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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Kawasan Burung Penting di Antarktika (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 125
Antarktika (edit)
Armstrong Reef (create)
Arthur Harbour (create)
Baily Head (create)
Brown Bluff (edit)
D'Urville Monument (create)
Daratan Graham (create)
Eden Rocks (create)
Elephant Rocks (create)
Gunung Elder (create)
Kawasan Burung Penting (create)
Kawasan Burung Penting East of Nelly Point (create)
Kawasan Burung Penting Pulau Powell Selatan dan kepulauan sekitarnya (create)
Kawasan Burung Penting Tanjung Cierva dan kepulauan lepas pantai (create)
Kepulauan Danger (create)
Kepulauan Dion (create)
Kepulauan Duroch (create)
Kepulauan Ginger (create)
Kepulauan Gosling (create)
Kepulauan Inaccessible (create)
Kepulauan Joubin (create)
Kepulauan Larsen (create)
Kepulauan Moss (create)
Kepulauan Orkney Selatan (edit)
Kepulauan Robertson (create)
Kepulauan Seal (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Kepulauan Shetland Selatan (edit)
Kepulauan Tupinier (create)
Lions Rump (create)
Madder Cliffs (create)
Norsel Point (create)
North Foreland (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Pearl Rocks (create)
Point Wordie (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Pulau Apéndice (create)
Pulau Ardley (create)
Pulau Aspland (create)
Pulau Atriceps (create)
Pulau Avian (create)
Pulau Bates (edit)
Pulau Breaker (create)
Pulau Christoffersen (create)
Pulau Cockburn (Antarktika) (create)
Pulau Cormorant (create)
Pulau Cuverville (create)
Pulau Devil (create)
Pulau Dream (create)
Pulau Eadie (create)
Pulau Eillium (create)
Pulau Fredriksen (create)
Pulau Gerlache (create)
Pulau Gibbs (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Pulau Gourdin (create)
Pulau Graptolite (create)
Pulau Grey (Kepulauan Orkney Selatan) (create)
Pulau Guépratte (create)
Pulau Half Moon (create)
Pulau Heywood (Antarktika) (create)
Pulau Humble (create)
Pulau Kellick (create)
Pulau Litchfield (create)
Pulau Matthews (create)
Pulau Michelsen (create)
Pulau Midas (create)
Pulau Moe (create)
Pulau Murray (Antarktika) (create)
Pulau O'Brien (create)
Pulau Owen (create)
Pulau Paulet (create)
Pulau Penguin (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Pulau Petermann (create)
Pulau Signy (create)
Pulau Skilling (create)
Pulau Snow Hill (create)
Pulau Stonington (create)
Pulau Tartar (create)
Pulau Torgersen (create)
Pulau Trinity (create)
Pulau Uruguay (create)
Semenanjung Byers (create)
Semenanjung Ferguslie (create)
Semenanjung Ferrier (create)
Semenanjung Pirie (create)
Semenanjung Potter (create)
Semenanjung Watson (create)
Tanjung Barnard (create)
Tanjung Bowles (create)
Tanjung Buchanan (create)
Tanjung Cheal (create)
Tanjung Davey (create)
Tanjung Davidson (create)
Tanjung Escarpada (create)
Tanjung Evensen (create)
Tanjung False Round (create)
Tanjung Fraser (create)
Tanjung Fur Seal (create)
Tanjung Garry (create)
Tanjung Geddes (create)
Tanjung Hansen (create)
Tanjung Harmony (create)
Tanjung Hooker (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Tanjung Jameson (create)
Tanjung Lookout (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Tanjung Martin (create)
Tanjung Melville (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Tanjung Milosz (create)
Tanjung Moreton (create)
Tanjung Penguin (Pulau Seymour) (create)
Tanjung Pottinger (create)
Tanjung Pursuit (create)
Tanjung Return (create)
Tanjung Robertson (create)
Tanjung Saddleback (create)
Tanjung Shirreff (create)
Tanjung Stigant (create)
Tanjung Stinker (create)
Tanjung Wallace (create)
Tanjung Whitson (create)
Tanjung Wollaston (create)
Teluk Admiralty (Kepulauan Shetland Selatan) (create)
Teluk Chinstrap (create)
Teluk Gibbon (create)
Teluk Hope (create)
Vapour Col (create)
Yankee Harbour (create)


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