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Results for Templat:EmmyAward DramaSeries (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 64
24 (musim 5) (create)
24 (seri TV) (create)
Alcoa Theatre (create)
Breaking Bad (edit)
Breaking Bad (musim 5) (create)
Cagney & Lacey (create)
ER (musim 2) (create)
ER (seri TV) (edit) ER (serial TV) (edit)
Elizabeth R (create)
Game of Thrones (edit)
Gunsmoke (create)
Hallmark Hall of Fame (create)
Hill Street Blues (edit)
Homeland (musim 1) (create)
Homeland (seri TV) (create)
L.A. Law (create)
Law & Order (edit)
Law & Order (musim 7) (create)
Lost (musim 1) (edit)
Lost (seri TV) (create)
Lou Grant (musim 2) (create)
Lou Grant (musim 3) (create)
Lou Grant (seri TV) (create)
Mad Men (edit)
Mad Men (musim 1) (create)
Mad Men (musim 2) (create)
Mad Men (musim 3) (create)
Mad Men (musim 4) (create)
Marcus Welby, M.D. (create)
Mission: Impossible (edit)
Mission: Impossible (musim 1) (create)
Mission: Impossible (musim 2) (create)
NET Playhouse (create)
NYPD Blue (edit)
NYPD Blue (musim 2) (create)
Northern Exposure (create)
Northern Exposure (musim 3) (create)
Picket Fences (create)
Playhouse 90 (create)
Police Story (seri TV 1973) (create)
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series (edit) Primetime Emmy Award (edit)
Producers' Showcase (edit)
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (create)
Robert Montgomery Presents (create)
The Bold Ones: The Senator (create)
The Defenders (seri TV 1961) (create)
The Fugitive (musim 3) (create)
The Fugitive (seri TV) (create)
The Practice (create)
The Rockford Files (create)
The Rockford Files (musim 4) (create)
The Sopranos (edit)
The Sopranos (musim 5) (create)
The Sopranos (musim 6) (create)
The United States Steel Hour (edit)
The Waltons (create)
The West Wing (edit)
The West Wing (musim 1) (create)
The West Wing (musim 2) (create)
The West Wing (musim 3) (create)
The West Wing (musim 4) (create)
Thirtysomething (edit)
Upstairs, Downstairs (seri TV 1971) (create)
Westinghouse Studio One (edit) Studio One (serial TV AS) (edit)

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Total: 3
ER (seri TV) (edit) ER (serial TV) (edit)
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series (edit) Primetime Emmy Award (edit)
Westinghouse Studio One (edit) Studio One (serial TV AS) (edit)


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