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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:ITV (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 107
12 Yard (create)
Alpha Television (create)
Associated-Rediffusion (create)
Associated British Corporation (create)
Associated Television (create)
Big Talk Productions (create)
CITV (create)
CPV-TV (create)
Carlton Communications (create)
Carlton Television (create)
Daftar program televisi yang disiarkan ITV (create)
Daftar program televisi yang disiarkan ITV2 (create)
Daftar program yang disiarkan CITV (create)
Daftar saluran ITV (create)
Daftar wartawan dan pembaca berita ITV (create)
Daftar wilayah ITV (create)
Freesat (edit)
GMTV (create)
Garis waktu ITV (create)
Grampian Television (create)
Granada plc (create)
ITN (edit) Institut Teknologi Nasional (edit)
ITV2 (create)
ITV3 (create)
ITV4 (create)
ITVBe (create)
ITV (jaringan TV) (edit) Independent Television (edit)
ITV (saluran TV) (edit)
ITV 50 (create)
ITV Anglia (create)
ITV Border (create)
ITV Box Office (create)
ITV Breakfast (create)
ITV Central (create)
ITV Channel Television (create)
ITV Day (create)
ITV Digital (create)
ITV Emergency National Service (create)
ITV Encore (create)
ITV Granada (create)
ITV HD (create)
ITV Hub (create)
ITV Local (create)
ITV London (create)
ITV Meridian (create)
ITV News (edit)
ITV News Channel (create)
ITV Nightscreen (create)
ITV Play (create)
ITV Schools (create)
ITV Sport (create)
ITV Sport Channel (create)
ITV Studios (create)
ITV Studios Australia (create)
ITV Telethon (create)
ITV Thames Valley (create)
ITV Tyne Tees (create)
ITV Tyne Tees & Border (create)
ITV Wales & West (create)
ITV Weather (create)
ITV West Country (create)
ITV Westcountry (create)
ITV Yorkshire (create)
ITV plc (create)
Independent Broadcasting Authority (create)
Independent Television Authority (create)
Independent Television Commission (create)
Independent Television Service for Wales and the West (create)
Itv.com (create)
JML Direct TV (create)
Lime Pictures (create)
London Weekend Television (create)
Mammoth Screen (create)
Night Network (create)
ORACLE (teletext) (create)
Ofcom (create)
Operasi iklan ITV (create)
Potato (rumah produksi) (create)
S2 (saluran TV) (create)
STV Group (Skotlandia) (create)
STV Player (create)
Scottish Television (create)
Sejarah ITV (create)
Sejarah identitas televisi ITV (create)
Shiver Productions (create)
So Television (create)
Southern Television (create)
Stv.tv (create)
TV-am (create)
Teletext Ltd. (create)
Televisi di Britania Raya (create)
Television House (create)
Television South (create)
Television South West (create)
Television Wales and the West (create)
Thames Television (create)
Trident Television (create)
Twofour (create)
U.tv (create)
UTV2 (create)
UTV (saluran TV) (create)
United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting (create)
Virgin Media Three (create)
Wales West and North Television (create)
Westward Television (create)
Wireless Group (create)
Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television (create)

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Total: 2
ITN (edit) Institut Teknologi Nasional (edit)
ITV (jaringan TV) (edit) Independent Television (edit)


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