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Total: 146
20th Century Fox Animation (create)
21st Century Fox (edit)
6 Point Harness (create)
70/30 Productions (create)
ASIFA-Hollywood (edit)
Academy Awards (edit) Academy Award (edit)
Ace & Son (create)
Adelaide Productions (create)
Adventure Cartoon Productions (create)
Amblimation (create)
Amerika Serikat (edit)
Animasi di Amerika Serikat pada zaman bisu (create)
Animasi di Amerika Serikat pada zaman televisi (create)
Animasi kilat (edit)
Animasi modern di Amerika Serikat (create)
Animation Collective (create)
Animation Lab (create)
Animation Magic (create)
Annie Award (edit)
Augenblick Studios (create)
Barat (genre) (edit)
Bento Box Entertainment (create)
Bibel Tijuana (create)
Big Idea Entertainment (create)
Blur Studio (edit)
Buku komik Amerika Serikat (create)
CBS Animation (create)
CBS Corporation (edit)
Cambria Productions (create)
Cartoon Network Productions (create)
Cartoon Network Studios (edit)
Cartoon Pizza (create)
Circle 7 Animation (create)
Comcast (edit)
Cookie Jar Group (create)
Crest Animation Productions (create)
Curious Pictures (create)
DHX Media (create)
DIC Entertainment (edit)
DNA Productions (create)
Daftar program televisi 20th Century Fox (create)
Daytime Emmy Award (create)
DePatie–Freleng Enterprises (create)
DisneyToon Studios (edit)
Disney Television Animation (edit)
DreamWorks Classics (create)
Famous Studios (create)
Fiksi pahlawan super (create)
Film Roman (create)
Film pertemanan (create)
Filmation (create)
Fleischer Studios (edit)
Floyd County Productions (create)
Fox Animation Studios (create)
Fred Wolf Films (create)
Frederator Films (create)
Frederator Studios (edit)
Fuzzy Door Productions (edit)
Golden Films (create)
HIT Entertainment (create)
Hanna-Barbera (edit) Hanna-Barbera Productions (edit)
Harvey Films (create)
Hasbro (edit)
Hasbro Studios (create)
Hot Animation (create)
Humorous Phases of Funny Faces (create)
Industrial Light & Magic (edit)
Infomersial (edit)
Jay Ward Productions (create)
Jetlag Productions (create)
Jim Henson's Creature Shop (create)
Kinofilm (create)
Klasky Csupo (create)
Komedi-drama (edit) Drama komedi (edit)
Kroyer Films (create)
Laika (company) (create)
Laugh-O-Gram Studio (create)
Little Airplane Productions (create)
MGM-Pathé Communications (create)
MGM Animation/Visual Arts (create)
MTV Animation (create)
Man of Action Studios (create)
Marvel Animation (create)
Marvel Productions (create)
Marza Animation Planet (create)
Mattel (edit)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (edit)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation (create)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio (create)
Mexopolis (create)
Mondo Media (edit)
Nick Digital (create)
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (edit)
Pacific Data Images (create)
Paramount Animation (create)
Perang Dunia II dan animasi Amerika Serikat (create)
PorchLight Entertainment (create)
Powerhouse Animation Studios (create)
Prana Studios (create)
Radical Axis (studio) (create)
Rankin/Bass Productions (create)
Reel FX Creative Studios (edit)
Renegade Animation (create)
Rough Draft Studios (create)
Ruby-Spears (create)
SD Entertainment (create)
Screen Gems (edit)
Sejarah animasi (create)
Sejarah komik Amerika Serikat (create)
ShadowMachine (create)
Sitkom animasi (create)
Skellington Productions (create)
Sony (edit)
Sony Pictures Animation (edit)
Sony Pictures Imageworks (create)
Soup2Nuts (create)
Splash Entertainment (create)
Sprite Animation Studios (create)
Spümcø (create)
Stoopid Monkey (create)
Sullivan Bluth Studios (create)
Sunbow Entertainment (create)
Terrytoons (create)
The Animation Guild, I.A.T.S.E. Local 839 (create)
The Curiosity Company (create)
The Walt Disney Company (edit)
Threshold Entertainment (create)
Time Warner (edit) WarnerMedia (edit)
Titmouse, Inc. (create)
UPA (studio animasi) (create)
United Plankton Pictures (create)
Universal Animation Studios (create)
Van Beuren Studios (create)
Vanguard Animation (create)
Viacom (edit)
Walter Lantz Productions (create)
Warner Bros. Animation (edit)
Warner Bros. Cartoons (create)
WildBrain (create)
Wild Canary Animation (create)
Will Vinton (create)
Williams Street (create)
Williams Street West (create)
World Events Productions (create)
Zaman keemasan animasi Amerika Serikat (create)
Zodiac Entertainment (create)

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Total: 5
Academy Awards (edit) Academy Award (edit)
Hanna-Barbera (edit) Hanna-Barbera Productions (edit)
Komedi-drama (edit) Drama komedi (edit)
Pixar (edit) Pixar Animation Studios (edit)
Time Warner (edit) WarnerMedia (edit)


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