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Results for Templat:Hubungan luar negeri Uruguay (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 69
Asosiasi Integrasi Amerika Latin (create)
Cairns Group (create)
Daftar Menteri Hubungan Luar Negeri Uruguay (create)
Daftar duta besar Uruguay (create)
Daftar misi diplomatik Uruguay (create)
Daftar misi diplomatik di Uruguay (create)
Grup 77 (create)
Hubungan Afrika Selatan–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Amerika Serikat–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Angola–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Argentina–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Armenia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Australia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Austria–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Belanda–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Belgia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Bolivia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Britania Raya–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Chili–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan China–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Ekuador–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan El Salvador–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Guatemala–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Honduras–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Hongaria–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan India–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Iran–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Israel–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Italia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Jepang–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Jerman–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Kanada–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Kolombia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Korea Selatan–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Kosta Rika–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Kuba–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Lebanon–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Malaysia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Meksiko–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Mesir–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Nicaragua–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Nigeria–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Palestina–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Panama–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Paraguay–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Perancis–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Peru–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Polandia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Portugal–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Republik Ceko–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Republik Dominika–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Rumania–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Rusia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Spanyol–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Swedia–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Swiss–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Tahta Suci–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan Uruguay–Venezuela (create)
Hubungan Uruguay–Vietnam (create)
Hubungan Yunani–Uruguay (create)
Hubungan luar negeri Uruguay (create)
Kementerian Hubungan Luar Negeri (Uruguay) (create)
Mercosur (edit)
Organisasi Negara-negara Amerika (edit)
Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia (edit)
Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (edit)
Uni Bangsa-bangsa Amerika Selatan (create)
Uni Latin (edit)
Uruguay (edit)

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Total: 1
Hubungan Brasil–Uruguay (edit) Hubungan Brasil dengan Uruguay (edit)


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