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Results for Templat:Japanese (samurai) weapons, armour and equipment (edit)

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Total: 101
Abumi (Japanese stirrup) (create)
Ashigaru (edit)
Auxiliary armours of Japan (create)
Bajōzutsu (create)
Bo-hiya (Japanese fire arrow) (create)
Bokken (create)
Brigandine (edit) Brigandine (permainan video) (edit)
Bōgu (create)
Chigiriki (create)
Daishō (create)
Dō-maru (create)
Dō (armour) (create)
Edo period police (create)
Fundoshi (edit)
Glossary of Japanese swords (create)
Hakama (edit)
Hanbō (create)
Haramaki (armour) (create)
Hata-jirushi (create)
Horagai (create)
Horimono (create)
Horo (cloak) (create)
Iaitō (create)
Japanese armour (create)
Japanese sword (create)
Japanese sword mountings (create)
Japanese sword polishing (create)
Japanese swordsmithing (create)
Japanese war fan (create)
Jitte (create)
Kabura-ya (Japanese signal arrow) (create)
Kabuto (edit)
Kaginawa (create)
Kama (weapon) (create)
Kanabō (create)
Karuta (Japanese armour) (create)
Katana (edit)
Kate-bukuro (create)
Kikko (Japanese armour) (create)
Kubi bukuro (create)
Kura (Japanese saddle) (create)
Kusari-fundo (create)
Kusari (Japanese mail armour) (create)
Kusarigama (create)
Kyahan (create)
Kyoketsu-shoge (create)
Lame (armor) (create)
Lamellar armour (create)
Laminar armour (create)
List of National Treasures of Japan (crafts: swords) (create)
Mail (armour) (create)
Makibishi (create)
Mengu (Japanese facial armour) (create)
Metsubushi (create)
Nagamaki (edit)
Naginata (edit)
Ninja (edit)
Ninjatō (edit)
Nobori (edit)
Ono (weapon) (create)
Oyumi (create)
Plate armour (create)
Plated mail (create)
Proofing (armour) (create)
Saihai (create)
Samurai (edit)
Sangu (armour) (create)
Sashimono (edit)
Scale armour (create)
Shinai (create)
Shitagi (create)
Shobo (create)
Shuriken (edit) Piau (edit)
Suburitō (create)
Suntetsu (create)
Sōhei (create)
Tabi (create)
Tachi (edit)
Tambo (weapon) (create)
Tameshigiri (create)
Tanegashima (Japanese matchlock) (create)
Tanren bō (create)
Tantō (edit)
Tatami (Japanese armour) (create)
Tekkan (create)
Torimono sandōgu (create)
Uchi-bukuro (create)
Uma-jirushi (create)
Uwa-obi (create)
Wakizashi (edit)
Waraji (create)
Ya (arrow) (create)
Yamabushi (create)
Yari (edit)
Yebira (create)
Yubi-bo (create)
Yumi (create)
Ō-yoroi (create)
Ōtsuchi (create)

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Total: 4
Brigandine (edit) Brigandine (permainan video) (edit)
Kaiken (dagger) (edit) Kaiken (edit)
Shuriken (edit) Piau (edit)
Tsurugi (sword) (edit) Tsurugi (edit)


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