brasilândia (create)
Distrik Brás (create)
Distrik Butantã (create)
Distrik Cachoeirinha (create)
Distrik Cambuci (create)
Distrik Campo Belo (create)
Distrik Campo Grande (create)
Distrik Campo Limpo (create)
Distrik Cangaíba (create)
Distrik Capão Redondo (create)
Distrik Carrão (create)
Distrik Casa Verde (create)
Distrik Cidade Ademar (create)
Distrik Cidade Dutra (create)
Distrik Cidade Líder (create)
Distrik Cidade Tiradentes (create)
Distrik Consolação (create)
Distrik Cursino (create)
Distrik Ermelino Matarazzo (create)
Distrik Freguesia do Ó (create)
Distrik Grajaú (create)
Distrik Guaianases (create)
Distrik Iguatemi (create)
Distrik Ipiranga (create)
Distrik Itaim Bibi (create)
Distrik Itaim Paulista (create)
Distrik Itaquera (create)
Distrik Jabaquara (create)
Distrik Jaguara (create)
Distrik Jaguaré (create)
Distrik Jaraguá (create)
Distrik Jardim Helena (create)
Distrik Jardim Paulista (create)
Distrik Jardim São Luís (create)
Distrik Jardim Ângela (create)
Distrik Jaçanã (create)
Distrik José Bonifácio (create)
Distrik Lajeado (create)
Distrik Lapa (create)
Distrik Liberdade (create)
Distrik Limão (create)
Distrik Mandaqui (create)
Distrik Marsilac (create)
Distrik Moema (create)
Distrik Mooca (create)
Distrik Morumbi, São Paulo (create)
Distrik Parelheiros (create)
Distrik Pari (create)
Distrik Parque do Carmo (create)
Distrik Pedreira (create)
Distrik Penha (create)
Distrik Perdizes (create)
Distrik Perus (create)
Distrik Pinheiros (create)
Distrik Pirituba (create)
Distrik Ponte Rasa (create)
Distrik Raposo Tavares (create)
Distrik República (create)
Distrik Rio Pequeno (create)
Distrik Sacomã (create)
Distrik Santa Cecília (create)
Distrik Santana (create)
Distrik Santo Amaro (create)
Distrik Sapopemba (create)
Distrik Saúde (create)
Distrik Socorro (create)
Distrik São Domingos (create)
Distrik São Lucas (create)
Distrik São Mateus (create)
Distrik São Miguel Paulista (create)
Distrik São Rafael (create)
Distrik Tatuapé (create)
Distrik Tremembé (create)
Distrik Tucuruvi (create)
Distrik Vila Andrade (create)
Distrik Vila Curuçá (create)
Distrik Vila Formosa (create)
Distrik Vila Guilherme (create)
Distrik Vila Jacuí (create)
Distrik Vila Leopoldina (create)
Distrik Vila Maria (create)
Distrik Vila Mariana (create)
Distrik Vila Matilde (create)
Distrik Vila Medeiros (create)
Distrik Vila Prudente (create)
Distrik Vila Sônia (create)
São Paulo (edit)


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