Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Templat:Enzim (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 16
Komponen komplemen 3 (edit)
Komponen komplemen 4 (edit)
Fibrinase (edit)
Beta-amilase (edit)
Glukoamilase (edit)
Pektin liase (edit)
Pektinase (edit)
Pfu DNA polimerase (edit)
Kinase DAP (edit)
Sitokrom P450 (edit)
NADH (edit)
Sitokrom c (edit)
Piruvat Karboksilase (edit)
Protein Kinase B (edit)
Kinase HUN (edit)
Enzim katalase (edit)

Total: 110
.1 (create)
.10 (create)
.11 (create)
.12 (create)
.13 (create)
.137 (create)
.14 (create)
.15 (create)
.153 (create)
.154 (create)
.16 (create)
.17 (create)
.17 Kinase DAP (create)
.18 (create)
.19 (create)
.2 (create)
.20 (create)
.21 (create)
.22 (create)
.23 (create)
.24 (create)
.25 (create)
.26 (create)
.3 (create)
.4 (create)
.5 (create)
.6 (create)
.7 (create)
.8 (create)
.9 (create)
Alfa-galaktosidase (create)
Alkohol oksidoreduktase (create)
Amidohidrolase (create)
Angiotensin-convertase (create)
Angiotensinogen (edit)
Caspase (create)
Daftar enzim (create)
Dehidratase (create)
Diagram Eadie–Hofstee (create)
Difosfotransferase (create)
Dipeptidase (create)
Dipeptidil peptidase (create)
Eksometalokarboksipeptidase (create)
Eksopeptidase (create)
Endopeptidase (create)
Enzim sempurna secara katalitik (create)
Esterase (create)
Fosfolipase (create)
Girase (create)
Glikosida hidrolase (create)
Glikosil (create)
Glikosilase (create)
Helikase (edit)
Hidroksilase (create)
Hidrolase (create)
Hidrolase Peptidil-Asam amino (create)
Hidrolase eter (create)
Inhibitor enzim (edit)
Isomerase (create)
Karboksipeptidase (create)
Karboksipeptidase serina (create)
Karboksipeptidase sisteina (create)
Katalisis enzim (create)
Keluarga besar enzim (create)
Keluarga enzim (create)
Kimotripsinogen (create)
Konvertase (create)
Kooperativitas (create)
Kurva Hanes–Woolf (create)
Kurva Lineweaver–Burk (create)
Liase (create)
Liase Aldehid (create)
Liase Asam okso (create)
Liase Karboksi (create)
Liase amidina (create)
Liase amonia (create)
Lubang oksianion (create)
Monooksigenase (edit)
Nomor EC (edit)
Nuklease (create)
Nukleotiditransferase (create)
Oksooksidoreduktase (create)
Papain (edit)
Pepsinogen (edit) Pepsin (edit)
Peptidase omega (create)
Pergaulan enzim (create)
Peroksidase (create)
Proelastase (create)
Prokarboksipolipeptidase (create)
Prolipase (create)
Protease (edit)
Protein kinase (create)
Regulasi alosterik (create)
Rubisco (edit)
Selulase (edit)
Serina protease (create)
Situs aktif (create)
Situs pengikatan (create)
Sulfatase (create)
Taq-polimerase (edit) Taq polimerase (edit)
Telomerase (edit)
Transferase (create)
Transkriptase (create)
Transporter asam lemak (edit)
Transporter glukosa (edit)
Transporter monokarboksilat (edit)
Triad katalitik (create)
Tripsinogen (create)
Trombin (create)
Ureohidrolase (create)

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Total: 49
11-beta hidroksisteroid dehidrogenase (edit) 11-Beta hidroksisteroid dehidrogenase (edit)
Dehidrogenase 15-hidroksiprostaglandin-D (edit) 15-Hidroksiprostaglandin-D dehidrogenase (NADP+) (edit)
Dehidrogenase NADH (edit) NADH dehidrogenase (edit)
Dehidrogenase laktat (edit) Laktat dehidrogenase (edit)
Dehidrogenase piruvat (edit) Piruvat dehidrogenase (edit)
Dehidrogenase suksinat (edit) Suksinat dehidrogenase (edit)
Fosfatidil inositol 3-fosfatase (edit) Fosfatidilinositol-3,4,5-trisfosfat 3-fosfatase (edit)
Fosfotransferase (edit) Kinase (edit)
Gluko-oksidase (edit) Glukosa oksidase (edit)
Glusuronosiltransferase (edit) Glukuronosiltransferase (edit)
Karboksipeptidase alanina (edit) Alanina karboksipeptidase (edit)
Karboksipeptidase glisina (edit) Glisina karboksipeptidase (edit)
Karboksipeptidase glutamat II (edit) Glutamat karboksipeptidase II (edit)
Karboksipeptidase lisina (edit) Lisina karboksipeptidase (edit)
Kinase CD (edit) CDK (edit)
Kinase MAP (edit) MAPK (edit)
Kinase PT-6 (edit) Protein tirosina kinase-6 (edit)
Kinase ST (edit) Serina/treonina protein kinase (edit)
Kinase fosfatidil inositol-3 (edit) Fosfatidil inositol-3 kinase (edit)
Kinase kreatina (edit) Kreatina kinase (edit)
Kinase piruvat dehidrogenase (edit) Piruvat dehidrogenase kinase (edit)
Kinase ribosomal s6 (edit) Ribosomal s6 kinase (edit)
Kinase tirosina (edit) Tirosina kinase (edit)
Koenzim (edit) Kofaktor (biokimia) (edit)
Koenzim-A asetil (edit) Asetil-KoA (edit)
Laktase (edit) Beta-galaktosidase (edit)
Lipase endotelial (edit) Endotelial lipase (edit)
Oksidase CC (edit) Sitokrom c oksidase (edit)
Oksidase L-gulonolakton (edit) L-gulonolakton oksidase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase ETF-Q (edit) ETF-Q oksidoreduktase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase L-homoserina:NAD(P)+ (edit) Homoserina dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase alil-alkohol:NADP+ (edit) Alil-alkohol dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase alkohol:NAD+ (edit) Alkohol dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase alkohol:NADP+ (edit) Alkohol dehidrogenase (NAD(P)+) (edit)
Oksidoreduktase aril-alkohol:NAD+ (edit) Aril-alkohol dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase aril-alkohol:NADP+ (edit) Aril-alkohol dehidrogenase (NADP+) (edit)
Oksidoreduktase koniferil-alkohol:NADP+ (edit) Koniferil-alkohol dehidrogense (edit)
Oksidoreduktase perilil-alkohol:NAD+ (edit) Perilil-alkohol dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase sinamil-alkohol:NADP+ (edit) Sinamil-alkohol dehidrogenase (edit)
Oksidoreduktase suksinat:kuinon (edit) Suksinat:kuinon oksidoreduktase (edit)
Pepsinogen (edit) Pepsin (edit)
Protease sistein (edit) Sisteina protease (edit)
Reduktase UCC (edit) Koenzim Q – sitokrom c reduktase (edit)
Reduktase fumarat (edit) Fumarat reduktase (edit)
Sintase ATP (edit) ATP sintase (edit)
Taq-polimerase (edit) Taq polimerase (edit)
Transaminase alanina (edit) Alanina transaminase (edit)
Transaminase aspartat (edit) Aspartat transaminase (edit)
Transporter natrium glukosa (edit) Protein transpor natrium-glukosa (edit)


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